Will No One Shout ‘Stop’?



He can’t hear you.

Nobody can with Beats by Dre.

This afternoon.

The wearing of face masks is likely to be made compulsory in shops and other indoor settings, following a meeting of cabinet this evening.

Ministers will discuss a proposal to extend the regulation requiring face masks on public transport – which came in to effect on Monday.

That regulation carries penalties of up to €2,500 or six months imprisonment for people who fail to comply

Face coverings in shops and indoor areas likely to be made mandatory (RTÉ)



This afternoon,

Official Ireland (young people’s division) gets behind the maskage.

Sound advice from the ‘street’.

It only feels pushy and strange and like you’re on ‘crazy pills’.

150 thoughts on “Will No One Shout ‘Stop’?

    1. Orla

      The ventilators via induced coma have a high death rate, there is plenty of studies covering this, ventilators are not being recommended in countries with lower death rates, a cannula is far safer than inducing a coma.

      What’s pushy and strange is believing a face mask will save people’s lives from the supposedly deadly virus for people with no underlying health issues, if you believe it’s that deadly or in an at risk group stay at home.

      Viruses can enter via the eyes also, shouldn’t the cult add goggles to prevent the spread, there claim is to wear it to prevent the spread to the vulnerable, without goggles you don’t prevent this.

      1. ReproBertie

        The virus is not spread from the eyes. The mask helps to stop you giving the virus to someone else.

        1. Orla

          It enters through the eyes, a quick search and you will “see” this is the case.
          Using the semantic argument of it not spreading through the eyes is cult logic, if you become a carrier of covid because it entered through your eyes you are a carrier and susceptible to the same cult logic of reasons to wear mask, you are now a danger to the vulnerable and potentially don’t know your a carrier.

          1. ReproBertie

            If I am a carrier then wearing a mask helps prevent me spreading it to other people. The goggles, they do nothing.

          2. ReproBertie

            Masks are to prevent an infected person spreading the virus. You can get the virus through the eyes, yes. Can you transmit the virus through the eyes? Are you projectile crying?

      2. Nigel

        It’s to reduce the spread of the virus. Reduce. One of a number of measures to reduce the spread of the virus. Reduce.

        1. Orla

          They use the PCR testing method, I strongly suggest everyone look into this,it’s flawed and not instructive in this context , it picks up RNA both dead and alive and amplifies it, they have been increasing testing capacity which naturally increases positive results particularly using this method, by now the deaths should be increasing and correlating with positive results, there should be a death spike and currently that’s not happening.

          1. Optimus Grime

            I’m both impressed with your knowledge of the methodology of PCR and then agob at your ignorance towards wearing a facemask

          2. Nigel

            I was so impressed by the understanding of history you showed in yesterday’s comments that I will react accordingly.

          3. Johnny

            -there are quite a few academic papers that disagree with you-masks save lives.

            “If we look at the number of COVID-19 cases in Jena, masks seem to have a positive effect. The number of registered new infections fell to almost zero in the days after masks were introduced. But was this really due to the introduction of masks and a publicly visible campaign? Unfortunately, there is no second Jena in Germany, which would allow us to measure the spread of COVID-19 if face masks had not been introduced under otherwise identical conditions.”


          4. Orla

            Great response , typical of the covid cult, why do you need this virus to be more deadly than it actually is?
            Did you enjoy master Tony’s daily sermon of fear with his plus 600 inflated death rates?

            Is that in relation to the sack of Baltimore?

          5. Orla

            Ok, out of context maybe but I didn’t see him cover the sack of Baltimore which is relevant when you see how he has shifted narrative in worldwide woke media in relation to the Irish as slaves.

