154 thoughts on “Thursday’s Papers

  1. Charger Salmons

    The Calamity Coalition staggers into summer.
    Hardly a day goes by without cock-up, U-turn, blunder or just plain incompetence.
    The circus is in town and it has pitched the Big Top for a long stay.

  2. Charlie

    “UK ‘not doing enough’ to stop second Covid wave”.
    It’s still having major trouble with the first one for gods sake. Sure it’ll be grand.

    1. Charger Salmons

      Another sap has joined my forest of stalkers.
      ( The collective noun gag will be lost on them obviously )

        1. Charger Salmons

          I’m going to have to have a word with Matron about you young Charlie for annoying the grown-ups.
          And you know what that means don’t you ?
          Shorts around your ankles and Matron smacking your bare botty.

  3. Your Home Correspondent

    Any wonder the Guardian is sacking people. Flogging the US BME horse in Hackney again. Expect the Irish Times Weekend to follow with there’s no Black in Blackrock or something.

    Woke business model – what could possibly go wrong…?

      1. Mary (Never) Wong

        It’s toenail curling tokenism and objectification dav
        Imagine a shout out to all the davs in Summerhill
        Guy who called for equality finds he is othered

      2. Rosette of Sirius

        I also wonder what triggers him about Zuc’s looks in the post above…. Hmm…

    1. Charger Salmons

      Does anyone read the Guardian these days apart from BBC news and current affairs hacks ?
      They used to have a fantastic stable of sports writers but got rid of them all when circulation plummeted.
      But they still employ millionaire socialists like Polly Toynbee to pontificate on the downtrodden working class from her holiday villa in Tuscany.
      The BBC recently admitted to spending £139,000 a year on buying 1300 copies of the Guardian a week.
      Which is free to read online.
      Kerching !

      1. Brother Barnabas

        would hardly call toynbee a socialist

        she was ardently anti-Corbyn, and still reminisces about the glory days of Blair, Brown and New Labour

        and, while I cant be bottomed checking it, didn’t she also have some association somewhere along the way with boris?

        (and she lives in sussex)

        1. Charger Salmons

          She still has the villa in Tuscany.
          Shall we compromise and call her a champagne socialist ?
          In those ‘ glory days ‘ of Labour when they actually won elections …
          Say what you like about that old fraud Blair he won three on the bounce before Iraq sent him demented.

  4. Cú Chulainn

    Governments and politicians come and go, but the Star will forever come back to the psycho seagulls. Holly Willoughby’s undergarments won’t be far behind. And all is well with the world..

    1. Mary (Never) Wong

      Is your argument that fraud shouldn’t be prosecuted giggidy? I really need to know thanks

        1. Rosette of Sirius

          She is trying… I mean, it’s a binary answer to the question she asked….

          1. GiggidyGoo

            To get the answer, she needs to educate herself, and review the history of my postings. But this time I’ll make it easy – yes Fraud should be prosecuted. How that will make her happy today, I don’t know.

          2. Mary (Never) Wong

            Hardly clear what your view is from that very ambiguous post you reference.
            You appear to be lending support to a person saying that one species of fraud shouldn’t be ignored and another shouldn’t be prosecuted. I’d hate to misunderstand you or misrepresent your clearly finely nuanced, well-informed and highly informed viewpoint, as evidenced here by your frequent comments on a range of topical issues of the day. I really would.

          3. GiggidyGoo

            ‘hardly clear’, yet below you write ‘Giggidy seems to support anarchistic models of governance.’
            That fellow on the cross wept.

          4. Mary (Never) Wong

            You mean Jesus, the one true Christ?
            So you are a man of faith as well as one of true Christian virtue and authenticity?
            Oh, my.

          5. Mary (Never) Wong

            Will you be my pod-mate? You see you and I we are like glue. Like peas. You know it

      1. Rob_G

        What I took from the link is that Sugarman seems to think that the Táinaiste should decide legal cases by fiat; perhaps Giggidy will elaborate.

        1. GiggidyGoo

          I’m not Sugarman. What he’s saying though, as far as I’m aware, is that there’s one law for plebs, and another for toffs.

