From top: Jack Charlton with former FAI boss Fran Fields in College Green, Dublin 2 for the Italia’90 homecoming, July 1, 1990; Addressing the crowd at the same event; With his backroom staff pitch side at Lansdowne Road during a game against Spain, October 1993; At the World Cup ’94 homecoming in the Phoenix Park, July 7, 1994;  Jack leaves Lansdowne Road after a friendly against England is called off when rioting starts by away fans, February 15, 1995; Jack (centre) with Kilkenny hurler DJ Carey (left) and rugby star and pundit Tony Ward in September 9, 2003; Jack in 1998

Former Republic of Ireland manager, World Cup winner and Leeds United legend Jack Charlton has passed away at the age of 85.

He died yesterday, following a long-term illness. His family were by his side.


Eamonn Farrell and Leon Farrell/Rollingnews

84 thoughts on “Thanks, Jack

    1. Papi

      My mother has the biggest crush on him, the only man I’ve ever heard her say it about.

  1. GiggidyGoo

    RIP. A gentleman. A great football icon. A real legend. He (and his team) brought this country together like no-one ever did in recent times.

  2. Hector Rameriz

    Sad to hear of Jacks passing. May he rest in peace. Thanks for the memories Jack. Will never forget the joy and atmosphere you brought the country in summer of 1990.

  3. Big Toast

    He made me and my dad so happy. I was on the couch for the penalty shootouts and it was the happiest and most euphoric I’d ever seen my dad.

    What a special thing to have lived a life that gave millions joy.

    Rest well Jack and say hello to me da

    1. TheFerg

      +1 Same for me. We could hear the celebrations in town from Rathfarmham so we all drove in – lads were dancing in the Fluzzi in the Jacuzzi!
      Happy days.

      1. Papi

        I was on the bus when the penalties started, and everyone, including the bus driver, got off and went into see it.

  4. goldenbrown

    whilst I disagreed with many of the footballing decisions he made (with that era of players we could have won things) it’s overruled by the pride and excitement he brought this country

    he led to us to being visible on the world stage possibly more than any other individual person, 88-94 cannot be underestimated, it ignited us socially and economically

    despite the chaos I caused (I was sacked over Italia’90) one of my best life decisions was following them to Germany and Italy, still have all my t-shirts

    will go up to the attic now and dig out my “The Van” dvd for tonight’s entertainment – whether they like it or not :)

    thanks Jack

    1. Charger Salmons

      Legend ?
      Let’s be honest, Jack wasn’t even the best player in his own family …

      1. harrold

        He brought glory to this country

        I would say the FAI will have a vide out soon and the usual culprits will be on the circuit talking about how well they knew him

      2. harrold

        His ability brought him to the world cup final and a winning medal

        No Irish player has ever achieved what he has

  5. italia'90

    Thank you for all the beautiful memories
    We love you Jack
    Travel well,
    an Irish army awaits you in heaven

    1. harrold

      And Norman hunter and Jonny giles and his wonderful dignified flooring of Kevin Keegan

      I doubt jack ever behaved in such a manner

      Saying that that dammed united summed up post don revie mentality and the way players conspired to ruin their club because Brian cluff as in charge

  6. Formerly known as

    Qualifying for Euro ’88 was the biggest achievement Ireland had, apart from winning Eurovision. Beating England in Stuttgart was a great occasion. I went to Italia’ ’90 and USA ’94. Great highlights of my life. Thanks, Jack.

  7. Johnny

    If Ireland had allocated half the resources wasted on the gougers,liars,frauds and hustlers involved in the FAI years ago to water sports and biking in Ireland,like windsurfing,kyaking,rowing,open water swimming, bike lanes,Ireland would have a lot more olympic medals and its just a far better allocation of resources.

    Jack enabled a alcoholic and drug scene to evolve around him, with reporters all part Jacks army, objectivity went out the window,if you dared mention that Ireland suck at soccer, his game was dirty and ugly,your a weirdo,a oddball a snob or a provo,we don’t need soccer to unite us.

    Shut the whole corrupt FAI down-rebuild at grass root level,rest in peace Jack I never liked you or how you perpetuated the loser drunken Paddy trope,siting and applauding thuggish play and mediocracy,we never won anything with you, nothing,nada,zilch but sure wasn’t it a great party….

    “And it is, who comes home at 12 o’clock?

    “So he says, ‘Okay then, one o’clock’. They would go ‘Jack, one o’clock isn’t a great time either’ because if you were out at one you were obviously in a club somewhere.

