17 thoughts on “Style Never Goes Out Of Fashion

    1. Mary (Never) Wong

      I’d well believe it
      They look great though the craythurs
      Great post
      Beats all the airport PUP pandemic stuff anyway

      1. Bertie Theodore Alphege Blenkinsop

        I’ve been waiting longer than Suranne Jones’ toes at this stage.

  1. Your Home Correspondent

    Looks good. Slightly Dexy ‘difficult album’ but still hitting the style spot.

    Look and learn today’s kids with your Gym+Coffee hoodies, LuluLemon leggings, and dead boring white runners uniforms.

  2. Junkface

    I hope I look that cool when I’m 80 years old. Fair play to that couple, having some fun.

  3. Vanessanelle

    ah lovely

    really effective and a classy ageless affection that adds to the portraits

    loving that 4th down look
    On herself
    not sure about those shorts on yer man
    Looks a bit too Taxi driver Dad in Santa Ponza in the same shorts he wore to Robbie Williams in (Slane) ’98 back in the day

    1. Matt Pilates

      Had a pair of those shorts. Rubbish. Did nothing for me with the Lay-Deeeeeeeez in Tamangos. Bought that pair of Johhny Logan’s patent pleather trews he donated to Age Action (12.99 euros, relaxed fit) instead. Never looked back.

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