At The High Court, London.

Actor Johnny Depp’s dining table in Los Angeles, USA taken at some point in 2013 reportedly before lunch.

Pot Noodles (out of picture).

A pint of whisky and four lines of cocaine for lunch: Johnny Depp’s libel trial is shown a picture taken by Amber Heard of his skull and crossbones ‘pill box’ and mountain of drugs and alcohol (Mail Online)

Pic via Mail Online

36 thoughts on “‘Lunch’

    1. Denny

      Looks like a set up

      And if those lines are the size a person who dose coke on a regular basis like what they allege him to do means he is either on rations or he is waiting for his dealer
      As for the whiskey it looks more like urine and no whiskey drinker would drink whiskey like that

      I hope he takes them to the cleaners

    2. Cian

      There’s ice and probably soda water in that; common enough serving style for a cheap blended scotch like J&B. Not a bad drink of a warm afternoon.

      Its far too light to be neat unless its something premium and non-caramel coloured.

      1. thefatlad

        I reckon its apple juice. As for the línte, maybe he just likes to neatly arrange his sugar for his flask of coffee.

  1. Johnny

    …its his drivers lic-not credit card-coke fooks up the metallic strip rendering it unless,ah they just pick me up lines it’s only lunch,ease into the day/night:)

  2. Specific Gravity

    He never drank water
    But whiskey by pints
    And the shanty town rang
    With his songs and his fights…

  3. Charger Salmons

    Surprised the Mail missed the blunt.
    Maybe the liquorice papers fooled ’em.

    1. Brother Barnabas

      kind of how I imagine your breakfast table, charger

      telegraph instead of the LA times, of course

  4. SOQ

    I have a glass table just like that- its in the garage- must stick it up on ebay soon.

    As seen in the Johnny Depp court case- I’ll let it go for €2 500.

    Some clown around the IFSC is bound to bite.

  5. f_lawless

    Absolutely outrageous. They say western popular culture is in terminal decline and here’s your proof. All it would have taken was a two-second spellcheck before publishing to realise that “paraphenelia” was spelt “paraphernalia”

  6. Paulus

    I have “Robbed Blind” on a playlist from way back…and really like it.
    The CD in shot is strange though…suggests there’s just that song on it. (I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a title track of an album?). Was it a personal one from Keef?
    Photo itself would make an album cover!

  7. italia'90

    Frankie Feighan says he took this pic in the canteen in RTE just before everyone came down with the celebrity virus

    1. Vanessanelle

      I care that a story that clearly involves Domestic Abuse gets treated as a Hollywood Blockbuster

      Daily Mail I know


      As for this thread and the pic
      I couldn’t care less what the lad has for his lunch
      I just wish he’d cop on to himself and get back to work

      1. Lush

        Agreed V.
        Going through it with a friend at the moment; she’s had a s**t time.
        I just can’t bear the feeding frenzy.

    1. Chuckenstein

      ‘A mountain of drugs and alcohol’. The supposed pint of whiskey allows them to exaggerate.

  8. Cú Chulainn

    I’ve had a good look at those mini lines and feel a lot better about life to know that even Johnny Depp can’t get his coke cooked as flake.. which I find very hard to believe..

    1. Johnny

      ..there’s just something missing…how about a rolled up ben franklin..all joking aside this could be difficult time for some….
      If anyone is having any substance abuse problems/issues call: NA here for meeting info Tel: +353 (0)1-6728000.

  9. Joxer

    obvs he learned it all of HST…. Good man Johnny, stick at it son.

    typical sensational journalism… hardly a mountain all the same… a few lines, a smoke, a gargle and a few Joe Hills….

  10. Gah!

    That’s either not a pint of whisky (or anything else) or the CD is the size of a hub cap.

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