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116 thoughts on “Not With The Programme

  1. Rob_G

    Good; I’m not sure that the Green Party is really the best fit for someone doesn’t believe in carbon taxes, anyway.

      1. Broadbag

        It is fairly cringey, next they’ll be telling us which pronouns we should when discussing the party and which kinds of lettuce area on their windowsill.

        1. class wario

          lol it’s so weird to use the lettuce thing, explicitly from somebody at the other wing of the party, to bash the left side of the party

      2. Charger Salmons

        An early start for Nigel on today’s game of Woke Bingo.
        I think the final ” men have periods too ” square could be tricky.
        But let’s see how it pans out.

  2. Baz

    Rattle Pram

    The watermelon explodes and what do we see? Green on the outside red on the inside.


  3. Nigel


  4. Ron

    There isnt a Green Movement in Ireland and that’s one of the biggest piss takes in Irish politics. Many support Green initiatives but look at the numbers of registered paid up members who vote.. like a small trader with a back alley shop, but with a fancy website you can always create an illusion that your bigger than you are. Less than 2000 people voted in Green PFG vote and less cared about the Leadership election. Not a lot of paid up members. It’s not a movement.

    The reason they only have a miniscule number of members is because let’s face it, some of the biggest nutters and loopers that have ever walked the pot holed roads in this kip of a country are members of the Green Party. It attracts nutters who feel at home with other nutters, like a self help group.

    Not only are they incredibly dim, mediocre, and incompetent, they radiate a low IQ that permeates into every aspect of their bizarre decision making . It’s like they appear to have a full six pack but they’re missing the plastic stringy bit that holds it all together.

    They would sacrifice their mothers at the altar of ambition and that means they stand for nothing. They lied to the electorate for power and the low IQ electorate fell for it, again. In doing so they did us all a favour in Ireland. They buried the party themselves. Greens are finished. Finally some good news.

    1. Charger Salmons

      The really funny thing is the Greens have joined a government which has just agreed to an EU deal that drives a bulldozer through the rainforest of EU environmental commitments.
      Or at least that’s what St Greta of Thunberg says.
      ( Apologies to Nigel – he comes over all unnecessary at the mere mention of her name.)

      1. Nigel

        It’s like everyone from the centre on out to the far right have no real interest in adressing the environmental problems we’re facing, surprise surprise.

        1. Charger Salmons

          Or it could just be your crass generalisation that only left-wing virtue-signallers like yourself care about the environment.
          Some of the most important green initiatives on climate change and reducing co2 levels in recent years have been taken by governments across the world that you would categorize as right wing.
          You need to grow-up from this student union level of posturing.

          1. Nigel

            The right only virtue signals about the environment, does the bare minimum, rolls it back as quick as they can. Not that the left is much better, to be honest. Wail and moan about stuff in opposition all you want then avoid power to actually do anything. The only effective stuff happens when everyone agrees on the importance of the issue and acheves consensus – the pandemic, for all the mistakes and flaws, is a model for recognising a crisis and responding with effective measures. The US is a horrific shambles that shows what a disaster denying science and ignoring reality turns out to be. The Greens went into government with that doomed sense of forming a consensus. The other partners did not. Until they do, it’s always going to be doomed.

    2. Nigel

      You might be right about the Greens being finished, but everything else is the usual dumb and reflexive invective that lies at the heart of Irish political conservatism. So long as the other parties don’t give a damn about Green issues, there will be no effective response to climate change, biodiversity loss, or our own localised environmental problems. Excoriating the Greens with stupid insults isn’t going to change the fact that they, almost alone of all parties, have at their core a desire to build cross-party consesnus on theses issues. Of course a cynic would see that as nutty and low IQ, it’s the opposite of how irish politics actually works, which leaves you with… FF and FG! Enjoy!

    3. Arfton Clax

      Ron, or should I call you Donald? You only got low IQ into your partisan scrawl twice. You failed bigly. Next time go for the hat trick.

      1. Ron

        Arfton, or should I call you idiot? You are still not even coming close to anything that could be considered rational thought, as usual. Your low IQ should come with a health warning for others.

        But I’m sure it sounded much better in your head before you actually wrote that. Good God, it’s all so mediocre to below average.

        Welcome to Ireland

  5. Trig

    Heard her speak on Ivan Yates about formation of government, she seemed out of her depth with the process involved and very naive, this is a pure ego move

    1. Ron

      That’s exactly what I would expect someone with incredibly low IQ and zero abstract intelligence to say.

    1. Junkface

      That’s confusing, what was she supposed to say? Maybe the picture has some bad compression or pixelation

  6. Brughahaha

    What are we ? 3 weeks in? And already they are unbearable .From falling asleep in the Dail during a discussion on min. wage (ridiculous to expect the ever so middle class Greens to have an interest in such a topic ) to naked unbridled nepotism and then child gender obsession from a Min of Children who seems oblivious to the issues the vast vast majority of families face , such as school closures , outrageous creche fees , long waiting lists etc etc . They really are D4 Blueshirts on Bikes and Gender Identity warriors . Talk about amateur hour.