    “So he says, ‘Alright then, be back for two’, but then we used to say if you are in a club you are not going to leave before two.

    “Jack would eventually say , ‘Lads, just be back in the morning before training'”

    1. Ghost of Yep

      You are way too old to wake and bake. Maybe have a look at yourself and your use of intoxicants there petal.

      1. Johnny

        ‘O Jogo Bonito’

        -whats the game plan Jack-get a lash pints into ye lads and whatever else ye fancy, and kick anything that moves,if you connect with the ball hoof it as hard as you can as high as can in the air upfield…we may get a lucky bounce over someone falls or if not just push him….

        -hot take two coming up-the FAI is a reflection of his thuggish style play,it should be shut down,by any metric its a an abject failure,results and governance so just stop bailing it out.

        -yesterdays IT!

        “Asked about the letter, a spokeswoman for the Department of Sport said the ministers recognise that there is a long road ahead to restore public confidence in the FAI. The Ministers and Sport Ireland continue to support the FAI chair and board in their efforts to reform the association”.

        -its a sunny Saturday surfs up of course i smoked a -bowl but all i’m planning is paddling out at Ditch Plains and catching a few waves-not exactly playing for Ireland today but i bet i have a lower drug and alcohol count than most who did tog out sorry stumble out for Jacks drunken army.

      2. Johnny

        “In total, government support for the FAI between now and 2023 will come to €30,833,800, once the new funding package is added to grant monies that had already been approved”

        Liabilities of €62 million in the FAI emerged following the restatement of financial accounts for 2016, 2017 and 2018, which were republished late last year.

      1. Bertie Theodore Alphege Blenkinsop

        Looking for a post that shows you everything that’s wrong with tryhard Internet commentators?
        Johnny’s got ya covered.

          1. Johnny

            -youve only entered 6 i drink alone sad sac songs,go on lash a few more i cry alone into my drinks songs….any more in Norwegian….i drink alone oh poor me poor me…..pour me another.

          2. sidhe

            clearly not Janet

            not unless it involves yet another pointless reference to weed and nyc

            did you know Johnny lives in new york? did you know he smokes weed? you should ask him about it some time.

          3. Papi

            To talk eloquently and well is a great art, but equally, and oft misunderstood, is the art of knowing when to stop.

  8. missred

    The pride Ireland has for him, and the pride he had for his working class roots he always remained loyal to. Anti fascist to the end. RIP big man Jack

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      A good man to his core who gave this country pride and hope… and a lot of fun.

      Thanks Jack. RIP.

  9. Charger Salmons

    I love the way you all claim him as your own.
    One clown on here even called him a Leeds and Ireland legend.
    He won the world cup with England.
    THAT was the pinnacle of his career.
    The only reason he managed Ireland was because he couldn’t cut it in league managent – a bit like Roy Keane.
    His style was Route One kick and chase because he knew the Irish team were too crap to play anything else.
    Naturally the Irish loved him because he liked a drink.
    But the game was moving on even as he was clinging on.
    Today the Irish team is so bad not losing to the Faroe Islands is a cause for national celebration.
    Heh X 1966

        1. Charger Salmons

          No seriously.
          You claim Jack if you want bisted.
          Old school feller who got a long way with limited skills.
          Working class to his roots.
          We’ll lend you him for the tributes over Italia 90.
          But we’ll have him back for the class of ’66.

    1. Joe F

      Jack was a fine Englishman and a credit to his country, not like you old boy. You’re the reason why half the world don’t like the English. Jack was very direct in his answers to questions. You run and hide when asked questions old boy, clearly you have no answer to all the rubbish you bleat on about.

    2. Brother Barnabas

      I dont know about faroe islands, but we’d definitely celebrate not losing against iceland

      heh x 2-1

      1. Charger Salmons

        Well you would if you’d got that far in the tournament.
        Tough old team
        As my Slovakian gardener keeps reminding me.
        The England lads will be on the edge of their seats …

        1. Joe F

          54 years is a long time old boy. How many times have England won the European Championships by the way. It has one of the largest populations in Europe, and you being an expert on all things English, you can tell me how many times England have won it. There ave been around 15 European Championships. After your answer for above old boy, you can tell me how many times England lost in the final. Come on, old boy.

          1. Charger Salmons

            Between your love of Prince Harry and moisty-eyed memories of Wor Jackie I’m beginning to think there’s a bit of Englishman inside you.
            Or perhaps been inside you.

