I Could Have Danced All Night And Still Have Begged For More


Dublin Old School Nightclubs by Maxi

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Last Monday, with a beautiful A2 print of Dublin nightclubs of old by Maxi – available at Jam Art Prints – to giveaway, we asked you to recall (if possible) your most memorable evening at any of the establishments featured in Maxi’s print

Thank you for the many hilarious entries.

Sadly, there can be only one winner (selected By Mark at Jam Art).

Third Place:

MacGafraidh writes:

‘All my memories in Pod were crazy, honestly, it was an amazing place. I used to work for a really large mobile phone company, let’s call them Fodavone, no wait too easy, Doblafone.. We had a corporate gig there hosted by one of the brands we sold, let’s call them Nokio.. and they brought in ‘Example’.. At a time when I thought his music was ‘deadly’.

Gig was great. Afterwards we’re at the bar having drinks and who is off to the side of the bar only Mr. Example himself talking to two women.

After a minute or two of gentle persuasion and an unavoidable double dare from my mates, I strolled over.. Drink in hand, eyes locked on Mr. Example, and as I approached his little circle I got this surge of confidence with my mates about 10 feet back behind me.

Me: “Example, sorry to interrupt but it’s not often you get to meet….”
Example: “can’t you see I’m talking to these girls for fuck’s sake.. Some people have no sense..”

Example walks away with the girls. Can’t believe I got to meet my hero.. And at Pod.. So I deserve the prize here. On an alternative note, David DeValera used to play at Pod and he had the place absolutely heaving.. Crazy night out guaranteed every week. Loved it.’


Bri Nylon writes:

‘I was in the Pod one Saturday night. This woman came over and said she loved my hair, and that I had a lovely face with beautiful skin. We got married two years later. Still together!’


Liam Deliverance writes:

‘Many fuzzy memories from these magical places of dance, I was never let in to the POD for some reason and 2 visits to System marked the end of the era for me personally. I do distinctly remember one gig in the Ormonde though

It was 1996 and just before Christmas week. Myself and 2 buds got dropped in to Dame Street by my Mam, she would not have known that we were heading to Ormonde Quay later, as I thanked my Mam and got out she forced a £20 into my hand as well as a bag of Mars Funsize.

I stuffed them into my jacket pocket and got busy with a few pints. During the obligatory search from the “very” hands-on bouncers at the Ormonde they found the bag and looked at me funny, I shrugged my shoulders, ripped open the bag and offered one each to the three bouncers, they smiled and accepted, shrugged their shoulders and sent me inside.

Again I forgot about the Mars bars after putting them back in my jacket, I was more than a little embarrassed by them too. The night was a good one, couldn’t tell you who was playing, busy as with Christmas looming the next gigs would be a couple of weeks away.

Sometime in the early hours, still in the Ormonde, that bag resurfaced, and never has a small piece of chocolate, caramel and nougat tasted so very good.

I shared them around and made at least 10 new friends that night, of course I never saw any of them again but hopefully they remember fondly that night with yer man and his bag of little Mars bars!’

Thanks all.

Monday: Dublin In The Rave Old Times

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10 thoughts on “I Could Have Danced All Night And Still Have Begged For More

  1. scundered

    I remembering throwing up in the toilets in Switch, a proper projectile as I entered the door, all over the place… and volunteered to mop the entire jacks floor if the cleaning attendant didn’t snitch on me to security, he was sound. On another occasion I witnessed a couple having sex right outside the door to the jacks, it provided much entertainment for the people queuing.

    Then there was the place behind Pravda down the alleyway, a proper den of iniquity, can’t be telling what went on there though :)

    1. missred

      I was there at the end of February, Tengu it’s called now, can’t be telling you what went on with myself and a fine fella in the disabled loos either :)

  2. SOQ

    I always thought The Temple of Sound has such a weird layout? It was literally all over the place.

  3. Liam Deliverance

    That’s great news, the print will take pride of place at home, Thank You all very much.

    Cheers to artist Maxi for the great work on the print, Mark@Jam Art Prints, Broadsheet.ie and Nick Kelly of course, and to all the other contributors, good stories of times past.

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