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  1. Charger Salmons

    Poor old Boris.He can’t do a thing right what with him being a buffoon and handling the pandemic badly and all that.
    Jeez, just look at the latest opinion poll from YouGov which gives the Tories an 8-point lead.
    Labour has not been ahead in the polls now for more than a year.The Conservatives have not dropped below 40% for eight straight months.
    The Empire is crumbling and those dastardly unpopular Tories are leading Blighty into oblivion I tell you.

    Conservative 43%
    Labour 35%
    LibDem 6%
    Greens 5%
    Brexit Party 3%

    YouGov July 30 – 31

    I’m heading over to the mainland today to enjoy a few pints of foaming English ale in my local pub there.It’s been open for over a month now.
    What’s that you say ? A spike ?
    There are now 727 Coronavirus patients in hospital in England and 63 patients in mechanical ventilation beds, the lowest number in months.
    There has been no sign of any increases in hospital admissions since the country’s pubs were re-opened.
    Bottoms up!

    1. SOQ

      They still have the muzzles in shops charger so don’t gloat too much eh?

      A friend is back after spending a month in Finland- she is pee’ed off because she has to deal with CoVid again- life was pretty normal there. They never had a spike because they never had the two year dip in respiratory illnesses beforehand.

      Anyways- i see Aldii are selling a new style of kids face mask. They really should promote them for CoVid as they make just as much sense.


    2. Joe F

      Well done Mr Inferiority complex, keep cherry picking. Just keep on ignoring that the UK has the third highest death rate in the world (after San Marino & Belgium), crime is out of control, etc, etc. Oh yeah, I keep forgetting that Bozo has nothing to do with that, silly me. Any chance of you staying over there old boy?

    3. Jack Of Ireland

      Chargers you have to take into account that most people in Ireland are not aware of cultural and political granularity between Cornwall and Berwick. Everyone outside of London, Liverpool and Manchester are apparently little englanders, ie not Labour voters. People in Ireland generally have a better understand an interest in US politics and culture than their brother Island.

  2. GiggidyGoo

    So, 92400 passenger into/out of Dublin Airport last week, according to the Mail. No tests, little or no follow-up on quarantine. Donnelly is fast becoming as bad (if that were possible) as the Boy Harris who is struggling himself (what’s new) with his new-found home in education.
    Looks like a new expert committee of Dail members are in competition with NPHET. With all of that knowledge about, you would think that they’d have a handle on the situation. Note in the Daily Mail report that just Stephen Donnelly is named on the front page. and no other members of the Dail Committee is named relating to the suggestions.

  3. Dr.Fart

    can’t get a test here for weeks unless you go private and pay 180 but they’ll check tourists twice. So it would be cheaper and quicker to get a flight to england and back and get tested for free than go get a test here.

  4. SOQ

    Dr Simone Gold was/is the doctor fronting up the front line doctors campaign in the US to make hydroxychloroquine an over the counter drug. She has been fired from her job for that video and is coming out swinging now.

    “There is a financial incentive for hydroxychloroquine to be discredited as an effective treatment for Covid-19.

    If hydroxychloroquine was labeled as a first line treatment, emergency use authorization for competing products would cease to exist.”


    So if they acknowledge hydroxychloroquine as an effective treatment then a vaccine cannot be fast tracked. She is also an attorney of law so I doubt if she is wrong in her legal interpretation.

    1. Cian

      We’re back to hydroxychloroquine is a cure for Covid?

      Last week it was hydroxychloroquine prevents you from getting infected.

      Its so hard to keep up.

      1. SOQ

        As you well know, it is claimed to be a prophylactic and best as an early stage treatment but that s not the point.

        People don’t want to believe that the pharmaceutical industry would let people die for the sake of profit but they have a track record of it- that is exactly what they done in the early days of the HIV / AIDS crisis where ACT UP activists had to smuggle drugs in to the US from Mexico.

      2. Vanessanelle

        Does it matter?

        A wholesale worldwide coercive and organised damper has been imposed on any mention of the stuff

        Everywhere we look there is corrupt profiteering from the Covid 19 pandemic
        From phoney PPE orders to Payroll support schemes to Private Hospital Beds

        Why would Big Gunned Pharma and commercial Labs be any different to all the others stuffing their faces

        Closing down the views of fully qualified and licenced Medical Professionals is a dangerous step
        And one they can’t walk away from
        Who’s or what’s next?
        Some crank Politican saying terminations cause blindness?
        So shut down women’s clinics until it’s investigated and proved one way or the other?

        Meanwhile the US Senate are actively seeking to introduce legislation that requires Indemnity for businesses/ Industry against Covid 19 claims

        It’s a slippery slope that’s getting wider and longer
        And greasier
        By the day
        And we’ve passed the point where people don’t know who to believe
        Especially here in Ireland
        Who is left that we can absolutely trust C!an?

        1. SOQ

          Let me propose a scenario here- if this stuff does work- who is going to claim credit?

          Timing is everything but it could put him back in the White house- if true- and he has a ready made fall guy in Fauci.

        2. Cian

          Yes it matters; SOQ has been pushing his “views” on Covid since March. I’m not sure what his “views” actually are because they seem to flip-flop over time. The only consistent theme is anti-establishment. Before lockdown he was calling for a lockdown – “people’s lives matter more that money”… once lockdown had bedded in he moved immediately to “reopen the economy immediately”. He has gone through every variation of “deadly disease” through “just a flu”. He has posted articles from lots of “trustworthy” sources – he always tells us how trustworthy they are. And each time he posts with absolute conviction that what he says is 100% true (even if it is completely at odds to a previous posts).

          I don’t know who we can trust. But the world isn’t blank and white; Yes, some people will try to rip you off regardless of the situation.

          Closing down the views of fully qualified and licenced Medical Professionals is a dangerous step
          Why? Does being a doctor don’t make you always right. Remember Dr Andrew Wakefield? The “vaccines cause autism” guy? He caused massive damage to public health.

          Who is left that we can absolutely trust. Cian!

          1. SOQ

            Have my views changed since January? Of course they have- it was a rapidly emerging situation- as have most peoples’.

            Come on Cian- even you must admit there is something very odd about this whole blanket ban of even mentioning hydroxychloroquine?

            Politicians have no place telling doctors what to do- there are disciplinary procedures for malpractice- but this is not malpractice, now is it?

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