If You Go Down To The Woods This Weekend


At top: Yoga teacher and filmmaker Cathy Pearson; Michael Ryan (President Higgins’ meditation and yoga teacher) at Townley Hall, County Louth

Free this weekend?

Feeling supple?

Read on.

Helen O Dwyer writes:

This weekend the Celtic Woodland Yoga Festival goes virtual to a global audience from the beautiful Townley Hall in County Louth.

The festival is the brainchild of renowned yoga teacher and award-winning film-maker Cathy Pearson

This event is FREE and it takes the virtual experience to a whole new level with teachers, Gurus and Masters from all over the world including David Williams from Hawaii; Randall O Leary from the USA and Thailand; Sofia Araujo and Sebastian Bruno from Portugal; Peter Clifford from Australia and Michael Ryan, yoga and meditation teacher to President Michael D Higgins…

Register for free here

Celtic Woodland Yoga Festival

Pics by Gary Ashe

6 thoughts on “If You Go Down To The Woods This Weekend

  1. Gabby

    Mindfulness and sweet mystical communion with your inner self for the leisured middle classes. What about the workers’ revolution? Ask yer man from the Alternative Guvmint.

  2. Charger Salmons

    Nicely-framed pic with the harp.
    And those old wooden doors.Absolutely gorgeous.

    1. SOQ

      Interesting what will happens when US focused tourist Kerry meets north Dublin on the old stay vacation- where everyone is wearing muzzles- because the Irish Times told us we should.

      CCTV with sound worth a few quid I expect.

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