Remembering Nico


The Pox Men – Ever So Jauntily (Nico’s Grave to See)

Legendary chanteuse Nico (top left) died on this day in 1988.

Donegal alt.folk combo The Pox Men wrote this ditty in her honour and captured their pilgrimage to her grave in Germany on film.

The Pox Men say:

“This video is a wee documentary journey to her grave. And the song fits in too. C’mon. We’ll come straight home.”

Nick says: Meet you at the cemetery gates.

The Pox Men

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5 thoughts on “Remembering Nico

  1. Father Filth

    I don’t get the devotion towards her, the smack art films were awful (1972 Philippe Garrel film, La Cicatrice Intérieure) and her tours and drug dependency issues made her a very needy and unreliable person to be around.

    The likes of Lou Reed turned into a bore and curmudgeon pedant, but she seems to have been an insufferable so and so from the get go.

    I loved the music, but that doesn’t mean I’d tolerate being around the person responsible for it.

    Try and get your hands on the following book:
    Title: Nico: Songs They Never Play on the Radio
    Author: James Edward Young

    Very entertaining, ear curling stuff that leaves Spinal Tap far behind. The author played keyboards in her band for a while.

    Don’t do smack kids. Wash your hands.

    1. Johnny

      -the whole Warhol smack factory ‘scene’ is vastly overrated-insufferable self indulgent rubbish for the most part.

        1. Johnny

          ..certainly most name checked by aspiring heroin chic rock stars -The Clash are the only band that matters:)

          But agreed Loaded is simply perfect,Oh Sweet Noting is just so god damm good,driving the pickup out to the dessert and finally leaving LA ,heading towards Joshua Tree,sun setting on LA,this is often blasting out the F-150 with a lit preroll and a weekend of camping,hiking and of course lots songs,spoofing and spliffs ahead:)

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