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  1. Charger Salmons

    Early days yet but we segueing nicely into the worst government Ireland has ever had.
    Imagine being a barman threatened with losing your PUP for not being able to find barwork because the government threatening you won’t open the bars you work in.
    It takes a special kind of stupid to elect a government like this but somehow you’ve done it.

    1. Joe F

      Hey old boy, you aren’t mentioning your pal Bozo much lately. Oh, I just see on the Daily Mail tomorrow – “Boris ‘extremely concerned’ after 28% increase in Covid cases since start of month” Yeah well, if it makes you feel better by ignoring him old boy (except when you keep going on about his 80 seat majority and his popularity!!!) and talking about the situation in Ireland.

    1. SOQ

      It’s getting silly now.

      All for the same if not lower fatality rate than the flu which mainly affects those over the age of 65.

      1. Charger Salmons

        The HSE reported 44 flu-related deaths by the middle of January.
        Since the start of the C-19 pandemic the HSE has not released any more flu-related death figures.
        And the media hasn’t asked the HSE for them.
        Funny dat.

        1. Charlie

          Your nation has cultivated your persecution disorder. Not long now before you become a fully fledged brother to the United States of Paranoia. Chill Tommy!

    2. GiggidyGoo

      “Use barriers, like walls (eg, glory holes), that allow for sexual contact but prevent close face-to-face contact” is the advice..

      The walls in my house are 9” cavity (no pun), which only then allows 4” of pleasure. That’s mad Ted.

  2. Tommy Bohan

    Maddie – the Dig says the Sun? A few days ago they were reporting about someone who said she was alive. What an absolute joke this has become. Anything to sell a few papers with a shocking headline. Pity they don’t report the huge evidence pointing at the parents. Nothing is going to come of this latest ‘suspect’ Read it carefully, he is a SCAPEGOAT.

  3. f_lawless

    BoJo and corporate media amplifying fear of a “second wave” and yet, despite a rise in cases, there hasn’t been a coinciding a rise in deaths or hospitalisations. What’s going on?

    Well for one thing PCR testing is a completely unreliable way to diagnose infection. Here’s an article in the Independent explaining why:

    “PCR tests..cannot distinguish whether the virus detected in people’s bodies is dead or alive, and can therefore lead to false positives.. Even after a patient has recovered from coronavirus, fragments of the virus can still be detected in the human body for up to two months..”

      1. f_lawless

        Europe isn’t the real world?

        Coronaviruses have been historically observed to be strongly seasonal and regional nature. The US southern states follow a Northern Tropical pattern which is more active this time of year. What they’re going through there is part of a first wave, not a second wave.


        Then there’s anther factor to consider: the pandemic in the US (during election year) has become extremely politicised, both in the way it’s reported in the media and through the manipulation of statistics to a certain extent – eg. sudden rises in deaths later discovered to be a batch of historical cases all released together. That kind of thing has happened in Ireland and UK too. Getting an unbiased picture of what’s going on in the US is not easy to do.

        Of course at this point we can’t say with certainty there won’t be a second wave in Europe or elsewhere but there’s plenty of evidence indicating that a build up of immunity has occurred in a large majority of the public. So I’m hopeful the virus will disappear altogether just like the SARS-CoV 1 coronavirus or remain in very limited circulation like MERS. Drumming up fear based only on “new cases” from ramped up PCR testing is not warranted.

        1. Cian

          The CDC disagrees with your twitter page:

          They say “In the United States, flu season occurs in the fall and winter. While influenza viruses circulate year-round, most of the time flu activity peaks between December and February, but activity can last as late as May. ”

          Nice picture in this – which shows the peak in February over that last 35-odd years worth of data.


          1. Cian

            And this page has an interactive map were you can a see the weekly state-by-state (over any of the last 10 years) progression of flu.

            The Southern States aren’t ” active this time of year. “.

