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      1. SOQ

        There is a big difference between anti vaxx and safe vaxx- the latter are usually people who have worked in the industry themselves- and know what goes on.

        1. Junkface

          I’ve never heard or seen an interview with a Scientist who has concerns about how safe vaccinations are, because they usually take years to complete and are peer reviewed thoroughly for errors, sometimes internationally. The levels of precautions they go through are very high.

          I would like to see any valid doubts expressed by working scientists in labs. There is a reason why vaccines move along very, very slowly.

          1. Cian

            Vaccines are generally really safe – they may have one “adverse event” per 10,000 doses of vaccine, with only 5% of these adverse events being serious. So an overall rate of serious events of one in 200,000 doses. Which is really, really low.

            The problem is that in Ireland there are 60,000 babies born each year, who get 8 separate vaccines injections before they are 1. That is 480,000 doses.
            These doses could cause two/three serious adverse event each year.

            The fact that the vaccines are protecting the babies from loads of terrible diseases and may be stopping 1000s of serious adverse events… that isn’t much comfort to the parents of those that can’t cope with the vaccine.

    1. Joe F

      Hey old boy any chance of you answering my question about your pal Bozo. What about his comments on the carer homes? You seem to have airbrushed them from history. You’re quite blinkered old boy.

    1. Tommy Bohan

      I would use the word “Irish” there very loosely. Most of its paper is just a copy of UK Daily Mail.

  1. Johnny

    Gosh-panic buying by the tech bro’s…sad end, they were a great place if you traveling,lost your bag or like me one weekend just had extend your stay at the Ritz in Dallas,as a Mary Kay cosmetics convention had just rolled in….good times,the irish brogue goes long way in Texas, congrats again to all the award winners oh my:)

    “Brooks Brothers — pioneer of the polo and uniform of the polished prepster — filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy court protection from creditors on Wednesday, as it continues to search for a buyer.

    The retailer, founded in 1818, boasts of having dressed 40 U.S. presidents and countless investment bankers. Early to the office-casual look, it became known for its crisp oxfords and jaunty sports jackets. But rent had become a burden, and the pandemic torpedoed a sale process that began in 2019.”

    I track the Cork retail market which has alarming vacancy, not so much Dublins but retail is getting absolutely crushed in states.

  2. Johnny

    BOOM they gave him up wow…


  3. Rob_G

    Another fairy story about a family of 6 sleeping in a car (from the IT, who one would hope one could expect better from)


    – offered a house, but 50kms is “too far away from family” (doesn’t she have a car that she is allegedly sleeping in?)
    – previously had a house in Clare where she ran up a load of arrears (well, fancy that).

    Presumably, this lady has seen how Margaret Cash got a free “forever home” with a garden to keep her pony in by sending in fanciful stories about having to sleep in Garda stations, and has decided to do the same thing.

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