          1. Vanessanelle

            More a question of the Defence they engage G

            And what the media can get milage out of

            This lad was never going to be a feature for the talking heads out in RTÉ

        2. Mary (Never) Wong

          That’s what I took as well. Giggidy seems to support anarchistic models of governance.

          1. Mary (Never) Wong

            On one level dear fellow, you say you believe fraud should be prosecuted. I really wanted to know and you did provide an answer. Because you are a gent. I’m sure.

            But the chap you reference appears to suggest some fraudsters should be exonerated. If it’s really that difficult for you to fathom…no wonder you are so confused.
            But I don’t think it is. I think you’re back to the usual habit of playing the gomb after you are questioned.

            What I think you really mean is that political prosecutions, where you favour the cause, should be followed up on irrespective of the actual evidence caseload. That my friend is the definition of anarchistic model of governance. You see how well-explained that was? And clear?

            Almost as insightful as one of your own metronomic, stellar and truly exemplary insights here. If only. Sigh.

          2. GiggidyGoo

            On the other hand, I make a reference to Sugarman pointing out the inconsistency of dealing with fraud between one section of society and another only to be stalked by a user who decides he can hide behind multiple aliases.
            Your ‘what I think you mean…’ tells it’s own story about your capabilities. The only thing you add to the debate here is a new username every couple of days (and minutes in some cases).
            Toddle along.

          3. Mary (Never) Wong

            You are such a gent. I’ve never been more sure of it.
            Every time you post here my heart skips a little beat. It really does.

            *wistful sigh

          4. GiggidyGoo

            Mind you don’t poo your babygro’ while you try formulate some other sentence. It looks taxing for you to put a clear thought together.

          5. Mary (Never) Wong

            Ooh scatological humour. Bringing our ‘dirty talk’ to a new level. Oh, you!
            We can be the new Bertie and Mildred. Broadsheet is crying out for this.

          6. GiggidyGoo

            My oh my. Does your mammy know what you’re up to while she’s out shopping?
            Grow up.

          7. Mary (Never) Wong

            Oh my, what can we get up to while Mum’s at the shops! You’re incorrigible!

    1. Paulus

      Slightly wide lens may have contributed.
      Well that’s what I’m telling myself.
      (I’m still getting over the Gentleman Jack hairstyle).

    2. Janet, dreams of big guns

      it’s the painful bunion shape that I’d be concerned about, lady needs some more barefoot in her life , less pointy too small shoes, probably too late not without surgery

  5. Jack

    20% of parents want to be able to take their kids on holiday during term time, same 20%? Short OECD school year

  6. Charger Salmons

    The Irish Times.
    ‘ Protection of €85bn trading relationship ‘vital to our overall economic recovery.’

    In official briefing documents given to Simon Coveney as he resumed office following the formation of Government, officials told him that protecting the €85 billion trade link with Britain will be “vital to our overall economic recovery” and that Ireland needs to build a new relationship with the UK and with British cabinet ministers.

    Mmm, can’t help thinking these ‘ officials ‘ should have thought of this over the last three years as Ireland genuflected its way around Brussels.
    I’ve been saying on here for all that time that Ireland’s links with the UK will be far more important long after the EU has abandoned this country once its usefulness in Brexit negotiations was over.
    Instead the average voter seems to care far more about some random junior minister getting 16k than they do about the EU getting 16 billion off Ireland in last week’s DEAL THAT DARE NOT SPEAK ITS NAME.
    They have you softened up nicely for when they come after Corporation Tax.

    1. scottser

      ireland’s protection of the corporate tax rate is a nonsense anyway – we should be squeezing the poop out of google, apple et al for every last penny.

  7. Johnny Green

    ….jayzus the cost of foyers in Ireland,they must be like fantasy parisian museums in LA :)

    last one was few years back,good report,note soft costs which would include surveyors fees….who funded this research.

    “Our case study suggests that the average price of a new 3-bedroom semi-detached home in the Greater Dublin Area would need to equal or exceed a delivery cost of €371,000. The DAFT.ie3 Q2 2020 report, shows that the average asking price for a 3-bedroom semi-detached house in the Greater Dublin Area is €380,000. ‘


    good report for those bottomed enough to read.

      1. Johnny Green

        the key takeaway is the on-going,outdated Irish obsession with fantasy ‘foyers’ in the parisian museum style,especially with the arriviste cohort….