          2. f_lawless

            “The CDC disagrees with your twitter page”

            You’re making a lazy, bad faith argument there Cian. The points being made on the “twitter page” I provided draw directly from a book written by Dr. Robert Edgar Hope-Simpson who spent 60 years studying the dynamics of influenza and other respiratory viruses. A link is given to download a copy of the book in pdf form. But I guess it’s easier (and lazier) to dismiss it all as just a “twitter page” than take the time to read any of the book (specifically Chapter 8 “The Influence of Season”)?

            “viewed on a global scale, epidemic influenza is moving annually south and then north through the world population”.

            According to Hope-Simpson’s diagrams, the epidemiological curves for influenza in the tropical and sub-tropical zones are much less pronounced and more drawn out in comparison to the zones the further north and south you go

            I guess that’s why “flu activity is seen to peak “between December and February” in the US? ie- that time period is at the height of activity for the more northern latitudes.

            Also you don’t seem to be making the distinction that influenza is not actually a corona virus. Although similarities are drawn between the two, the seasons aren’t exactly the same

        2. Cian

          And his reference to “Mexican-like” is baffling – since Mexico also has a the flu peak in winter like the rest of the Northern Hemisphere.

          In the northern hemisphere, the influenza season start and duration can vary from one year to another, and although regularly it peaks in the months of January and February, it can start at late September or early October and last even up to May. In Mexico, it commonly occurs in the fall and winter months .


  4. f_lawless

    Another very interesting article on PCR testing and Covid-19


    First, a discussion about measles:

    Diane Griffin, MD, PhD, a virologist at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, has spent years trying to understand how long measles persists in the body. “Measles is a good example of a disease where you get sick and you get better and you develop lifetime immunity to reinfection,” she says. “But if you look for the viral RNA, it’s present for a very long period of time.” She adds that people with lingering measles virus are not transmitting the disease to new people. “In the lab, you cannot recover infectious measles virus after the rash is cleared,” Griffin explains. “But they’re PCR positive for months.”

    Griffin says that one theory is that the virus may persist in the body to keep it vigilant against the pathogen. “Our current hypothesis is that it’s driving development of lifelong immunity,” she says

    Then later in the article discussing SARS-CoV-2:

    Even if people who test positive weeks out after falling ill are just shedding viral debris rather than a contagious virus, a further question is whether their positive PCR tests have detected viral debris that has lingered for a long time or debris from a still-active reservoir deep within the body. Kenneth Witwer, PhD, a molecular biologist at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, speculates it’s the latter…

    1. SOQ

      That would loosely tie into the 50 day limit in the anti bodies? Once the remnants are gone the body stops producing the response, but by which stage the T cells have been created.

      In other news, one of the front line doctors Dr Simone Gold tweeted tweeted last night –

      “We have just met with Vice President Mike Pence to request the administration’s assistance in empowering doctors to prescribe hydroxychloroquine without political obstruction.

      We also discussed the recent censorship of doctors on social media platforms.”

      If Trump makes it an over the counter medication then we will finally get to know if the thing actually works or not.

      Hit pieces flying all over the place on Stella Immanuel but Modonna has waded in with support- yes, that is helpful all right. To keep the momentum going, a hashtag HCQ works (no spaces) has been created which in fairness is turning up some interesting responses.

      1. Nigel

        All that doctor has to do is produce a study showing she cured 300 people of a virus using an antibiotic and that would be it. Hashtags are irrelevant, except in keepng the disinformation campaign going.

        I’m sure Mike Pence, who said tobacco doesn’t cause cancer and had all those conversion therapy camps going will be exactly the sort of person to remove political obstacles to the HCQheads.

          1. Nigel

            Not according to good doctor ‘I cured three hundred patients of covid’ up there. That looks pretty settled to me. She’s caiming it’s an actual cure. She’s claiming this is being deliberately supressed. ‘The science is far from settled’ is literally the position of everyone who is trying to be sensible about this, and has been since Trump touted it. Can’t have it both ways, SOQ.

          2. Rob_G

            ‘pr news wire’, ‘life site news’ – the names of all of the websites you link to really scream credibility.

    1. Formerly known as @ireland.com

      Where is the map that shows how much the Russians had to pay to buy GB?