          6. Orla


            Yes Johnny the masks are used by the medical establishment for a reason, the cult belief however that they will save use form a far more deadlier virus is redundant, covid was supposed to be that virus and it clearly isn’t.
            In saying that if the virus was sincerely deadly a mask on public transport isn’t going to help, not being on the Luas is what will help.
            Using the ring fencing quarantine strategy is also far more effective than mass lockdown, for example airports like heathrow could have ring fenced out 2km like the old days of dealing with outbreaks, if it’s found outside the 2km zone you go another 2km, instead these clowns locked us all down and let airports open.
            If the virus was as deadly as predicted we would all be dead now, instead we have to play along that their incoherent and redundant actions helped and the job losses and bank bailouts are justified.
            Now have the adjusted the action plan going forward for a sincerely deadly viral outbreak or will it be copy and paste again from the WHO?

          7. realPolithicks

            “the covid cult”
            The real “covid cult” actually consists of people like you and soq who throw your opinions out there like you’re some kind of expert and belittle people who people who prefer to listen to actual experts.

          8. Johnny

            Hi Orla-my own take am im far from an expert in this is that its still very early,most the data so far has been cloudy and inconclusive so i think no one really knows yet-but it appears wearing a mask reduces transmission,its like wearing a seat belt a good idea-its not mandatory here at all but Wal-Mart announced they have made it so-shopping there is like going Nascar race-they don’t even have them in NY as very few ‘woke’ people would go:)

        2. f_lawless

          In 2019 ,the WHO conducted a large scale review/meta-analysis of interventions for flu pandemics. As part of this analysis, they reviewed 10 different randomised control trials on the efficacy of face masks in preventing community spread. They concluded there was moderate evidence AGAINST the use of masks.

          Quote (oage 26):

          Ten RCTs were included in the meta-analysis, and there was no evidence that face masks are effective in reducing transmission of laboratory-confirmed influenza. “

          Randomised control trials of course being at the highest level of hierarchy for scientific studies and the least susceptible to bias The WHO have yet to sufficiently explain why they recently made an about turn in policy and disregarded the previous 10 RCTs and their own conclusion in favour of a smaller body of evidence of a lower hierarchical level and thus more susceptible to bias. The obvious explanation is that the policy making has become politicised. Yesterday’s revelation by the BBC’s medical correspondent, Deborah Cohen adds further weight to this

    2. realPolithicks

      Just wear the mask, “the life you save may be your own” or mine or Nigel or even Bodger.

      1. SOQ

        Masks do nothing to prevent you becoming infected- quite the opposite. The amount of face touching increases and the thing can hang around in the actual cloth. That is not to mention other bugs and fungi.

        1. realPolithicks

          Thanks for your advice soq but I prefer to take my medical advice from people who actually know what they’re talking about.

          1. Orla

            The “expert” argument again, it’s being covered over and over, who gets to decide who the experts are, people are following bill gates like a religious deity on covid yet he has no “formal qualifications”.
            There is a multitude of “experts” against lockdown in the manner carried out and jail time for non mask compliance.
            The same folks claiming we should follow advice of experts because bailing out banks would protect the public……

            Read the HIQA report conducted by experts for some insights.

  1. John Smith

    As I asked before with the public transport announcement, what about the people who can’t/should wear them? It is unacceptable for the Government to make something compulsory when they, themselves, are saying that not everyone can/should do it. Certainly, they should give guidance to the individuals concerned and to the shops and public transport staff members who will have to make decisions about whether they can admit someone who isn’t wearing a mask.

    This is from the government guidance:

    Who should not wear one

    Cloth face coverings are not suitable for children under the age of 13 and anyone who:

    has trouble breathing
    is unconscious or incapacitated
    is unable to remove it without help
    has special needs and who may feel upset or very uncomfortable wearing the face covering

    Do not criticise or judge people who are not able to wear a face covering.

    The statement that masks are compulsory on public transport is on the same page. https://www.gov.ie/en/publication/aac74c-guidance-on-safe-use-of-face-coverings/

    1. Scundered

      I would imagine the amount of people who cannot wear one for physical reasons, is miniscule, so they could arrange for other family members to do errands that require going to shops etc.

      1. George

        And they coincidentally all think that there has been a huge over-reaction to covid-19.

      2. John Smith

        Scundered, that is making the assumption that they have someone else to do the shopping, that they have someone to leave the children with, that they have another method of transport, etc, etc. That is a totally unacceptable argument for not making provision for them and the Government shouldn’t be making rules that conflict with their own guidance and that are discriminatory.

