Everything For The Busy, Young Professional



A twitter thread by Nicole Glennon of the hellscape that is the Dublin “studio apartments” market.

Expensive cells, essentially.

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32 thoughts on “Everything For The Busy, Young Professional

  1. Rob_G

    Have prices not dropped loads because of Covid; I’d be surprised if many of those apartments achieved those prices.

    1. JEH

      I was hoping that would be the case given some employers have told employees than can work remotely forever, but from my following of Daft I haven’t seen any real indication of it.

      My guess is people aren’t leaving Ireland to go back home unless it’s to live with their parents due to perceived difficulty in finding accommodation throughout Europe. Those departures may only be happening now. However, the employees that have been told they can work remotely forever or for the foreseeable future were probably in a higher income bracket and may not have been looking at these at all. Demand could be from people who have been pushed out of Dublin the last few years due to increased rents who are looking to move back. Maybe relationships and co-living situations have been strained as a result of extensive lock downs leaving people desperate for any form of accommodation. Moreover, I believe UCD and Trinity have announced intentions to operate a normalish, in-person term starting in the fall so there may still be student demand.

      The interesting thing would be to see what’s happening to all those over-priced recently-built student accommodations and if there are empty “luxury” lets sitting idle in the hope that Air BnB and tourism return.

      1. Janet, dreams of big guns

        exactly, plus if you ignore daft you’ll see a huge decrease in price

  2. Junkface

    These interior designers must have been good at Tetris.

    Even during a worldwide economic crash these rents don’t move downwards. Its a joke

  3. Daisy Chainsaw

    Bedsits were mostly Bed/sitting room (hence the name), separate kitchen and separate/shared toilet. I stayed in some grim places in the back end of the 80’s but never one where the kitchen was 2 steps from the bed. So glad I moved out of Dublin when I did and I feel so sorry for those who have to live in these rackrented hovels.

  4. diddy

    and we’re gonna have to wait till we’re 69 to get a pension. why? because of the shrinking birth rate. why? because housing is so dysfunctional. why? because government would rather allow the free market rip and enrich landlords then centrally plan housing for our nation. why? capitalism baby.

  5. Kingfisher

    These terrify me.
    And on a dog-wander locally this morning I saw several houses that are either empty or being lived in by off-the-grid gardeningphobes.
    It’s about time the laughably unused tax on empty houses and unused sites was moved from under the aegis of the merciful Corpo to the grimly efficient Revenue.
    It’s also about time Fair Deal didn’t mean leaving a house empty sometimes for years, but also had the possibility of immediately selling the house and keeping the money in escrow, with the same fair proportion to be paid over for care as operates nowadays in the case of owned houses. This would bring many houses onto the market.
    And since the Corpo is now buying houses to rent to tenants, there’s no reason it shouldn’t build extensions onto them (as well as retrofitting to A+ BER standard) so that they could accommodate bigger families, meaning that living on the mammy’s couch could mean having a decent home in a good-sized extension flat.

    1. Tom Wong

      What area are you dog walking in?

      Agree 100% by the way
      Under utilised private assets are still served by public infrastructure and as such should be taken occupancy of on grounds of community welfare and revived with a rent paid to the owner if they cannot fund an upgrade themselves

  6. Blessingtonbootboy

    I know the attic one, it’s owned by a relative Pictures don’t really tell the full story. The microwave, etc aren’t on the study table which is to the left of the brown shelves. The kitchen bits are only for the convenience of the renter, who has access to a full kitchen, washer and dryer downstairs. There’s an en-suite private shower room and toilet. The zebra thing is a sofa, not a bed, there’s a full double bed in its own area.. Electric, gas and broadband all included in the rent,

    I wouldn’t pay 255 myself but I’d happily stay in it anytime.

    1. george

      I’m pretty sure “convenience of the renter” means to keep the renter out of the way.
      Strangest looking sofa I ever saw to be honest. Who every heard of a sofa with no back on it. Looks like they just dumped any old rubbish into the rented room.

  7. Tom Wong

    I’d be interested to see for example what the quality of ‘studio’ apartments is across other major metropolitan capital cities? you know for journalistic ‘balance’ and what have you

    1. Janet, dreams of big guns

      I’m happy to send a few pictures of ones I had on the books in Paris, max 600/month, washer dryer always, internet and a quota for electric included, fully furnished including kitchen ware and bed linen, always freshly painted with full enduites ans professionally cleaned between each Tennant.

      1. Tom Wong

        Excellent Janet, and size wise as well? I understand some of the problem with studios in Paris is that there is no lift but otherwise I heard that the tenants have a lot of rights, and such it is very difficult to find one, could explain the demand for a service like your company there provided

        1. Janet, dreams of big guns

          The accepted size for a studio is between 11 to 35m2 anything under is illegal although sometimes private arrangements are made but the must be under a strict price platform.
          Personally I tried to keep it to at least 18m2 and up as a minimum, the good thing there is you can actually get clever sized fixtures for smaller spaces and a studio especially must be refurbished for purpose.

          1. Tom Wong

            Thank you Janet, can’t see there, what are the sizes of the ones Nicole was highlighting? I can’t recall exactly but I believe until the last Minister was in charge (Eoghan Murphy) you could not actually build a new studio less than 40m2 here.
            So is it apples with oranges? 11m2 is pretty small space for a person to live in, no?

          2. Janet, dreams of big guns

            Yes 11 is way too small ! the places she has highlighted look about 13/14 to me just looking at the pics, the main problem is that they are badly done, cheap, tacky, ugly, the space is not optimised and the prices ridiculous imo

        2. Janet, dreams of big guns

          yes I was able to provide a copy of everything in English, deal with any complaints, liaze with the owner for repairs, help with a discounted home insurance, help set up a bank account as a free service included in the agency fee for the more luxury apartments I would find babysitters, chefs, drivers, restaurant bookings, antique purchase, guided tours you wanted it done I’d get it done ( for a fee naturally )
          The Bataclan attacks wiped out 2/3 of my revenue for 3 years like most business in Paris especially as I was mostly based in the 3rd 4th and 11th arrondissements forcing me more into sales and we’ll I’m just not enough of a shark to enjoy that, I really enjoyed making people feel at home and giving them an opportunity to love that crazy town as much as I did.

          1. Tom Wong

            Wow sounds like you provided a great service Janet
            Do you plan to restart the business here in Dublin?

          2. Janet, dreams of big guns

            No I couldn’t here, there are not enough laws to protect either the tenant or the owner and I feel I would be frustrated on many levels trying to get standards met.
            I ran my business for eight years alone and it’s really 24/7, which gets exhausting, I once had someone’s roof cave in due to a neighbour’s leak when I was on holiday and I had to go home to sort it ( lucky they were out at the time !) So basically the phone never stops. I took the opportunity coming back to slow down go back to my studies for a year and go back to a more art and culture direction my original love, the real estate was initially only to pay my way between drops at my printing studio.
            So no it’s the quiet life for me although I do miss running around with my secretary ( she’s has four legs and was very good at cold calling ;)).

          3. Tom Wong

            very good
            I’ve often thought that if such a service existed here though that people would really go for it.

            thanks for chatting, enjoyed

          1. Tom Wong

            haha they edited the best part of my question ;)
            The gyms are open again, I’ve been a few times and it was fine

          2. Janet, dreams of big guns

            ah I’m high risk so I’m sticking to outdoors ( I saw the best part of your question ;) )

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