  5. TrampaQ

    why did the article about dining out on the streets in Cork got censored from the cover of the Irish Examiner?

      1. Bertie Theodore Alphege Blenkinsop

        “In the telling of the Easter 1916 story, Cork appears only on the margins. The reasons for this are not too hard to comprehend.

        Here was a county that had thought about mounting insurrection, then thought better of it. This failure to mobilise left an unpleasant aftertaste, becoming, for some at least, a source of abiding regret that bordered on embarrassment. It left behind it, Liam de Róiste, the Gaelic scholar and then leading local Irish Volunteer, wistfully recalled, a trail of ‘heart burning, disappointments, and some bitter feelings. The hour had come and we, in Cork, had done nothing’. ”


          1. Bertie Theodore Alphege Blenkinsop

            Ah yiz more than made up for it afterwards, that fishmonger notwithstanding.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      I’m sure there are other businesses on Cork streets which rely on people using their cars to collect goods (there are car parking spaces on the streets)

  6. GiggidyGoo

    FF TD comes to the realisation that Ireland is quickly becoming a police state. He’s slow.

  7. bisted

    …wonder if Paddy Power is offering odds on the first TD to be photographed leaving the country for the summer holidays?

  8. Dr.Fart

    FF TD’s lamenting the cancelling of PUP payments to people travelling abroad also voted to keep that policy. two-faced and untrustworthy. Im taking names.

    1. Vanessanelle

      Tis the Greens I feel sorry for

      Pa Costello cribbing on the wireless one minute
      And heading over to Spenser Dock the next
      to vote against reinstating PUP for people who managed to use their Pre Lockdown holiday bookings

      He doesn’t know whether his coming or going

      1. Charger Salmons

        Ah Vanessa Valentine, the mere talk of holliers has me thinking about a nice stifado.
        I see Ryanair are fast on their feet again, lashing on some extra flights to Greece for the end of August.
        Corfu looks very tempting as it’s only a short hydrofoil away from this lovely spot on Paxos.
        The Greeks seem to be handling the opening up of their tourist industry far better than Ireland.


          1. Charger Salmons

            August 23rd.
            Dublin to Corfu for a week.Ryanair €60 return.An absolute steal.
            You’d make the 2pm hydrofoil to Paxos.Lovely little island with not a GAA shirt in sight.
            I’m sure a woman of your stature could Shirley Valentine your way into a Greek man’s affections
            No quarantining on the way back.
            The Greek islands have been virtually free of infection.
            Lady Charger and I have somewhere a little more exotic planned.Bit of a circuitous route to cover our tracks but needs must.

          2. Charger Salmons

            Although having said that I may need a Ryanair cheapo soon.
            Lady Charger informed me today that Jimmy Choo has opened a new store in Kildare Village.
            My next credit card bill is going to arrive with a drum roll.

      2. Dr.Fart

        “feel sorry for” isnt the phrase I’d use. They’ve clearly shown that they’ll park their ideals for a pay day.

        1. Vanessanelle

          everyone elected into Leinster House bites well into the pay pack
          Make no mistake about that

          If Paul Murphy looses his seat next time out, you really think he’s going to back to work for anything less than he’s earning and perking up for himself now

          Is he

      1. Charger Salmons

        Not all Spurs supporters are Jewish lad.
        You get all sorts at White Hart Lane.
        Mind you, you seem the type who’d even be suspicious of someone from Kerry.

          1. Brother Barnabas


            was just wondering why your reply to my comment was entirely irrelevant and nonsensical

            just general dull-headedness so


    1. Joe F

      This coming from the same person who said that most of the violence and crime in London was from “blacks and immigrants” So which way is it old boy? You can’t have it both ways, unless of course it fits your pal Bozo’s argument. As Del boy would say, you really are a plonker………old boy.