        And, it’s not just physical reasons, as the list shows.

        1. ReproBertie

          How will shopkeepers know whether or not to admit unconscious people who are not wearing masks?

        2. Scundered

          John, life is no bed of roses, people for the most part adapt to the pressures placed on them to solve a problem, the survival instinct. They can still go wherever, call the shop/whoever, arrange to meet someone at the door. The majority of people will do amazing things when they need to, instead of always blaming the establishment.

          1. John Smith

            Scundered. This still does not answer the point that the Government is discriminating against those whom they themselves have identified as being people for whom face coverings are not suitable.

            Who CAN be blamed for this except the ‘establishment’? They are the ones making the rules!

            ‘The majority of people will do amazing things when they need to’. Yes, amazingly, they can actually manage to live normal lives, without face-masks, if they are allowed to do so. The vast majority of people are currently doing this, even though Government surveys, etc, are quoting current figures for mask-wearing in shops, for example, which are well above observable levels, certainly in the four counties I shop in. In spite of the low level of actual mask-wearing, there are no spikes apparent in the figures on the Government’s web-page, though ‘current spikes’ are cited by the establishment as a reason for forcing mask-wearing on the people who do not wish to wear one.

          2. Scundered

            Always someone else has to be blamed, eh. It’s not the government’s fault I’m colour blind in red and green, yet the world standard signage for stop and go is red and green.

            Sometimes you just have to get on with life as you know some decisions make things easier for the majority, instead of wallowing in self pity.

    2. Daisy Chainsaw

      Gobby Chads and Karens screaming in your face that they have breathing problems and can’t wear a mask don’t have breathing problems, they’re just selfish bumholes. I know people with asthma who are wearing masks.

      Honestly, I hate the damn things and have only worn them for the bare minimum required, but if they become compulsory, I’m not going to become a shrieking eel spitting in some security guard’s face outside Dunnes or Tesco about my constitutional rights.

      1. Orla

        Us against them narrative , all the “experts” say……
        People who object to prison time for wearing masks are all Karen’s and Chads screeaaaming outside shops.
        How many people have you infected with flu in previous years that probably died because of your non mask wearing theory?
        Pull your head out of the cult narrative.

        Aren’t Chads the desired male phenotype? Are you telling us something here? Incel enraged and using non mask compliance authoritarianism to express inner hatred and aggression outwardly.

          1. SOQ

            I haven’t had the flu vaccine since 2007-8 when 50% of a 450 work force were off sick and I personally was hanging off the end of the bed for the most of two weeks- your point is caller?

            They issue vaccines with batch numbers for a reason lovely. I suggest you record the number of your next one.

          2. Daisy Chainsaw

            I don’t have to. The nurse in the practice has done that every year, just after she gives me the vaccine.

  2. GiggidyGoo

    If the mask-wearing continues, how will young lads and young ones (or lads/lads, ones/ones) be able to identify potential partners to fancy?

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Ah no – though those do make up some aspects, a face is very important too. Bodger has some fine editing skills though

  3. Orla

    I see the covid cult are ignoring the HIQA report on covid deaths and susceptibility.
    They used rip.ie as a statistical measure for now ,the death certs are not in yet. The number of deaths from covid was overestimated by 51% ,back pocket chief alarmist Tony Holohan was playing statistical games with his numbers, his daily sermon wouldn’t have had the emotional impact if he didn’t overreport by 650 deaths,they basically copy and pasted the WHO guidelines on how to categorize deaths, the gyst of the WHO guidelines was to just report everyone as a covid death for now.
    Big salary tony and his fellow medicinal tyrants are paid by us to be a microphone for an unelected team of experts at the WHO.
    Since 2015 our experts in Ireland estimated expected deaths to be in around the 9500 figure, every year the figure of actual deaths ends of closer to 8,500, over 1000 more deaths since 2015.
    Can anyone explain this?

    God help us if a sincerely deadly virus comes ,it will be a case of the boy who cried wolf because our “experts” decided to ignore science and create a cult fo covid 19.