        VAT-its all about the vAt!

        “The report called for a commission on housing to examine the tax treatment of new housing, noting that VAT makes up 12 per cent (€44,000) of the total cost of a new home while in the UK there is no VAT on new houses.
        “The so-called “soft costs” – land, development levies, professional fees, VAT and developers’ margin – increased by 7 per cent or €12,000, it said.”

        Nonetheless the report indicates that soft costs accounted for 52 per cent or €192,000 of the €371,000 total.”

        “Land and acquisition costs of €61,000 (16 per cent), VAT of €44,000 and a developers’ margin of €44,000 make up the main elements of soft costs, it said, underscoring the argument that high land values are a key driver of property prices here.”


        (not all soutsiders play rugby and drive naff cars)

          1. Johnny Green

            i try not smoke tobacco so really not a hash expert,they have bubble and ice hash here,but its all about the dabbing these days.
            Netherlands just closed the window on applications for cultivation lic’s,had over 150 applicants-will lash something up after my morning swim and bowl:)
            As i sit here in my imaginary foyer….pondering how JW Marriott managed to furnish its Parisian Museum like foyer in LA……. i’m often draw to language and vocabulary…it would be a cold day in hell before anyone ever asked meet me for drinks in any “foyer” :)

          2. Mary (Never) Wong

            Not a subject matter expert like you Johnny, you’ll have to explain to me what bubble and ice hash is, please.

            I’ve been reading up however on smokeable bud. It seems to be still allowed in Indiana of all places. What is smokeable bud exactly and how can you make sure it’s within legal limits of THC tolerance? Or, can you?

          3. Johnny Green

            should have the Irish access program reviewed and posted early next week,the older retired trolls on here all day every day,get triggered by discussions on weed.
            after i get that done i will explain how set up a 6 plant gorilla grow (tent) indoors-and set one up with a live feed-so it can be viewed over the 3 month grow cycle from ‘seed to sale”.
            will calculate the yield in pounds over a year and show how insane importing product is financially for patients and the govt.
            but starting out focus on ireland,products approved,costs, then the odd pice on US-but will check hash pricing here and put up some info.


          4. Johnny Green

            why not submit something Sid-you appear to be a expert on cannabis,or is trolling really your forte.
            18 comments when i asked the bro for a source?
            but its not personal right-just that your ‘new’ commenting-HAHA

          5. Mary (Never) Wong

            It’s a fair point though Papi
            Post your own articles and then we can all have a look.

  8. Charger Salmons

    Amy Heberman – what EXACTLY is she famous for other than being Mrs Brian O’Driscoll ?
    And, I realise this might not be an overwhelmingly popular opinion especially amongst the laydees, but other than being able to get his lad out on cue Paul Mescal really can’t act to save his life.
    I know he’s been Emmy nominated but it should only be in the Least Outstanding Mickey category.

    I’ll get my Maynooth GAA shorts …

      1. Charger Salmons

        It’s hard not to because she’s ubiqitous in the Irish media.I mean, I know she’s an actress but I’ve just never seen her act in anything on the tellybox.
        She’s seems to possess that same bland vacuousness of her husband.Great rugby player and all that but you wouldn’t imagine he’s a barrel of fun over a few scoops.
        Anyway, how’s the planning for the holliers coming on ?
        Trabolgan as usual ?

        1. Vanessanelle

          hardly Charage
          tis well established
          and you well know
          That I’ve a ‘van in Wickla
          So my staycationing plans are well fixed

          as to the other girl
          Shur so what
          She’s hardly giving out advice or signing off legislation
          She’s harmless
          and she’s funny

          and not the worst feature on the Irish Celebrity Circuit

          1. Mary (Never) Wong

            Were you looking in the mirror admiring your own svelte frame as you typed that, gorgeous?

          2. Mary (Never) Wong

            I mean every word of it

            Look at you there now acting all bashful

            Give over.

