Jack’s Army


From top: Twitter CEO Peter Dinklage Jack Dorsey; tweets announcing the purging of Qanon accounts

Last night/this morning.

Twitter said t has removed more than 7,000 accounts associated with the QAnon conspiracy theory…

…Content associated with QAnon will be banned from the platform’s trends section and tweets sharing links involving QAnon theories will be blocked, Twitter officials said.

Twitter officials said that the crackdown against QAnon is expected to affect more than 150,000 accounts, making it the most wide-reaching and aggressive response to the pro-Trump conspiracy theory that any social media platform has ever undertaken.

The new measures against QAnon, Twitter said, are in line with the company’s effort to police content that can lead to offline harm…

Is someone over the target?

We may never know.

Twitter Removes Thousands Of QAnon Accounts, Promises Sweeping Ban On The Conspiracy (NPR)


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57 thoughts on “Jack’s Army

  1. GiggidyGoo

    I wonder what the retaliation by Trump against twitter will be? And is this going back to last week’s hacks into Twitter?

          1. Rob_G

            I’d never suggest that you posted under any other usernames, as I haven’t seen any other usernames recounting boooodacious anecdotes about having smoked a joint one time.

          2. Johnny

            like i said i must be wong Bodger-good luck with his numerous log ins,incessant trolling and bullying.

          3. Janet, dreams of big guns

            it’s part and parcel of BS/ human nature ? although it’s nowhere near as bad and nasty as it was a while back or most other forums,
            I just think you have your same log in people wrong,
            no offense Johnny but you put a few backs up as you seem to misread the room a fair bit but then again I had a friend who moved back after a long time in New York and until she readjusted a bit people were allergic to her, she had got very loud I suppose is the nicest way to say it, opinionated but in a not listening way
            just my two cents

    1. Matt Pilates

      Not sure if it’s EMO – channeling FOO FIGHTERS maybe, but agreed. He’d should wear Prada….

        1. Pat Mustard

          Note how Jack isn’t bothered targeting the Russia gate liars.

          Jack is a CIA useful idiot.

        1. Turka

          12 Dec 2018 – 11:47:54 PM
          12 Dec 2018 – 11:44:01 PM

          Is JFK Jr alive?

  2. SOQ

    Best conspiracy theory I seen was that Q was a CIA psych op to encourage young people to stay quiet while waiting for something with no ETA- and watch the MSM.

  3. Scundered

    Twitter is such an echo chamber of toxicity, mankind would be better off without it. Do yourself a favour and delete it.

    1. Clampers Outside

      You can avoid the noise of toxic accounts if you so desire, and it is easy enough to do so. My tuppence

      1. sidhe

        am no fan of twitter so I’m curious, Clampers, how do you eradicate the noise of the more ‘toxic’ accounts without it turning into an echo chamber? can a balance be found? if toxic is a relative or subjective term, I mean.

        i do want to add that I am genuinely asking, as a non-user of twitter. I’d welcome other user opinions in this too, by the way.

        1. Vanessanelle

          You can block accounts
          And mute accounts

          And along with the blend of who you follow; the twitter machine can adjust what gets promoted into your feed

          Occasionally, and in my experience very occasionally – well lately anyway, it’s very rare that a tweet from an account that I don’t want to know anything about slips through.

          Although I do think they should step up a bit more and take a firmer hand with reported tweets and accounts.
          Especially doxxing, bullying and defamatory attacks on @s that have never played dirty or been brought to their attention for that same carry-on.
          Having said that – that could be just my experience.

        2. Mick

          Re Twitter as an echo chamber.
          As I read somewhere recently, before Twitter was a thing, when we bought our preferred newspaper and didn’t buy the ones we didn’t like, and got our news from our preferred TV/Radio and didn’t listen to/ watch other channels, and only hung around with friends we liked, and ignored those we didn’t, we didn’t call that an echo chamber.
          It’s like real-life, if you don’t like something someone says on twitter, put it out of your life, and carry-on.

          1. Cian

            I see your point, but I think the difference is scale.
            There is a small choice of a handful of newspapers or radio stations. Each one is servicing a wide sector of the population. Most papers/stations have a small number of ‘contrary’ journalists that push an alternative view.

            When you get to Twitter or Facebook or Google – what you see is tailored directly for you. They know what posts you are reading, liking, sharing, and can build up an accurate picture of what you like/dislike and what you ignore. And they will keep feeding you more of the same.

            With traditional media I had to choose to ignore the articles I didn’t want to see – but in choosing I was vaguely aware of the content I don’t agree with. Now the algorithms decide not to show me these articles – so I only see what I believe in.

        3. Clampers Outside

          What V said.

          No. 1 tip is as obvious as can be – Follow genuine accounts sharing things you’re interested in (a genuine account is one whose feed is them tweeting a lot *themselves* on the topic you like).

          Follow a mixed crowd if you like political/contentious topics, even people you might not agree with.