    Jail for not wearing a mask, meanwhile no jail for the bankers currently receiving taxpayer funded “covid bailouts”.

      1. Nigel

        Orla and Bodger both coming out against masks. Guess I’ll just have to wear mine ironically.

        1. Orla

          Nigel the question we should be asking is why is it so many are at odds about covid 19? Outside of the conspiracy circles and extremism in politics that is, its clear many educated and reasonable folks don’t buy this the longer it goes on.
          It’s clear they have moved away from science on this, it’s ironic when they were touting the “scientific consensus ” narrative for climate change, the claimed scientific consensus signed by a few hundred tenured types in Ireland was made up of many from the humanities and psychiatry departments, they are not biochemists or virologists.

          Should the mask wearing continue for all flu season, further more how many positives would we have if we used PCR testing for previous flu seasons?

          1. Nigel

            Pretty much the same sorts of people pushing climate change denial are pushing weird covid stuff. It does not amount to any sort of credible alternative scientific consensus.

          2. Orla

            Ah Nigel ,come on, your clutching there.
            It’s getting to the point now of mainstream media and alt media becoming one and the same with their hysterics, good journalists and stories are getting lost in broader narratives and agendas.
            The science is there on covid, I understand people may not have time to look at it buts it’s there.
            Can someone really be called a conspiracy theorist for the fact that the majority of world main stream media outlets in February were going with headlines of dont panic, covid is just the flu, the markets then broke records for declines at the end of February and the media not long after this in mid March start going into hysterics about covid 19, bailouts in the trillions are ongoing courtesy of the tax payer, is it strange how this is 24/7 news?

          3. Nigel

            I don’t think you’re actually capable of even cobbling together a halfway logical conspiracy theory given the way you bounce around things like a speeding pinball.

          4. Orla

            No Mr woke thats your form, bobbling around like a proper contrarian with strawmans and selective contexts that fit your bias.

    1. Cian

      Since 2015 our experts in Ireland estimated expected deaths to be in around the 9500 figure, every year the figure of actual deaths ends of closer to 8,500, over 1000 more deaths since 2015.
      Can anyone explain this?

      What type of deaths are you talking about? There are about 31,000 deaths annually in Ireland

      1. Rob_G

        While this study appeals to my prejudices, it kind of goes to illustrate that psychology is a load of non-scientific cobblers, with studies usually starting from a madly-biased premise.

  4. newsjustin

    The condition of being unable to wear a mask for unspecified reasons. Other symptoms may include being “questioning” of climate science/climate change scam and reluctant to line Gates’ pockets by vaccinating children.

  5. Lilly

    This is ridiculous. Unless you’re coughing and spluttering, wearing a mask is pointless.

    1. Orla

      I think the point is to cover for bank bailouts and job losses that were incoming without covid 19.
      It also helps the EU who had a plan of action in 2017 I think on increasing the public’s acceptance of vaccines, if you google EU vaccine strategy and read the official document rather than the rampant conspiracy theories you can see they are encouraging member states to start a public awareness campaign on vaccines. The timeline continues until 2022.
      The thing is vaccines are generally accepted in high enough numbers according to their report but yet they want flu vaccines for everyone each year it seems, it’s a yearly lotto for big pharma.
      Keep in mind those in Italy who got the yearly flu vaccine were more likely to die from covid 19, there are studies available on this via pubmed, to speculate it could be antibodies in use in the wrong areas because of the flu vaccine.

      1. Johnny

        Yesterday piece by Redfield with links/backup to various academic studies at bottom-CDC and JAMA.

        CDC site…”In an editorial published today in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), CDC reviewed the latest science and affirms that cloth face coverings are a critical tool in the fight against COVID-19 that could reduce the spread of the disease, particularly when used universally within communities. There is increasing evidence that cloth face coverings help prevent people who have COVID-19 from spreading the virus to others.”