          3. Vanessanelle


            have at it lads

            that yere still at this lark now
            after jaysus
            must be two years now since Frilly Keane was pulled

            in fairness, I have little to worry about

            good luck t’ye

          4. Mary (Never) Wong

            I do believe you’re blushing Vanessa you know it is the best thing to get a nice compliment

          5. Vanessanelle

            thats not a compliment

            its creepy and shady
            and typical Broadsheet harassment disguised as mockery

            I’m not a bit afraid of who I am
            while you clearly are with yet another name change to hide under
            that makes you a coward and a stalker

            any chance you have / had another name or two over there on the bottom right

          6. GiggidyGoo

            Surprised that Bodger & Co. are allowing this. BS hardly wants to be dragged down to the level of the comment section of the Journal surely?

            [ BS SEZ: Giggidy – we do not allow harassment or bullying on the site. This has been pointed out to the offending commenter elsewhere]

        2. Brother Barnabas

          in fairness, mary, you are a little impertinent
          may i suggest florence hartley’s wonderful The Ladies’ Book of Etiquette, and Manual of Politeness: A Complete Hand Book for the Use of the Lady in Polite Society

    1. Joe F

      I see the Brits were claiming him as one of theirs. I had to laugh at you yesterday Tommy, oh dear I mean old boy, when you used the term “we”. Oh that was funny. You don’t know what you are old boy.

      1. Charger Salmons

        Sure has.
        It helped keep Ireland’s ladies sane during the pandemic.
        You could even call it a lockdown langer.

  9. SOQ

    Interesting that the video of the front line doctors from yesterday has not as yet been taken down by YouTube.

    The timing of these doctors going public is a mighty coincidence given that Tim Cook (Apple), Sybdar Picjai (Google), Mark Zuccerburg (Facebook) and Jeff Bezos (Amazon) are all in front of the House Judiciary Committee and that the front line doctors banning is being used as example of big tech’s double standards and /or abuse of power.

    Meanwhile Trump has just signed an Executive Order on Preventing Online Censorship.

    1. SOQ

      Somewhat related-

      Front line doctor Simone Gold is an interesting character- she is a doctor but also an attorney so her statements are very measured but, in an interview on the 22nd July- she makes some pretty wild accusations.

      In particular that it is state governors- in other words politicians- who are banning the use of hydroxychloroquine and that it is the pharmacists who are reporting doctors- who are then threatened with losing their licences.

      She refuses to be drawn on the reasons for this but states that hydroxychloroquine was already being removed from sale BEFORE Trump endorsed it. This has never happened before, as many other drugs are used for conditions other than their original ‘on label’ purpose.

      An hour long and try to ignore the annoying interviewer.


        1. SOQ

          New name obviously but why so nasty eh?

          If the topic doesn’t interest you then just move on.

          1. sidhe

            I actually owe you an apology, I think

            I may disagree with what you post regarding covid, but you’re consistent with what you have been posting, and I think that you are genuinely asking these questions with an enquiring mind, not with an intent to do harm or deliberately spread misinformation. I’ve seen you acknowledge when you’ve been wrong about these things, and you haven’t resorted to childish behaviours (which I’ve been guilty of myself)

            so while I may disagree with your stance, I do think I owe you an apology for my treatment of your comments. let’s hope we can just agree to respectfully disagree on this matter

          2. Mary (Never) Wong

            Sorry Papi, I’m currently ‘in a relationship’ online with Giggidy.
            Try one of the Southsider lads there, barnabas or one of them.
            Didn’t get it in a while I’d say, you might be in there.

          3. Johnny Green

            what are you a retired guard-wtf with all your questions all day every day ‘Papi’
            go match your socks,if your low functionality allows that.

          4. Johnny Green

            come on Papi string a sentence togeher,you can do it,no mates today backing up your trolling.
            so why does a retired guard in dry heave Cork troll me every day?

          5. Johnny Green

            Papi,Papi wtf are you waiting for reinforcements ,typical guard coward,cmon man every day you troll me-now that you all by yourself you run huh….

          6. Papi

            Sick burn, dude. I’ll probably never recover.
            Plus, i was talking to your new crush, not you.

          7. Johnny Green

            Dude-huh ?
            whats a dude old man-a dude haha
            only a retied low education guard would consider buying 40 pairs black socks-DUH !
            so what you do when you had a job Papi,you like diminish and belittle my expertise.
            whats yours ?