  7. Saoirse was a great agitator but has lost faith in electoral politics after not being elected. Yes, the Greens are left-leaning centrists which is why I joined – to bring some balance to the divisive political situation unfolding between the old and the new, the young and the middle-aged. Those who are not in the party think there is turmoil but today has shown that the dissent has been released and the radical element of the party now have an outlet. The majority are progressive, action-oriented collaborators who will even compromise to move their agenda forward. Eamon has done very well to bring the party through the storm and now Catherine will unite the party going forward, with strong female leadership backed by the former leader. I predict that tomorrow the leadership change will be announced and the government will face a tougher task-master than before – ensuring the country stays on track towards Green goals for the foreseeable future. Who knows after that … democracy will prevail over anarchy.

    1. Ron

      What you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever read. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone here is now dumber for having read it. I award you zero points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

    2. Brughahaha

      “Who knows after that … democracy will prevail over anarchy.”

      Ermm the Greens represent less than 7% of the country , so “on track to Green goals” is actually the tyranny of the minority and wanting a Green lead government is remarkably un-democratic.

      And factually quite the opposite to your claims

    3. Junkface

      “Lost faith after not being elected”

      What the hell? That’s politics, you need to work harder to get elected. It means voters could not relate to you. Jesus Christ this all bangs of the usual far left nonsense from twitter USA.

      1. Broadbag

        Didn’t get elected so went seeking a cushy seat in the hot air, minimum effort talking shop of the Seanad, didn’t get in so off she trots to join another party and try catch that gravy train again. Principles, schminciples!

    4. GiggidyGoo

      “Eamon has done very well to bring the party through the storm”
      No – that would be down to getting in on the tails of SF Ro.

        1. bisted

          …Eamo probably had the safest seat in the Dail but in a constituency that doesn’t reflect opinions in Dublin…let alone the rest of the country…they also re-elected Eoghan Murphy…someone once speculated that if certain parties put up donkeys they’d be elected…

          1. Vanessanelle

            Only just
            And he was the only Minister in their Constituency
            Which is always worth a few thousand votes

            And in the end it was Kate’s transfers that got him over the line

          2. Vanessanelle

            Feck missed the edit clamp

            He was deemed elected with Jim O’Callaghan
            When Kate was eliminated
            So he was safe

            But in fairness, Kate with no Government profile (snubbed because she backed Coveney) was barely 1500 votes behind her senior Minister Constituency Colleague, and his Orange Parade Campaign

            Not that I’m shedding any tears for Kate
            But sin scéal eile

  8. Johnny

    Best luck Saoirse,giving false hope like Ryan did to the many sick and suffering cannabis patients in Ireland is unconscionable conduct,he sold them out,anything with him is negotiable.
    His many public statements on cannabis,display an ignorance and ill informed attitude to medicine by constantly conflating it with recreational use.He wanted appear hip,cool and relevant so he used medicine and sick patients.

  9. newsjustin

    Some people are determined to forever be in opposition.

    I have more respect for politicians who negotiated their hardest, compromised on a deal, and are trying to make it work.

          1. newsjustin

            You’re barking up the wrong tree if you believe that I think climate change is not real and not an enormous threat to the human race.

            (And God’s real too, obvs…..even if you don’t believe….the idea of God exists and is real)

          2. Johnny Green

            as in my world are the Tuatha Dé Danann.
            Saoirse is a truth teller.
            a visonary.
            sent back from the Irish master race of the future.
            to save us

            of course…

            laughed at
            put down
            told grow up


            go Saoirse.

          3. newsjustin

            The one we’re talking about Bisted. That’s my point. The topic of our conversation, by definition, exists.

          4. Johnny Green

            the old joke- atheist who wants argue about god.
            i think she’s getting smeared i just do.

            instead you have a tax dodging dodgy builder,who when asked,why he should get elected to represent irl in europe,mumbled,cleared his throat a few times,stared hopelessly lost into space,hm…long silence…oh yeah yeah to spend more time with clare.

            and another chap who’s low functionality does not include showing up for work and when he does bother cant dress himself.

            I really wish Saoirse well and i do believe she’s ahead of her time,out of place,be kind shes a good human,she really is.

          5. newsjustin

            I don’t doubt she’s a good person Johnny. I don’t agree with her on this, but that won’t be of any concern.

          6. Johnny Green

            Derry hack for national paper uses paramilitary language…yeah totally normal.
            …”A new splinter group” no thats not framing the issue not at all.