        “In this issue of JAMA, Wang et al present evidence that universal masking of health care workers (HCWs) and patients can help reduce transmission of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) infections”

        “At this critical juncture when COVID-19 is resurging, broad adoption of cloth face coverings is a civic duty, a small sacrifice reliant on a highly effective low-tech solution that can help turn the tide favorably in national and global efforts against COVID-19.”


        1. Orla

          Yes repro, asymptomatic spread is real but masks don’t outright prevent this, it can limit it but it becomes redundant in the context of covid 19 and how mass being used, the Luas is a small confined environment that has no real significant air filters, it’s going all day with thousands of passengers exhaling ,it builds up. Masks don’t prevent it from leaching out in the luas, the type of masks in vogue at the moment certainly don’t.
          All these studies need to be checked to see what masks were used, the paper thin plastic ones are a waste of time they way they are used.
          If your worried about asymptomatic spread you should also be wearing goggles so you don’t get infected and become Mr asymptomatic.
          In acting legislation that could jail you for non mask compliance is wrong based on the current context.
          Some hospital staff are regularly without masks, they say they only need them in certain areas, has that changed I don’t know.

          1. ReproBertie

            “masks don’t outright prevent this, it can limit it ”
            And that’s the point.

          2. Orla

            They can limit the flu each season by the same logic but nobody is bothered or facing potential jail time for non compliance. They weren’t even bothered in hospitals during prior flu seasons to wear them.
            If covid was that deadly limiting it is not enough, it means luas users are likely to still die than if they stayed at home unless they start wearing full body suits to work each day.

  6. Pee Pee

    Should be wearing masks anyways when in close proximity of fellow humans. Reduce the spread of viral infections. I got my mask ages ago, and look cool af wearing it.

      1. Pee Pee

        Thats fine.

        Is the virus not in your nasal passages anyway? Like its motive is not to escape you.

        1. SOQ

          There is evidence emerging that amount of the virus in your nasal passage will determine how sick you become. Small amounts allow the body to mount a defense but a higher viral load over whelm it.

          So you could be infected and clearing it but the mask forces it back into your lungs.

      2. Commenter #1

        “Blaylock’s claim that “By wearing a mask, the exhaled viruses will not be able to escape and will concentrate in the nasal passages, enter the olfactory nerves, and travel into the brain”, is unsupported and illogical. If someone is exhaling the virus, then they are already infected. The spread of the infection would be largely determined by how well the person’s immune system fights off the infection, not by whether they inhaled virus particles that they previously exhaled.”



        Such a shame.

        1. Orla

          There is a lab mousse that was CRISPR genome edited to be able to produce the peptide that starts the symptoms of covid infection, normally they would just carry the virus. It allowed a form of forced selection of covid 19, the WHO has been encouraging and funding this research in labs worldwide since CRISPR became useful, the idea is we can get ahead of nature and create vaccines in the the forced selected covid strain, great idea unless someone walks out with a glove in their pocket.
          Long story short , the current models showed a cerebral reduction of brain matter on one of their new fancy covid models, it’s basically infected the brain.
          This is a side note of sorts and not an argument against the study you posted.

      3. Orla

        Sorry you seem to be mistaken here, only selective “science” that benefits the cult is allowed. See the church of Scientology for inspiration on how to fit in going forward.

        This mask wearing hysteria was mainly pumped by nassim nicholas taleb along with shutdowns, Mark Spitznagel a hedge fund manager who gained over 4000% profit during covid 19, Spitznagel follows talebs trading strategy and taleb worked within that fund in the past I believe. They basically bet against markets.
        Taleb manipulated the risk averse strategy in relation to covid 19 as justification for his rantings to cult followers about shutdowns and mask wearing. Taleb and friends also lobbied the British government to shutdown when they were going to stay open.
        It’s funny how Mr statistic taleb has nothing to say on PCR testing and it’s many statistical flaws when used out of context.

          1. Orla

            I agree but I was highlighting a potential conflict of interest with Taleb and he’s trading style, not necessarily Spitznagel, my understanding is taleb and Yaneer ban yam did influence the UK’s reversal on covid 19. Small money but still a potential for profit, I obviously can’t prove this.