          8. Brother Barnabas

            “my expertise”


            your “expertise”, johnny, got turned inside out and hung out to dry in the comments section of your last, ahem, column

            (however, what’s happening now isnt right, and I won’t make any comment in your direction again – or in response. and that goes for your new groupie, the limerick gowl)

          9. Johnny Green

            im trying say OLD a has been-OLD

            no reinforcements coming today Papi,dont run away and hide again,you like take shots at me daily,little cowardly sniper trolling comments at me when i’m under attack-just you and me old man lets see if you have any game or like the other trolls you are all hat no cattle.
            so you seem very curious bout cannabis, as you keep trolling me-whats your question again…

          10. Johnny Green

            of course Bro-your declaring victory and withdrawing-its only starting Bro enjoy!
            any luck finding that source or link about all the looting by Jw Marriott in Europe to ya know furnish that Parisian Museum in LA……

          11. Mary (Never) Wong

            I didn’t see that in that column brother.
            And as a casual reader yourself how would you know anyway?

            I saw two self-professed experts disagree on subtle points. One quoted a small sample in West Cork and claim anecdotal evidence of harm to kids etc. Didn’t see much validity to that to be honest. Everyone knows hash and kids brains don’t mix. That was about the extent of it.

            He then went on to refer to Celtic Wind ( the latter had mislabelled products taken off shelves here by the FSAI and featured adversely in Panorama programme on poorly labelled UK products along with Holland and Barrett). He also referred to De Danu who attempted to prosecute Irish farmers growing for them last year and also have no allies whatsoever in the Irish indigenous hemp industry.
            When I saw him refer to those I realised he lacked any sort of credibility. Happy to help.

          12. Brother Barnabas

            you’re partly right, mary – I know nothing about it (and, in truth, I’ve even less interest)

            there were two self-proclaimed experts in disagreement… one of them, however, based a large part of his premise on what turned out to be an April Fool’s joke that had gone right over his head – for anyone, expert or not, that’s embarrassing. and it’s reasonable for others to doubt his actual expertise after a gaffe of that magnitude.

            anyway, as I said, I’m finished now

          13. Johnny Green

            what you trolls don’t seem realize is no one reads the comments except you 3 losers-you cant monetarize that, jesus what a bunch f.. idiots-its content the sheet needs not trolls – duh!
            i stopped writing the column because i don’t want be associated with losers like you 3
            i’d happily write it under my own name-but the reputation risk caused by you trolls hijaking the sheet has ruined it for me and many others.
            keep trolling away amongst yourself’s and pretty soon thats all it will be.
            all you losers are doing is driving people like me away-any number outlets despite your negativity, in Ireland would accept and publish a ‘johnny green’ piece today-go figure huh !

          14. Johnny Green

            Papi,Papi dont run away again and hide,you seem to have questions of me-every day you make snide snarky comments,now is your chance,i mean you must have a question old man…no …still sorting out the socks huh.
            im just glad my dad isn’t online daily making a fool himself with much younger people-christ thankful he has more self respect and acts his age.

          15. Mary (Never) Wong

            Brother “I’m out now”
            Is that because you’ve been exposed as a know nothing yet here you are pontificating on the credentials of someone who deserves respect for his insights into an emerging industry ?

            But hey at least I’m “partly” right !
            That is something!

          16. SOQ

            @ sidhe and I too wish you the best of health and happiness.

            Proactive laziness is the broadsheet.ie ‘new normal’ so it is really nice of you to acknowledge my swim against the stream.

    1. Nigel

      Dear sweet God in heaven:

      33. £252m to Ayanda Capital, registered in Mauritius for tax purposes. PPE not delivered

      34. £186m to Uniserve. PPE not delivered

      35. £116m to P14 Medical Supplies, with assets of just £145. PPE not delivered

      36. £108m to PestFix, with just 16 employees. PPE not delivered

      37. £107m to Clandeboye Agencies, a sweet wholesaler. Yes, a sweet wholesaler. PPE not delivered.

      38. £40m to Medicine Box Ltd, with assets of just £6000. PPE not delivered.

      39. £48m to Initia Ventures Ltd, which registered itself as “dormant” in March. PPE not delivered.

