In its heyday, the Wheeler Yacht Company was a renowned boatbuilder with high-profile clientele including one Ernest Hemingway. In 1934, the writer acquired the ‘Pilar’ – time spent on which would inspire much of his writing including ‘The Old Man And The Sea’ (1953).

After many years of inactivity, the company has returned to production with the Wheeler 38 ‘Pilar’ Fishing Boat – reverse engineered from the original plans of Hemingway’s old 12m (38 foot) tub in collaboration with naval architect, Bill Prince.

Upgrades include a cold-moulded epoxy hull, a diesel engine capable of 30 knots and a slew of electronics for air conditioning, digital connectivity, refrigeration and autopilot.

Yours for about €1,28 million.


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7 thoughts on “Hot Keels

  1. Matt Pilates

    Had that very one. Rubbish. Did celeb chaufferring on the water. Hardest game in the world; the captaining of Boaty McBoatface. Bringing that Laura Whitmore to a DJing gig in Carrick-On-Shannon; moored in Sandycove to pick her up and a couple of young fellas in Canada Goose jackets on Cube mountain bikes threw a stolen slave girl statue on top of her and the thing sank. Insurance wouldn’t cover it because of the foreshore clause as the tide was out. Bought a DUKW off that Brendan Ogle. Never looked back.

  2. Papi

    Dan Simmons has a book called “The Crook factory” which features the Pilar a lot, including machine guns and where the booze was kept.

  3. Janet, dreams of big guns

    I really like that, I’d happily sail off in that well stocked up around the coast until all this poo is over

  4. Vanessanelle

    No way is that even over 100k worth of boat

    Away ou’ that with the Old Man and the Sea drop in

    Otherwise, love it

    Just right for himself and meself for messing around Croatia’s Coast line

    1. Termagant

      But V do you not think the feeling of lying there in the full knowledge that the epoxy hull of your little boat was cold-moulded is worth at least a few hundred Ks

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