            Yeah I read SpitznagelS the dao of finance, it says enough about his style for me to avoid.
            Have you heard if blackstone are currently dishing out fed bailout money?

          2. Johnny

            Taleb is not taking seriously in finance circles he’s something of a joke.I would normally speak with BS (blackstone) once or twice a week when we are in market for
            large scale green funding-say a hydro power conversion project-everything BIG got put on pause,working on smaller almost completed projects until sept which are all fully funded-after Labor day i will be speaking with then-but not sure on Fed funds as cannabis and related business are excluded from all Fed funds.

          3. Johnny

            Good news Orla,yep BS are still doing deals, funded this morning,not sure if with Fed funds:)
            if they good enough for Jay Z…..

            “Oat milk maker Oatly has secured $200 million in funding from a consortium led by Blackstone, with participation from other notable names including Oprah Winfrey, Natalie Portman, Howard Schultz and Jay-Z’s Roc Nation entertainment agency. The deal reportedly values the Swedish company at around $2 billion.’


      4. Tony

        But isn’t Principia Scientific a well known site for conspiracy theorists, anti science folk, climate change deniers and other mentally vulnerable types?

        Bit of a dodgy reference in fairness there Bodger

  7. Orla

    The covid cult of righteousness seem to ignore that in the prior non mask wearing flu season of yesteryear nobody wore masks and were happy to drool next to each other on the luas daily, how many of the vulnerable groups died because of your non wearing of masks in the past?

      1. Orla

        Yes it’s weird I agree, it’s a denial of reality, myself here using analogy to ascribe meaning to the current contextual hysterics and potential jail time for non mask wearing does not mean I support the current neurotic acting out of Stanley Kubricks eyes wide shut on the Luas daily, we the peasants version.

  8. Johnny

    -just wear a mask or stay home-we don’t have mandatory masks here but moving slowly there…

    “Masks are not primarily about self-protection. They are about protecting others. Wearing an appropriate mask in an indoor public setting, even when social distancing can be maintained, is a crucial means of reducing transmission of virus-bearing droplets or aerosols from individuals who are infected to those who are not. Masks are particularly effective when combined with physical distancing and proper hand hygiene.”


    1. Lilly

      Masks are about as useful as a chocolate teapot, though not as pretty. Wear one if you must but don’t be under any illusion that it’s achieving anything, apart maybe from steaming up your specs.

  9. Matt Pilates

    Where’s the Broadsheet competition to design a Broadsheet mask?

    Here’s my entry:

    “I want to speak to the COVID-19 manager”.

    Masks should be mandatory for that Broadsheet on the Telly yoke. Pull it over your eyes.

  10. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

    As Rob Delaney said:
    ‘Hell yeah i wear a mask… to protect me from 5G!’

  11. SOQ

    In England, customers are now required to wear masks but not shop assistants- will it be the same here? Shop assistants are way more likely to get infected than your average customers of course.

    Also, what is the difference between wearing a mask and wearing a face visor? If a visor does the same job then surely they too should be accepted?

    1. Nigel

      I saw a hospital study suggesting visors are not as effective as face masks, oddly enough.

          1. Termagant

            Visors have a big gap around and below the face. Masks are somewhat more flush to the skin and thus form more of a seal.

            Or that’s the theory anyway, in practice people drop €20 on a very trendy and fashionable mask that doesn’t fit them properly leaving massive gaps on either side where the fabric bends and think themselves the kings and queens of disease prevention.

  12. Orla

    Blind boy from the rubber bandits needs to bring back Mr Chrome, blindboy is following the cash, the woke brigade would have a field day with his older “work” , prank calls pretending to be gay for example and stereotyping minorities, fat birds and bags of glue etc

    1. Janet, dreams of big guns

      do you not think a young man is allowed to mature, grow and evolve as a human and even regret previous thoughts and deeds ?

      1. Orla

        I do agree Janet but blindboy’s virtue signaling to the woke mindset seems contradictory when the woke want to carry out a vandals version of revisionist history and cancel anyone with past digression’s from contemporary wokeness.

