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Restrictions in Australia’s New South Wales forbids dancing…

except at weddings.


In Washington DC:

As wedding season kicks off in May, D.C. has a strict new rule in place. Guests cannot dance or stand during a wedding cocktail hour or reception...For some couples no dancing and standing is a deal breaker so they’re looking to move their wedding to a place where restrictions are looser like their hometowns or Virginia or Maryland. In Virginia, weddings are capped at 50 people indoors and 100 outdoors.

However, starting May 15, those numbers will increase to 100 people inside and 250 outside. Over in Maryland, outdoor and indoor venues can operate at 50% capacity. Both states do not have any sort of ban on dancing and standing during weddings like there is in D.C.

New restriction at DC weddings is turning brides and grooms away (Fox)


The runner’s coach has now called on Oregon Health Authority to reconsider the state’s mask mandate for distance runners.


This morning.

Carl Heneghan


This morning.

Margaret Buttimer, of Bandon in county Cork, who had been released on bail on condition she comply with public health restrictions, appeared in court earlier without a mask.

Via Irish Examiner:

Ms Buttimer is facing a charge of not wearing a mask at Dunnes Stores, Clonakilty, on February 12.  Sgt Paul Kelly said gardaí were awaiting directions on the matter from the DPP.

Sgt Kelly said he wanted to bring to the court’s attention that Ms Buttimer could be further reprimanded for the alleged non-wearing of a mask in SuperValu in Bandon last Monday, with Judge Roberts claiming she could be facing further charges arising out of any possible breach of bail conditions…

…Judge Roberts queried whether Ms Buttimer had previously suggested she may have a medical reason for refusing to wear a mask but she denied this and said:

I feel it is my freedom is being taken.”

The matter was adjourned until May 4.

West Cork woman not wearing mask in court: ‘I feel my freedom is being taken’ (Irish examiner)

Pic: SuperValu



This morning.

Via On The Ditch:

Taoiseach Micheál Martin breached Covid-19 public health guidelines by attending an indoor event held in honour of his late father in Cork.

While at the event Martin told an attending garda to take off her face mask for a photo opportunity.

The event at Blackpool’s Glen Boxing Club went ahead when “no organised indoor gatherings should take place” under Ireland’s level-three Covid restrictions. The event lasted 45 minutes and was attended by at least 12 people.

Good times.

Taoiseach Micheál Martin breached public health guidelines at prohibited event honouring his father (On The Ditch)

Previously: Glen Boxing Club honoured with a visit from an old boxing friend – an Taoiseach Micheal Martin (Cork Evening Echo, December 14, 2020)





Alyssa Dooley at Mo’s Irish Pub in Houston, Texas yesterday


Last night/this morning.

Via AP:

Texas became the biggest state to lift its mask rule, joining a rapidly growing movement by governors and other leaders across the U.S. to loosen COVID-19 restrictions despite pleas from health officials not to let their guard down yet.

The Lone Star State will also do away with limits on the number of diners who can be served indoors, said Republican Gov. Greg Abbott.

The governors of Michigan, Mississippi and Louisiana likewise eased up on bars, restaurants and other businesses Tuesday, as did the mayor of San Francisco.

Texas and other states ease COVID-19 rules despite warnings (AP)

Mo’s Irish Pub?

Pic: AP

1. What studies have been completed showing the effectiveness of face coverings on young children against the spread of SARS-CoV-2?

2. What studies have been completed showing the long-term mental and physical health impacts on young children after prolonged face covering usage?

3. What medical assessments will be completed of each child to rule out any undiagnosed medical, heart or respiratory conditions prior to a face covering mandate?

4. What medical-grade face coverings would be supplied by the government that are regulated for use on young children (CE marked, certificate of sterility, material certification and equivalency of use when compared to cited studies on effectiveness and prolonged health impacts)?

5. What supplier controls would be in-place (validations, risk assessments, audits, testing and approvals) to ensure consistency in face covering performance and safety?

6. What training and instruction will be provided to teachers so that they can monitor face covering usage and ensure its inline with the recommended usage per the cited studies on effectiveness and prolonged health impacts?

7. What risk assessments have been completed to assess the specific risks associated with young children wearing face masks in school environments?

8. What are the risks identified and what control measures are in-place to reduce these risks to an acceptable level?

9. Who is liable for any damages as a result of a child wearing a face covering?

Unless satisfactory answers are provided for each of these questions Nphet and the government have no right to suggest face coverings for children.

All of the above should also be applied to secondary school children. As parents it is our duty to ensure their safety and protection.

Even if answers are provided every parent and child should have the right to say no based on medical, religious or other reasons….


Nphet to consider wearing of masks for primary school children (Independent.ie)



Damn you, Big Mask.

This morning.

Eminently sensible.