Taking Them Back


Via Garda Info:

Pearse Street Community Policing were delighted to return this bicycle to its owner yesterday afternoon after it had recently been reported stolen…



In fairness.

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4 thoughts on “Taking Them Back

  1. Clampers Outside

    I chased a lad down Camden Street in Dublin from Anseo to the traffic lights at Bishops Square, and out of breath I managed to squeeze out…
    … as my hand dropped to the crossbar. And I was not gonna let go.

    After some back n forth, we went to the station around the corner, and while the Gardai chatted with your man I ran home and got the receipt and other bits from Penny Farthing Cycles also on Camden Street who had made some distinguishable amends to the bike like changing quick release for distinctive purple nuts! I’d no serial but lots of proof of purchase, work done and signed by the shop, who were great! (I’d bought a few off them).

    The lad said he bought in a second hand shop but couldn’t remember which one nor how much he paid for it.

    Long story short…
    It took six more months to get the bike back due to yer man contesting ownership at the start.
    He’d later changed address and was not seen again to my knowledge :)

    That was one of the two bikes I got back, out of the 24+ bikes I had in 20+ years in Dublin… :0)

    1. Gabby

      You shoulda given him a boot up the transom and told him to go home and stop being naughty.

      1. Clampers Outside

        He was stockier than I, in fairness… Probably have flattened me if it came to it :)

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