      40. £28m to Monarch Acoustics, which makes shop furniture. PPE not delivered

      41. £25m to Luxe Lifestyle, which has no employees, no assets, and no turnover. PPE not delivered

      42. £18m to Aventis Solutions, which has total assets of £332. Not a typo, £332. PPE not delivered

      £10m to Medco Solutions, incorporated just 3 days after lockdown, with share capital of (not a typo) £2. PPE not delivered

      44. In all, approx £1bn to inexplicable suppliers for PPE that hasn’t been delivered

      45. The gov still polls well for economic competence. Go figure

  10. Charger Salmons

    ‘ Designer, coder, analyst, painter, wazzock. Feminist, centre-left, Remainer.’

    He presses all your buttons.No wonder you follow him.

  11. Charger Salmons

    By the way if anyone missed last night’s opening episode of the BBC doco series Once Upon A Time In Iraq there are still four more episodes of a sensationally good programme.
    What comes through loud and clear was how irrelevant the British army was out there and the madness of Blair for destroying his legacy by commiting them to an illegal war with all the eventual consequences since.
    Utterly superb viewing.

    1. Mary (Never) Wong

      It’s funny how so many Irish fellas like you are rivetted to the Crown, the Royal Family, tabloids, UK sports like cricket etc.

    1. Nigel

      Nobody knows when or if Trump might accidentally sit on the nuclear launch button, so live every day as if it’s your last.

      1. bisted

        …at least it would be an accident…crooked Hillary couldn’t wait to get her finger on the button…how many new wars has Trump started…crooked Hillary bombed 8 countries as just Secretary of State…

        1. Nigel

          Hilary Clinton didn’t invade any countries, nor did she ‘start’ any wars. Barack Obama got involved providing military support and air cover in existing conflicts, disastrously, after efforts to build international coalitions for more peaceful interventions failed. Trump dropped a MOAB just to get an erection. You hate her because your boys Putin and Assad hate her.

          1. bisted

            …totally indifferent to crooked Hillary since she managed to lose her election but reminded that whatever the outcome in US it tends to be a lose:lose for the rest of the world…

          2. Nigel

            So indiffferent you still feel compelled to justify your Trump support with unfalsifiable appeals to imaginary timelines.

          3. bisted

            …Trump support…my boy Putin…you can’t have it both ways Nigel…but you are right, I did think crooked Hillary was evil…thankfully, her time has passed…

          4. Nigel

            Trump supporter and your boy Putin. You literally can’t have it any other way. They go together like a Boris and Farage.

          5. bisted

            …ok…it’s a fair cop…I do have a sneaking regard for Putin but how you can construe Trump support from hoping crooked Hillary wouldn’t get her finger on the nuclear button tells me that your thought is as binary as the US or English electoral choices…

  12. GiggidyGoo

    “If I become a minister, I will not accept a State car. I’m telling you that now. You can quote me on it,”
    Who told a Young Fine Gael conference that in November 2010?
    Who insisted that he keep his state car and drivers recently?

    Another ‘Do you know who I am’ FGer

    1. Mary (Never) Wong

      Was it famous Broadsheet commentator, avowed anti-anarchist and devotee of hunting fraudsters, Giggidy Goo?

          1. GiggidyGoo

            Ha haaaa. Back to basics I see. It’ll ‘answer the question’ next.

            Grow up for gods sake.

          2. Mary (Never) Wong

            Only having a little laugh with you there fella don’t take it so much to heart.
            Will you be my Valentine, though? Serious, this time.

  13. Johnny Green

    countdown and launch-mars next-pretty cool.


    ….NASA launch its new Mars rover, Perseverance, on a six-month journey to the Red Planet. Its mission? To find signs of ancient life hidden in the Martian soil and bottle them up so they can be returned to Earth by another robotic mission later this decade.
    If it succeeds, it would be a monumental discovery that would fundamentally change our understanding of life as we know it…

  14. Charger Salmons

    Game on lads.
    England v Ireland Sky Sports 1.
    Opening game of the qualifying competition for the 2023 cricket world cup in India.
    Huge television audience around the world as it’s the only professional game being played.

    1. bisted

      …no column from Dan Boyle today…maybe the brown-nosing has paid of and he has got one of the special advisor posts…

      1. Mary (Never) Wong

        If so I can see a veritable flood of washed up oul sillies coming on board to write broadsheet columns

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