8 thoughts on “Losing Our Cherries

      1. Paulus

        Def not any Escort. I’d been scratching my (balding) head about that. The high “waistline” and chrome bumpers(?) have the look of a late 70s early 80s Datsun/Nissan or Toyota but I can’t place it. I had a few chariots with plain steel wheels and just that decorative push-on boss in the centre.

        1. goldenbrown

          I think it’s a MK2 Toyota Corona (saloon)

          the coupe version is a fab looking yoke, very sought after by retro car builders

  1. wearnicehats

    Yeah I think it’s a Corona judging by that badge. Classic 80s right there – building on a public street, missing its roof and most of the top floor. It’ll be grand. The ground floor shutters are probably only down to stabilise the yoke. Mind you – probably someone renting the first floor.

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