          1. SOQ

            Last fella from Limerick I was talking too was about an alternative gay pub in Dublin and he said sure there wasn’t even a normal gay pub in Limerick?

            Weird with such wealthy people who want to change the world.

  13. ummmmmmm

    Jaysis this really is just Bodge and Orla jerking each other off at this stage

    People can disagree with yis without being in a cult y’know.

    The way every side is so convinced of their own selective evidence while equally convinced of the dastardly wrongheaddedness of what they see as their opposition’s evidence.

    Guess what – this pool isn’t even a year old, valuable statistical studies require historical data to have samples large enough to draw accurate conclusions.

    We might as well do everything possible.
    You’re going very Helen Lovejoy about the masks where your energies would be much better spent agitating about things like the airports.

    If this isn’t the KILLER virus we hyped to expect, masks aren’t going to make it into that KILLER either.

    If anything the utter noise yis are generating with the kind of rhetoric looks more -through the kind of lens you use in your reporting – as deliberate engagement with a non issue to increase its seeming importance, so as to distract from the real issues. You’re just part of the invisible enemy you’re pretending to fight?

    Right? Srsly if that sounds mental its cuz ye sound mental.

    Of course ye tripped over into the horrors of VACCINE ACCEPTANCE!!!! Yeah, enjoy yer fuckin’ measles, and the wee lassies made infertile cus of Rubella – but I’m sure that’ll just give you more to shite on about.

    Go back to uncritically publishing the opinions of D7 sociopaths like yis used to.

    1. Orla

      It’s jail time for non compliance there Mr enlightened that’s more the issue, I’ve no problem if you want to wear the equivalent of soiled underpants on your face but I don’t want it enforced on me.
      If the killer virus does arrive I will invest in a full body suit with oxygen tank and carbogen, I won’t be on the luas with baby blue lingerie on my face.

  14. Micko

    What happened to flattening the curve, so we didn’t overrun the ICU’s.

    That was the plan right? Not stop people getting it, (as that’s IMPOSSIBLE) but allow them to get it in a controlled manner.

    Actually, I’m sure the government has greatly increased the number of ICU beds over the last 4 months


  15. millie von strumpet

    I’ve had to step away from reading a lot of the posts and comments here. It’s neither good for my blood pressure or my own peace of mind.

    It’s incredibly dismaying to read this thread, and the comments on it, on a personal level, though I can understand the… rationale behind both sides of the argument. I’m now nine months pregnant, in a high risk pregnancy, and as an asthmatic am at high risk of infection. I read only yesterday that there is now evidence that Covid-19 can be passed to a foetus, and that it happens at an advanced stage of gestation. I wear my mask when I leave the house, wash my hands, sterilise them, wear gloves – I take all precautions, because its not just my wellbeing at stake. And because of this, I can only view the actions of people who won’t take the small steps required to reduce virus levels and keep the transmission numbers low as incredibly selfish.

    I’m aware that the argument around masks etc is bigger than me and mine, but after reading the thread here, I have to set out my opinion – and my disappointment with the tone that broadsheet seems to be taking with this topic.

    1. Nigel

      So sorry this is stressing you out!
      Please be careful and look after yourself and MiniMillie!

    2. Bodger

      Congratulations, Millie. It’s my post and there is no Broadsheet position. Sorry for the dismay caused. Yes, I am sceptical, but the political, academic and media establishment completely support your position (as do a huge majority of people) and would regard me as a drooling madman if they knew I existed, so that must be a comfort.

      1. Johnny

        I think it’s bloody fantastic that you represent the full spectrum of views on here Bodger,I think far too many people are small minded and quick take offense at any ideas outside their lane of comfort.
        It’s the main reason I read it – the variety of opinions and views some alternative some more mainstream it’s what makes your work so great – keep it up!

    3. Lilly

      Best of luck Millie, hope it all goes smoothly!

      As for masks, I’d wear one if I thought they were worth a tinker’s damn but logic and science say otherwise. If they make you feel more secure, that’s reason enough to wear one.

    4. SOQ

      Millie- best of health to you and the new wan.

      Don’t worry about us- sure we’d argue with our shadows.