          7. bisted

            …oh…I didn’t know you were a devotee of the Flying Spagetti Monster-praise be his noodley appendages-had you down as one of those horrible christians…

  10. Tom Wong

    You really have to laugh at all the soi disant experts in here purporting to give this great leader career advice and and advice on how to do political stuff correctly. Pass the compost bin.

  11. Do I need a username?

    Yawn – we have seen it all before. Toys flung out of the pram, everyone who is not 100% with me and does not agree with all my policy positions is my enemy, I want it all or nothing and I want it now, Saoirse McHugh chooses immaturity and the vice of radical idealism condemned to be terminally aspirational over playing the long game, convincing and bringing along as many people as possible to effect actual and substantive incremental change.

    But hey, Saoirse lives in the world of Twitter and the fact she’ll trend for a while and is able to shout freely from the sidelines, ignored by the vast majority of the voting public, is all that matters I guess.

  12. Johnny Green

    throwback thursday.
    “Eamon Ryan’s opening salvo was this: “We believe that the whole approach to drug use should be through a health-based system rather than just a criminal justice-based system because that approach has not worked. If you look at where other countries have applied that health-based approach, like in Portugal, it has better health results and better criminal results. We’re sending people into prison who are not drug addicts and are coming out drug addicts. We need to make sure that we help the person and tackle the problem at source, rather than the criminal approach, which has not worked.”

    “Eamon Ryan made the case for decriminalisation with such gusto that Hot Press wonders whether it might be a red line issue for the Greens if, based on the outcome of the election, they were to consider going into coalition with another party or parties.”

    Saoirse i wish you all the best,Ryan folded here like a cheap suit.

    1. Nigel

      They’re junior coalition partners. They don’t hold the balance of power. They’re up against two big, experienced, conservative parties. To achieve anything at all they’ll be obliged to go along with a plethora of right wing nonsense. But hey, this is what the people voted for.

      1. Johnny Green

        Good morning Nigel-stunning NY Mag deep dive into climate change-link below.

        Recreation cannabis has not been approved anywhere,without first having curated and developed a domestic self sustaining seed to sale,medical cannabis program,the whole thing was disengenous.

        He was spouting populist nonsense,conflating a govt. supported,regulated and encouraged domestic or local seed to sale medical program with getting ‘high’.

        He was trolling for votes ,with Hot Press readers who get high on overpriced bad weed grow by rich white FG farmers,while listening to old irrelevant ‘bands’ like REM and daydreaming about the good old days in Slane with the lads smoking doobies-it was all nonsense,his positions on cannabis are all over the map,the poilicy such that it was,could have been scribbled on back a rizzla.

        Ireland has it all to be a major player in medical cannabis,a Irish SPV yesterday raised 250,000,0000 in 48 hours for medical cannabis,it was 100,000,000 over subscribed all raised on zoom-Cannabis yeah weed yeah big spilffs-where do i wire the money was the only question asked.

        Ryan knows nothing about cannabis,he has done further harm to long suffering medical cannabis patients in Ireland by giving false hope- awful stuff well done Saoirse.

        Wake up Ireland.


        1. Nigel

          Whatever. If he had the power, I’m sure he would. He doesn’t so he can’t. Simple as, as the saying goes.

          1. Johnny Green

            Power-he does not even understand it.

            “it is calling for the introduction of Dutch-style “coffee shops” to Ireland that would allow the consumption and sale of cannabis for over-18s under certain conditions.”

            this is the final frontier-regulating on site consumption and sales,but start there its only the holy grail,people will fall for it and hey its sounds great,the dam yeah cool Eamo,totally unrealistic but who cares,he wont be held accountable.

            “It also wants to allow individuals to grow up to two cannabis plants in their own home for personal use.”

            two-why like why two-he made it all up.

            Four to six is the norm.

            He had power before now he looks like a fool and liar.


          2. Johnny Green

            No one ever said he did.
            He had the power,resources and responsibility to research and prepare a well thought out medical cannabis govt program.
            He made it one the cornerstones of his campaign.
            His prepared remarks and positions are idiotic,ill considered and populist nonsense.
            Well done Soairse getting away from this mendacious charlatan.
            So i’m lost here does he now opposes those positions or…best everyone forget?

          3. Nigel

            He had to formulate a programme for government with two other, larger parties. If they’re not going along with it, its not going to happen.

          4. Johnny Green

            Ming the wing nut and the lets take all rich peoples money guy are hopeless,useless attention seeking,bandwagon jumping carnival barkers.
            Eamon wants be a serious man,in line with oh pretty much every single Green party in the world-him and his party supported medical cannabis legislation,in hot press the journal on the jacks wall,the bus stop…
            no policy papers.
            no bill.
            no path to legislation.
            lots slogans.
            no more excuses,he’s not serious he’s a dancing monkey,for FF and FG.

          5. Johnny Green

            Thank you Cian,will review and lash something up.
            Ryan keeps conflating medical cannabis-medicine
            Recreational Cannabis-spliffs,weed,bongs,etc.

