Oh No It Isn’t


A scene from Cinderella at Cork’s Everyman Theatre last Christmas

This afternoon.

Cork’s The Everyman, and CADA Performing Arts Academy have called off this year’s pantomime due to tough rona public safety measures.

Indoor gatherings are currently permissible for up to 50 people, with the expectation that this will increase from August 10.

Jean Kearney writes:

Even with an easing of restrictions, it is unrealistic to successfully programme a show as complex as the annual pantomime under the 2m social distancing measures, which would allow for a maximum of 85 people in the auditorium of The Everyman at one time, including the artists on stage.

The cancellation is an incredible setback for The Everyman with far-reaching implications…and  a massive disappointment to the 31,000 audience members that come each year for their traditional family outing to the pantomime at The Everyman…

The Everyman

Pic: Miki Barlok

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One thought on “Oh No It Isn’t

  1. Vanessanelle

    ah here lads

    a show as complex as the annual pantomime

    Oh yes it is

    Ohhhh No tis not

    stop trying to cod us there now
    If Sammy Sausages can do it
    Shur even Nelly (of the Telly) could do it

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