Bring Out Your Undead


The Irish History Show.

Episode 68: Bram Stoker and the Sligo Cholera Epidemic of 1832 (listen above).

Cathal Brennan writes:

We had Dr. Marion McGarry and Dr. Fiona Gallagher on to talk about Bram Stoker and the great cholera epidemic in Sligo in 1832.

Stoker’s mother Charlotte was from Sligo and lived through the outbreak in the town and wrote about her experience of it.

Marion and Fiona believe that it was these events, and Stoker’s interest in Irish folklore, that inspired Dracula….

Bram Stoker and the Sligo Cholera Epidemic (The Irish History Show)

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2 thoughts on “Bring Out Your Undead

  1. scottser

    i’ve been watching the 3-part dracula on netflix recently – it’s hilarious. mark gatiss is a bloody genius..

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