      Take it easy darling and try not to stress eh?


    5. Orla

      Sorry if it upsets you Millie, hope everything moves forward safely, I think people project to much intensity onto responses.
      In saying that higher progesterone levels are helpful against infection according to some studies, it could be the case behind why male deaths are higher, during pregnancy your levels are much higher than the norm as I’m sure you know by now.

    6. millie von strumpet

      Thanks all for the lovely comments, folks. They’re much appreciated.

      I’m aware it’s about the bigger picture and not about me, and it certainly wasn’t my intention to make it so. I just wanted to throw my two cents in, so to speak.

      One of the reasons I so enjoy reading broadsheet is the expression and debating of views I may not have considered or agreed with. However I can’t separate my personal feelings from the debate on this at the moment, for the reasons I stated above, so I’ll be keeping a low profile for the time being.

      And give my love to Bert ;)

      1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

        Awww, Millz. Lovely news. Sleepless nights ahead!
        Good luck. I can only imagine the nerves: I’d be in a heap with all this going on. It’ll all be GRAND. Please name it after me, in full. It’s the least you could do.

        1. Johnny

          He’s more loyal than Ted Cruz thats for sure,very valiant of him,best luck Millie with everything.

  16. Commenter #1

    Lol there’s no “Broadsheet position” on Covid 19, but the publisher of the site whacks up a skeptical denialist post on the topic near daily for months. Sure!

    1. Bodger

      I’m not the publisher, there is no editorial stance (other than ‘fighting position’ and, when pushed, ‘The Cobra’) and the vast majority of our coronavirus posts are without comment or opinion.

      1. Commenter #1

        Weird! Because that’s how you’re described elsewhere. As publisher, i mean. And I’d say, publisher or not, you’re the contributor most associated with the identity of the site and your consistent, near daily denialist stance constitutes an editorial position for the site.

        Just own it.

        1. Bodger

          Not weird. We don’t have a publisher and I actually very rarely express these ideas owing to the ridicule. I will say this. Living in a hard-won constitutional republic, I thought the majority of Irish people would instinctively reject this kind of overreach and, especially against the elderly, criminal neglect. I was completely wrong.

          1. Nigel

            They’ve been watching the deadly conspiracy-riddled, expert-eschewing, politicising and culture-warring response in the US, and the astonishing histrionics of Trump supporters and their anti-mask antics, and figured that now is not the time to be either just stupid, or ironically stupid to pwn the libs.

          2. Commenter #1

            The hand wringing is hard to take when you strike a pose of above-it- all ironic detachment most of the time. People who aren’t kicking against what you classify as “overreach” are actually also capable of condemning the government’s failures. They’re not incompatible positions.

            I maintain, though, that the daily posting of denialist positions by the poster most associated with the site constitutes an editorial position for the site.

          3. f_lawless

            @Bodger Hear hear – not to mention the damaging impact these enforced behaviours are surely having on the psychological development of our children and how they interact with others and the world around them. I imagine it must be quite disturbing for a young child to observe adults in the grip of hysteria covering up their faces and adopting paranoid behaviours. As an adult it’s disturbing enough to observe.

          4. Johnny

            ..the polls are so bad people are starting ‘think’ not yet believe that Trump supporters are at this point just too embarrassed to say it out loud-hence the simply horrendous numbers-Biden is now running ads in Texas !

            ..people are really now wearing masks est 250,000 dead by election day-another 4 month complete US lockdown on cards-Mexico and Canada have both shut their borders to the US !

          5. Nigel

            Quite right. The fear and hysteria of covered faces is why kids hate Halloween so much.

          6. f_lawless

            That’s modern ‘woke’ parenting for ya I guess. ;)

            Nigel Jnr: Daddy I don’t understand, why are you and all the grown-ups covering your mouths?

            Nigel: Well son, think of it like this: remember Halloween? This is like a permanent Halloween where people will die if we don’t cover our mouths.

            Nigel Jnr: I’m scared Daddy. Am I bad because I have no mask? Are you angry with me? I can’t tell any more

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