      1. Charger Salmons

        I’m loath to engage with this poster because it’s akin to trying to have a conversation with the court jester while he’s hitting his head with a pig’s bladder on a stick.
        But if anyone is interested in the issue of violent crime in London and how it disproportionately affects young black people as both victims and perpetrators here is
        Dame Cressida Dick, Met Police Commissioner, giving evidence before the Home Affairs Select Committee at the beginning of the month.
        As you’d expect her comments were barely reported in the media.

        ‘ Nationally – you probably know the figures – you are four times more likely to be a victim of homicide if you are black and eight time more likely to be a perpetrator.

        The overlap with my key metric, which is knife injuries for under 25s, which we have been reducing for the last two years and into this year, shows enormous disproportionality in the way it affects our young black men as victims and, I am sorry to say, as perpetrators. That is horrible. For knife robbery, gangs, county lines, line holders: hugely disproportionate.
        ‘They want to save lives and, among everybody else, they really want to save black lives’ ‘

        She also revealed that Black Lives Matter protestors had subjected her officers to ‘constant abuse all day long’, with her black officers particularly picked on; that the higher levels of stop and search she has implemented have succeeded in driving down violent crime; that many affected communities support more stop and search (paraphrasing black mothers, she said: ‘I do not care if my son gets stopped and searched ten times because I want him not to be carrying a knife. I want him not to be at risk.’).


        You’re welcome.

        1. Joe F

          Ah ha, he couldn’t resist!!! So who is responsible for law and order in London old boy? Previously, you were saying the LABOUR mayor Sadiq Khan. Now you’re on about DAME Met Police Commissioner. Or is it your pal Bozo, who just happens to be Prime Minister of the country? Oh no sure he wouldn’t have anything to do with that. Too busy having photos of hospital staff and dodgy Russian benefactors?? Controlling crime has nothing to do with good old Bozo.
          By the way I see you don’t use “Sir” Keir Starmer, yet you used “Dame Cressida Dick…”
          It’s hard to take you seriously when you are just 100% against Labour and 100% pro Bozo. If you evenly occasionally criticised Bozo, you might have some credibility.
          Come on old boy, some answers to above, or are you going to go missing in action again, unable to answer simple questions.

        2. Joe F

          If you don’t want to engage with me that’s fine old boy. It’s your choice, I can’t make you. However, as long as you come with biased, ridiculous posts about Bozo, I will argue to the contrary. So, why you don’t counter my arguments can only mean one thing to me, you have no answer.
          How can you say that Bozo, as UK Prime Minister, has no responsibility for crime? And it’s not just London, I asked 3 or 4 times about what happened in Doncaster, nothing to do with blacks or immigrants. Silence from you on that one old boy i.e. no answer.
          You know I was watching Trump’s press briefing last night, he answered maybe 4 or 5 questions. Then someone asked a question, he answered it, then she asked for clarification as he had avoided the question. He shouted her down, asking someone else for a question. Then he just leaves!! Sound familiar old boy? As much as you don’t like what I’m replying to you, running and hiding just makes you look silly.
          Anyway, I won’t hold my breath, you are just a troll old boy. Although, as someone else pointed out this morning, you inadvertently used “we” this morning!! That was funny.

    2. sidhe

      you, just yesterday, made a fairly nasty comment about ‘not speaking aborigine’ to an Australian based commenter because you didn’t want to answer their questions

      you can’t have it both ways, hypocrite

  9. Charger Salmons

    Poor Barnabas.
    Fell out of the wrong side of his hammock this morning.
    Never mind petal, head off to the discussion about glory-holes.The gang are missing you and you know you’ll feel better …

    1. Brother Barnabas

      the hammock is for naps only !

      just did a 14km run, quick dip in the lagoon now and I’ll be in the hammock until lunch

      thanks for asking

      1. Vanessanelle

        The brother now
        no more did 1400 steps
        than I did

        a midday siesta would be about right
        but that’s about a close to any of that post he got

          1. SOQ

            What does it take to make this annoying fly go away?

            A promise of secure work in the comedy circuit?

          2. Nigel

            Told you before I hate watching YouTube vids that aren’t film or TV trailers. Can’t stand what the kids these days are calling The Cringe.

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