          That said, I’ve blocked no one. I’ve muted people for periods of time, but I do go into that section and unmute enmasse once every couple of months.

          Never engage with an account that uses insults.

          Clean up your following list every now and then.

        4. sidhe

          thanks for the replies, much appreciated

          seems straightforward enough when set out like that. I don’t think it’s enough to convince me to use it, mind. can barely manage facebook on a good day.

          1. Clampers Outside

            It came to Facebook or twitter, I chose twitter.

            My Facebook account is still there but I’ve no app, just a bookmark, and all I do is share posts my wife puts up of our wee baby :0)

    2. jeremy kyle

      I have found Twitter to be really great for art, music etc…. especially niche interests.

      It does require some effort to mute and block things you don’t want to hear about (or more like ‘bombarded with’ on Twitter) and even at that you can’t filter out all the sludge.

      I really wish the What’s Happening thing could be removed/hidden as it’s a 24/7 stream of utter pish.

      1. Clampers Outside

        +1 super for niche interests and music. Takes a while to build a list of people to follow on a particular interest. And no harm in unfollowing them later if the quality is not what you’d hoped.

        Never feel compelled to follow back :) Don’t give in! Unless it is a quality account :) Doing this helps keep your feed / timeline of a better quality :)

      2. Vanessanelle

        But Jeremy, all you have to do when you tap on the little birdie is go straight to your home icon

        You barely even catch sight of that home page
        I never even notice it
        Not even the hashtaggy stuff

        1. jeremy kyle

          Alas, I’m one of the weirdos who uses it mainly on desktop.

          But, fair point – if it bothers me that much I could just use the app!

          1. Cú Chulainn

            Just thank goodness that BS isn’t anything like a mini version of Twitter..!!!

    1. Vanessanelle

      Goldie Hawn is Trump’s twin sister
      John Malkovich is a Serbian trained Manchurian Candidate type sleeper agent, with orders to assassinate Ivanka and her husband – the Kushner lad
      And the exterior of the White House is to be gilded entirely in gold leaf

      Oh, and McDonald’s are going to be given the franchise to operate every public school lunch room in the US

      And all mention of Mickey is to be removed from every Disney location, asset, property, promotion and merchandise; and replaced with Donald.

      1. george

        I was thinking more that Q-anon’s hero Trump wishing Epstein’s accomplice well while she awaits trial for child sex trafficking. How does that fit the Q-anon narrative?

  4. :-Joe

    Just my two Satochi’s on the twitster machine…

    Like all the other ‘murican silly-con attention grabbing, data stealing for money converting machines… Twitter favours censorship over moderation but… It’s not nearly as bad as the rest due to the profit incentives.

    However, the idea that it is fine if you just let it go over your head and mute/block etc. is just nonsense…
    It only exists through wasting people’s attention and time, distracting them from more important pusuits in the first place… Community, assemly, mobilisation, activism etc.. It’s the same as too much sport i.e. sport is to war as porn is to sex etc. or tabloid newspapers encouraging people to avoid reality or other sensationalist distractions that ultimately prevent people from feeling good about trying hard to change their situation or the world for the better.

    Problems of encouraging mass concision and self-atomisation by your own free will and the will of mostly, a bunch of screaming lunatics at every second of the day they feel obliged to broadcast their mostly inane thoughts.. is just some of it’s many problems and it’s not getting any better soon… I think it peaked about five years ago and should have been turned off. Even just for a laugh.

    It’s a phenomenal gimmick for the mainstream but anyone interested in any kind of real community online will use forums, message boards and various commenting and chat / voice systems for more specific interests. I’m sure some of you know what I mean and it ain’t reddit either.

    Twitter is mostly for people who don’t want to join a community and get involved… A superficial basterdisation to the N’th degree of the philosphy, ambition and vision of what the www / internet was supposed to be in terms of bringing people together online.
    – Of what it actually already is, if most of you can be bothered to update from your conditioned narrow view and go have a look elsewhere sometimes away from the ‘murcan-centric corporate military corrupted world view.

    As an alternative, take Mastodon for example.. It’s community driven, open source, not for profit, privacy and security focused and a well moderated and data / human rights respecting alternative…
    – Get your kids on it asap. the younger the better for them and society for the future.

    Encourage and help to teach people to ask questions, always be proud to be skeptical and to educate themselves by experimenting with everything as there is always various shades of good and bad on both sides.

    Most importantly what you vote / pay for and support by tolerating or using and are seen to be encouraging is a choice and better alternative choices usually exist. So be curious and willing to be different or help create new choices.

    If you’ve spent one hour on twitster, fecesderp and gurgle tools and yet, zero seconds on the dark web you’re living in someone else’s microscopic edited bubble version of internet reality.

    I’ll admit I read from it sometimes and there is plenty of room available for twitster but is that it, that’s the best of all social media you engage with online?… Apart from BS ofc…
    – Everyone should go and try engaging with 4chan for a while and see what happens..
    Please let me know, in detail too… hehe..

    TLDR: Lemonparty


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