            It has be deliberate,he cant possibly be that dumb and out touch,he has Canada and too many states to count,who showed him a path legislatively to follow.

            We have interns who would kindly be told they in the wrong business if the produced that.

            Medicine-thats what you start with like everyone else.

            Cafes-last very last-why is he insisting on talking trash about Cafes its just more Green Porn,like pictures from sunny Cork of filled roads with tables and people laughing,never mind its only viable a few days year in Ireland- CAFES !

  13. Zaccone

    Good news for the Green party. Someone whos on the unpopular, extremist end of the party, whos failed to get elected 3 times, who was only causing internal division, has left.

    The line in her tweets “I don’t believe that our pathway to a just and free society lies in electoral politics.” — says it all. She can’t get elected, so now she doesn’t believe in elections. She knows better than the people, so presumably should be able to rule as an unelected despot.

    Someone like that has no place in our political system.

        1. Junkface

          That link is pretty funny. I mean, so much whining about the public not understanding what they want. Reality is an obstacle to them. They don’t self reflect and think where they can improve their dialogue with the public so that they might see eye to eye on Green issues. Just delusional.

  14. Nigel

    I hope she just means she’s going to pursue a course of activism and advocacy instead. It’s hard to disagree with the notion that our hidebound politics are inimical to progressive change.

    1. Zaccone

      If she had meant that she could have said that. Instead she very deliberately cast doubt on the benefits of democracy. She wasn’t misquoted, or misspoken, these are her very own words, carefully thought about and written down before she self-published them to the world.

      Its generally a very bad red flag in politics if you say things in your own words (in writing!) that wouldn’t sound strange coming from certain mustachioed Germans in the 1930s.

      1. Nigel

        What are you talking about? Mustachioed Germans LOVED electoral politics in the 1930s, along with freedom of speech. Take that for what it’s worth. So long as fossil fuel industry money is flooding into politics, equality and justice will be hard to come by. Have you seen what’s been happening over in Ohio? Grim stuff.

      2. Junkface

        @Zaccone. On a related note Peter Boghossian & James Lindsay (Also Helen Pluckrose UK) wrote prank papers posing as modern feminist woke theorists / critical race theorists where they submit these papers to authorities/professors in Universities to see if they find them acceptable. They purposely do bad research, zero real data collection or test studies, but have titles that light up the eyes of woke professors. Guess what? These universities not only find their fake papers acceptable, they have awarded many of them! Which proves that their own critical race theories are complete rubbish and never properly researched or peer reviewed. This is at the core of the modern woke movement, its all built on BS without any research! It’s pulled out of their you know whats.

        They even took Hitlers ‘Mein Kampf’ and just replaced the word ‘jew’ with ‘whiteness’, the University critical race theorist Professors not only accepted the paper, but almost gave it a writers award!! Until they found out they were pranked. Check out the full interview on Joe Rogan, its stunning! This rubbish is already in the University system across the US, and being introduced to Europe presently. Give it a few more years and it’s in Politics, if not already there.

        and more recently

        1. Junkface

          in the Peter Boghossian & James Lindsay video its (Mein Kampf) mentioned for the 2nd time at 1hr:33, so the first time must be within the first 30 mins

        2. Cian

          “They even took Hitlers ‘Mein Kampf’ and just replaced the word ‘jew’ with ‘whiteness’,”

          No they didn’t. They rewrote one chapter and submitted that.

          1. Junkface

            Ah okay, I couldn’t find the exact time in the clip. My point still stands though. The whole movement is mental and goes against the thing they think they are fixing in society.

        3. Nigel

          You do get that mostly shows those universities need to tighten up their procedures, and nothing about the quality of serious studies, right?

  15. Johnny Green

    not the best comp but some math on Canada,internally we estimated the domestic Irish cannabis market at about 1 Billion today.
    in general a well designed,state the art cannabis ‘factory’ off say 100,000 sq.ft would cost approx +100 million-that 100,000 sq.ft is just canopy or growing,so min 150,0000 sq.ft.
    running that at full capacity you may grab 10% market share (our internal numbers), so today you would require 10 of these or about a BILLION investment,for todays Irish market-all using renewable energy.
    since legislation canadian retail cannabis sales have more than doubled,generating recurring tax revenue for municipalities and keeping citizens safe.

    Canadian cannabis retail sales, seasonally adjusted.

    $85.8M – May 19
    $91.5M – Jun 19
    $104.5M – Jul 19
    $125.9M – Aug 19
    $122.9M – Sept 19
    $129.0M – Oct 19
    $135.3M – Nov 19
    $147.9M – Dec 19
    $154.1M – Jan 20
    $151.9M – Feb 20
    $181.2M – Mar 20
    $178.4M – Apr 20
    $185.9M – May 20

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