Sorted For E-Whizz?





18 thoughts on “Sorted For E-Whizz?

  1. JEH

    Fair play to this guy.

    Why the hell are we letting Americans in? It’s this kind of blasé that has left them reeling. Tourism at all costs apparently.

  2. Joe

    Looks like the FFG owned Gimp Min for Transport Eamon Ryan, as there is not a word from him, is happy to carry out his FFG bosses instructions to allow in all visitors from the most Covid 19 infected countries to create a deadly surge here resulting in deaths. But hey!, being a Green he will be happy to be rewarded with bicycle lanes in exchange…

  3. GiggidyGoo

    So – the information for US visitors – is it given to them before leaving the US, en-route from the US, or upon arrival at Shannon/Dublin?
    Or is it given to them at all?
    Or why would they come at all if they knew there’s a 2-week self-isolation period here (which would use up their holidays) and probably a similar self-isolation period upon their return to the US?

    1. JEH

      Exactly. Has anyone known any American tourist to ever spend more than 2 weeks here? And do you think Americans are flying all the way across the Atlantic to spend 2 weeks in an Irish hotel?

  4. Junkface

    There should be a blanket ban on USA visitors right now. Their president has wrecked their response to a Pandemic, and risked the lives of millions with anti-Science idiocy. No thanks, back you go now and flatten the curve.

    1. scottser

      we should get youngflehs off the scratch by employing them to kick american tourists in their fat arses all the way back to dublin airport. we’ll give them a proper, official boot and everything so they won’t be mistaken for scobies.
      tellin yis, sooner i’m taoiseach the better we’ll all be.

        1. scottser

          Yes there is Mary, don’t be so repressed. Go into your local shop and nick a mars bar, then get back to me.

  5. Ragamuffin

    It seems like everyone is in agreement (for once) that a 2 week quarantine should be enforced for visitors from high covid areas, such as USA. So why is the government not following this up? It has been rolled out very effectively in other countries like NZ & Iceland, so why not just copy their models? It seems like they’re so afraid of missing out on those US dollars they’re willing to chance a second wave. Or is it that the new government are all so distracted by their shiny new jobs, that they’ve taken the eye off the ball?

    1. Junkface

      Yes, clearly their hesitation so far is a sign that they value US tourist dollars more than the safety of our own people with health conditions and old people. Good to know where we stand.

  6. gallantman

    Its glaringly obvious that all the Irish government’s travel advice is not based on public health concerns but on maximising revenues in the remaining tiurist season.
    Advise/ Tell all Irish to holiday at home while welcoming all outsiders in to spend spend spend!!!

  7. Johnny

    No one with even a ounce of cop on or common sense in America is leaving their homes, never mind getting on a plane and going Ireland,they going to be free, free spread their germs.

    Its truly only the dumbest.most stupid,idiotic,reckless yanks going.

    I was fascinated by New York and America so I’d ask my grandad how come he stayed home, his brother moved Boston ?

    He would patiently explain that his dad had lined up all the kids and sent the most stupid,loser to America as anyone could make to there-they coming home now….

  8. realPolithicks

    So Irish people should stay home and not travel abroad but the government allows people to travel to Ireland from a country where covid is almost completely out of control. The classic Irish solution to an Irish problem.

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