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Finnish origami artist Juho Könkkölä spends around fifty hours scoring and folding a single 95cm² sheet of Wenzhou rice paper before he even begins sculpting the otherwise unbroken, uncut surface.

Using a combination of wet and dry origami techniques, he creates (among many other things) 28cm tall samurai warriors complete with plated armour, traditional helmet, and swords. Sez he:

There are several hundreds of steps to fold it from the square and there are probably thousands of individual folds

He talks more about his process here.


The Hashido Code.


Killarney, County Kerry

Gardai seized two swords, a literal key ‘cutter’ (see below), pocket-sized digital weighing scale, €6,325 and £340 in cash, €230 in counterfeit €10 notes, €800 of lethal green herb, heroin, Xanax and MDMA during four searches of properties in Killarney town.


Ah now.