Perchance To Dream [Updated]




This afternoon.

Dublin Castle, Dublin 2.

Green Party leadership candidates Catherine Martin and Eamon Ryan attend a cabinet meeting ahead of an announcement of result  by the party at 7pm.

More as we get it.

From top: Minister for Children, Disability, Equality and Integration Roderic O’Gorman and Minister for Media, Tourism, Arts, Culture, Sport and the Gaeltacht Catherine Martin; From left: Minister of State for Land Use and Biodiversity Pippa Hackett ,Minister for Climate Action, Communication Networks and Transport Eamon Ryan and Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment Leo Varadkar

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22 thoughts on “Perchance To Dream [Updated]

  1. SOQ

    Let’s face it- anybody wearing a muzzle in the open air is a bit thick- or has anxiety issues- or both.

  2. bisted

    …even the masks can’t disguise the smuggness…Roderic…the paedophile thing might have been a crude smear but you still betrayed your voters…shame on you…

  3. Joe

    Looks like they are getting their instructions from their Dear Leader Leo, He has their press script pre-wrote for them in his brief case.
    Excellent to see that they are practicing a 2 metre social distance as well…the greens are bloody two faced lying hypocrites

  4. f_lawless

    Looking at those photos I can see social distancing has gone out of fashion – “been there, done that”. Masks are what’s in vogue now.. It’s all a bit absurd

    1. SOQ

      No alcohol rubs in the entrance of supermarkets anymore it appears.

      I miss the days when I had a good alcohol rub upon my entrance… and my exit obviously.

      1. sidhe

        maybe that’s just where you shop. it’s all the rage in my local supermarket. masks too, funny enough.

        1. SOQ

          The border region- they drink without chicken curry and chips on the northside- imagine that?

          Their nursing home deaths are about to do a complete reverse turn and reflect the southern figures yeah?

    1. Cian

      Comparing Sweden to **Belgium** – literally the worst country in the world (deaths per 1m population) – rather than any of its neighbours is cherry picking at its most extreme.

      1. Micko

        Well, they do have a similar population size and they also adjusted for people per capita. Belgium is much more densely packed of course.

        Makes for interesting reading anyway. It is odd how badly they were hit.

      2. italia'90

        The article is written by a Harvard Economist, an American, in response to the NY Times opinion piece pointing out how bad Sweden have done with a limited lockdown during the pandemic, so far. That graph was supplied by Paul Yowell,
        senior research fellow at Oxford. After a quick Google, he appears to have a bit of clout in statistical analysis. I found the second part of the piece more interesting to be honest and it’s the shape of that graph which is more or less the same in countries with lockdown over the same time span. Send him a tweet and knock yourself out. @pwyowell

    2. f_lawless

      A new research paper which collected data from the top 50 countries impacted by Covid-19, notes that blanket lockdowns were ineffective in preventing deaths:

      ” in our analysis, full lockdowns and wide-spread COVID-19 testing were not associated with reductions in the number of critical cases or overall mortality”

      That’s at least 3 major studies I know of now which came to similar conclusions. But in contrast to that there is the study made by a team at Imperial College London claiming that lockdowns “saved millions”. Of course Imperial College are the same crowd that spooked many countries into lockdown with their doomsday modeling projections back in February which were later deemed to be deeply flawed. I’ve read a very credible debunking of their study, exposing it as essentially junk science.

      1. Tom Wong

        This isn’t the same lancet that printed the quality study about Trump’s favourite new drug is it?

    1. Gabby

      Dick Spring of the Labour Party once famously won a Dail seat in Kerry by 4 votes. Ryan will never equal that record. He’ll never achieve a Spring tide either.

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