For Your Consideration


Stay With Me Art Show.

Journalist Alison O Reilly (top), who broke the Tuam story, presents the launch of a virtual exhibit of artists’ work in response to the stories of the children who died in Mother and Baby homes.

The exhibition starts at 58 minutes.

Alison writes:

This new virtual show which includes a number of mother and baby homes across Ireland, was shot in the Coronavirus lockdown and connects recent losses to past losses.

This show was created voluntarily to honour the children who died in state and religious care in one of the most shameful periods in Irish history.

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1 thought on “For Your Consideration

  1. Toby

    So what’s the update on this? Its beginning to feel like a Gemma story (I know she is admired in this parish).

    One would think that 800 dead babies would actually initiate action- like an investigation. Instead its just left there hanging like a Fr Molloy story…

    Can Broadsheet please ask Gemma for the latest?

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