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Ah here.

Ciarán writes;

Fáilte Ireland’s new campaign extolling the virtues of Dublin to it’s locals. If only there was a blog of that name that did something extremely similar…


Come Here To Me

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10 thoughts on “Come Again?

  1. Matt Pilates

    Imelda May doesn’t even live in Dublin. She left before most of the current residents in Dublin were either born or arrived.

  2. OJohnny Keenan


    ‘You don’t have the right to be Dublin and Irish, unless you think, talk and act like an American’
    Bord Failte, bringing out the vulture, in Oireland

  3. Kim Cardassian

    Propaganda in 2020.

    “we dont/cant actively promote pubs but here are lots of other things you can do in Dublin instead…..



    Oh quick look Imelda May!

    Oh the Book of Kells.. oh wait

    Oh Temple Bar…. oh wait

    Just dont do it on a day when the city is pedestrianised so that we can say it was a great success”

    1. missred

      I like Imelda May but I cannot abide Temple Bar, and once you’ve seen the Book of Kells, you are done. Full of yank tourists too

    1. Matt Pilates

      That new hair and album aint working out. As for the poetry….

      Get Sharon Horgan on the case to promote Dublin.

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