The Way Of The Warrior


The Hashido Code.


Killarney, County Kerry

Gardai seized two swords, a literal key ‘cutter’ (see below), pocket-sized digital weighing scale, €6,325 and £340 in cash, €230 in counterfeit €10 notes, €800 of lethal green herb, heroin, Xanax and MDMA during four searches of properties in Killarney town.


Ah now.


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24 thoughts on “The Way Of The Warrior

  1. scottser

    so many lives ruined by cannabis – the forgotten keys, the mislaid remote controls, the late night trips to the garage for skins, hula hoops and snickers, the incessant horn but the lack of energy to do anything about it.
    it’s a human tragedy, i tells ya.

        1. Cian

          I enjoyed his columns – they were informative. They were also on-topic (well he got to define the topic).

          I was cycling down to Blackrock yesterday. I ate porridge. I saw some starlings. My neighbours are away for the last few weeks with the covid. Buzzing.

      1. sidhe

        I really enjoyed you bringing back that article yesterday Cian

        your excellent googling skills at work again

        1. Johnny Green

          its under my name,you keep claiming (lying) that your new commenting,yet you seem to have found your lane awfully quick,18 nasty troll comments when i inquired about the Bro’s imaginary foyers…its as if you took it personally …

          1. Johnny Green

            insults,abuse,what a welcome addition,thanks for your contribution,your really helping the sheet with your insults and trolling,why all the log ins and name changing its kinda pathetic.

          2. Johnny Green

            and your new commenting too!
            but a long time reader.
            when i asked the bro for a source,it triggers your trolling-18 comments-yeah ok sure-if you have any friends now is the time for that intervention-your literally out your tiny,little mind.

    1. Charger Salmons

      We all partied.
      Although to be honest I was always more of a fine claret man myself.

  2. Dr.Fart

    that’s it mcgarnigle, hand over your badge and sword .. and the other one!
    *takes key/knife off ankle strap*

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