          2. Brother Barnabas

            morals are long gone, charger – but I still have my standards (as your old dear ruefully discovered)

          3. Charlie

            He was a very contented and happy individual. He spent a lot of time here fishing and having the craic. I met Jack a number of times during and after defeating England at Euro ‘88. He said he’d never got so much pleasure out of beating another team. It seemed he played and managed to win but was never particularly proud of being English or patriotic. The Irish were less miserable, a lot less arrogant and he adored our nature.

    3. Charlie

      1966 World Cup. “That was the pinnacle of his career”. That’s the pinnacle of ANY footballers career you moronic spoofer. Engerland has won nothing/nada/zilch since and they’re still dining out on it. Stick to the cricket old boy. Oh, hold on!

    4. harrold

      What a Richard you are

      The reason Irish people loved jack Charleton is because he took a non soccer nation which was a little second rate soccer nation to the heights of the world cup
      When you look at what the FAI were and what they are now a corrupt little organisation lining their pockets nation under Charlton brought the glory to Ireland that made us all proud and the envy of the world
      He made us a soccer nation

      He gave even the poorest pride of our country

      He made through soccer a united country

      Jack Charleston delivered this to us and the FAI rode along sweeping up the glory and the money that came with it

      The fans got poor value but they made Ireland with the way they behaved

      I always remember how fans could not get tickets to matches then we found Delaney was involved with the Olympics

      Remember rio and the tickets

      I wonder did yer man pat hickey Delaney’s buddy ever have his heart operation

      And I wonder are the Brazilians still have a warrant out for Delaney after he skipped rio before they arrested him

      We will always be eternally grateful to this man for what he did and his decency

      Ads for the FAI they are what’s wrong with soccer corrupt greedy little men

      Maybe its time we had just one team representing the whole nation from league of Ireland players who will play with true pride and heart for their nation

  10. Charger Salmons

    The jury is still out deliberating but this could be the first time an entire thread has registered on the WINKY-WOOometer.
    There may be an appeal against their verdict.
    In which case I’m going to insert a new clause in the terms and conditions.
    We’ll call it the 33rd Team opt-out.
    Once we’ve cleared it with Sepp Blatter.
    Good times.

  11. ReproBertie

    Thanks for the memories Jack. 88, 90 & 94 all seem merged into one great celebration of a country that believed it could.

  12. Charger Salmons

    Now this is textbook WINKY-WOOometer territory and as you’d expect it comes from the Irish Times.
    To sum up – he came from Northumberland which isn’t really English even though the area led the way in voting in a Tory government in December’s general election.
    Then, he wore a flat cap like the Healey Rae’s so he must be Irish.
    Next, the team was crap but Ireland’s fantastic supporters meant they won the moral argument.
    Added to the mix is the claim that because Jack didn’t get the England manager’s job he had a grievance and because the Irish have a grievance against the English he’s one of us.
    Finally, because he didn’t get a knighthood a standing ovation at Lansdowne Road more than made up for it.
    Remember, this is the Irish Times publishing this bilge.

  13. Your Home Correspondent

    @ChargerSalmons – Jack was “one of us”. Regardless of which side of the Irish Sea you are on

  14. Slightly Bemused

    I was in Donegal for that iconic moment as a good but rather rotund friend danced on a table, but for me the real memory is when we returned to Dublin Just as the lads did. You know that first light pole on the north of O’Connell bridge? Well I held on for the life of me to that pole as the the swarm swarmed past. I then had to walk out to Palmerstown before my dad could meet me. I still think he watched the re runs before heading up to meet me.

    1. harrold

      When the saipan incident happened and the resulting genesis report that vindicated Roy Keane was ignored I vowed never to support my countries team until all the board of the FAI was gone

      It was the straw that broke the camels back but the manner they got rid of jack really was the end of it

      My greatest memory of any match was when we beat Italy

      I remember watching the match in Kielys of donnybrook and when ray houghton got on the pitch you could see in his eyes he would score

      And indeed he did

      We beat Italy

      It was like beating new Zealand at rugby

      Anyway we won and we decided to go for a fish and chips and we went into the Italian chipper up the road

      My mate asked for a ray Houghton and chip and the Italians did not like it

      We fell out of the place laughing as they were as sick as parrots serving us

      Jack brought us great moments just as our rugby team brought us under Joe

  15. Junkface

    I’m late to this but Jack Charlton was an absolute legend! He brought generations of Irish people so much joy watching Ireland in the European Championships and World Cups. It was such a boost for the nations confidence in the 90’s. RIP Big Jack

  16. Bertie Theodore Alphege Blenkinsop

    Just listened to Jack’s Desert Island Discs

    He picked a Chris De Burch song

    Bit of a game changer that….

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