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78 thoughts on “Free Your Mind

  1. Scundered

    Ah jaysus will I have to remove my burka? Sure the oul cannabis oil fixes everything these days, broken legs, broken hearts, and every disease known to man, so it’ll be worth it.

        1. Plumbob

          Never argue with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.

  2. ummmmmmm

    Sooner we get the THC kind legalised the sooner this shower might remember the whole live and let live part of being a hippie stoner

    1. OJohnny Keenan

      Once there was joint who wouldnt take a toke with the masks in hempland..

  3. George

    Quick call to the Gardai on Monday morning so… Oh no, I see this crowd of stoners work 12-3.

  4. Charger Salmons

    When was the exact moment the Irish stopped being free-spirited, independent of thought and accepting of those with different views than them ?
    That date in time when the happy-go-lucky turned into the curmudgeon, the lover of the craic gave it up for servile obedience and conformity replaced obstinacy.
    I’ll tell you when an entire country learned to fall in line.
    Oct 2nd 2009 was the day your music died.
    The day Ireland sold its soul,its USP and its will to live freely.
    Good luck to Hempland.
    They’re what Ireland used to be.
    And it’s why none of you will look back fondly when you watch the 2020 episode of Reeling In The Years.

    1. MacGafraidh

      Masks aren’t mandatory. So people are choosing to wear them. Not just for themselves but for others. If you don’t like them, continue to be ‘free spirited’ by not wearing them, however, don’t begrudge everyone else for not being ‘free spirited’

      1. SOQ

        Muzzles will be mandatory in a few days- do try to keep up dear?

        Never dreamt I’d be on the same tag team as Charger but hey- Iv’e had stranger bed fellows.

        1. MacGafraidh

          Thanks for the update. This has no bearing on my comment regarding people *currently* choosing to wear them. Even when there’s a choice, people do the right thing. Don’t wear one though, we could use one less of you in the world.

          1. SOQ

            Well if you knew anything about the subject then you would know that the propaganda says they are to protect other people, not you- wearing a mask increases your own risk as you touch you face way more often.

          2. Cian

            Yeah, I was cautiously anti-mask because “wearing a mask increases your own risk as you touch you face way more often”.

            But then I realised how stupid and selfish I was being. I am an adult and can choose to use a mask properly. That risk is 100% with me to minimise. So now I wear a mast when shopping.

    2. DaithiG

      Yes, that whole extreme Catholicism time was a period of happy go lucky with independent thinking a cornerstone of our identity.

      1. Haaroo

        Exactly what I was thinking.

        I think Charger’s first line (with a small tweak) summed up the Ireland of old and Hempland’s policy toward masks: independent from thought

  5. Mary (Never) Wong

    Virtually every single thing in the hemp land website is false. There is no Irish Industrial Hemp Association for example (IIHA).

  6. EdnaThinkTank

    There are well-known side-effects of prolonged cannabis use, obvious to anyone who has that mate who never really got over getting stoned: vague paranoia, mild delusion, predilection to latching onto conspiracy theories … nothing unusual here, hella boring though … oh and grandiosity, that’s another one … gas.

    1. SOQ

      Lack of scientific evidence is a conspiracy theory now is it?

      One of the painful signs of years of dumbed-down education is how many people are unable to make a coherent argument. They can vent their emotions, question other people’s motives, make bold assertions, repeat slogans—anything except reason.- Thomas Sowell.

      1. EdnaThinkTank

        Thank you for your ongoing vague paranoia and illuminating daily conjecture, it’s like a second Age of Enlightenment for all of us.

        1. SOQ

          I’d play with you except I have already eaten.

          Seriously, do your own research- muzzles do not affect the transmission of this thing one way or another. Otherwise- why some public spaces and not others?

          1. M2cool

            This isn’t playtime, this is serious stuff. The choice of words gives you away SOQ.
            Either way I do hope you stay safe, even if it is through blind luck, thanks to your decisions.

          2. SOQ

            I knowingly married a man who was HIV who then died from AIDS sweetheart- do not lecture me on staying ‘safe’.

            I stayed ‘safe’ through science not drama queens who have their Xanax addiction curtailed because they write for The Irish Times at home.

          3. SOQ

            If you have ever lived with someone who has a Valium dependency then you will know that one of the long term symptoms is fatalism.

          4. M2cool

            Cool, no upset or offense intended, I read a tonne about this stuff, lived with infectious disease for 30 years, and I land on a different conclusion than yourself, but I do not wish to attempt to upset you, life is hard enough like. Take care, best of luck.

          5. SOQ

            I read a tonne about this stuff.

            Rooty-tootle off.

            Check the asthmatics lifting their muzzles on the Luas for an inhaler puff because they don’t want to bring attention to themselves.

          6. Steph Pinker

            Mind yourself, SOQ; no matter how personal the comments and insults towards you are worded and intentional [on BS], try to bear in mind that they are strangers with low self-esteem who are projecting; venting their own frustrations, and in some cases, badness.

            Don’t let it rent space in your head.

          7. SOQ

            Trust me steph- I know it is just strangers but I see so many similarities with back then that the media ignorance leaves me VERY angry.

            It is a nasty cold virus which unfortunately whips older and vulnerable early but- it is nothing more- that much I am certain of.

            If there is any justice then politicians and medical ‘experts’ WILL be held to account for this.

  7. class wario

    who would’ve known that people whose sole personality trait is ‘i smoke hash’ would be some of the worst people going

  8. class wario

    the pejorative terms people use for these are very weird aren’t they? ‘face nappy’ ‘muzzle’ etc. these people must have ‘interesting’ views on the numerous asian countries who routinely use facemasks.

  9. M2cool

    Free publicity for free thinkers ( in this case, free thinking means being needy for attention and only citing evidence which supports your position and ignoring the evidence which doesn’t support your position)
    Stoners annoy the crap out of me, boring narcissists mostly.
    I hope they come out of this ok but jesus lads read a book not a link from a Google search, especially if you are intent on creating nonsensical signs.
    Stay safe duuuudes.

    1. f_lawless

      @M2cool I’m curious, what evidence have you researched that convinces you that mask use prevents the spread of sars cov 2?

      1. Nigel

        Everything I’ve heard so far says that use of masks doesn’t prevent the spread, but reduces the chances of spreading it, and is to be used alongside such measures as hand-washing and social distancing. Seriously, the fixation on the masks as egregious infringements of personal freedom is one of the most childish things to come out of the right-wing culture wars.

      2. f_lawless

        From what I’ve read this is my understanding:

        – Several randomised control trials have been conducted over the last decade to determine how effective masks are in preventing community spread during flu pandemics. The vast majority of them concluded that there was no evidence that masks reduced the spread. One or two concluded that there was very little evidence masks had any significant effect

        – In 2019 the WHO carried a large scale meta-analysis of 10 of these RCTs. They concluded:
        Ten RCTs were included in the meta-analysis, and there was no evidence that face masks are effective in reducing transmission of laboratory-confirmed influenza”

        – This was the WHO’s policy status on masks up until June 2020 when they suddenly reversed their recommendations citing new evidence. The problem was, however, that they were now disregarding all of the previous RCT’s in favour of new research which wasn’t itself an RCT but lower down in the hierarchy of scientific evidence. The new research even recommended in its conclusion that RCT’s be conducted to inform its findings. This wasn’t done.

        – That in itself was an indication that something was seriously amiss with the WHO, but then the BBC’s political correspondent, Deborah Cohen apparently confirmed suspicions on Jul 12, saying

        “We had been told by various sources that the WHO committee reviewing the evidence had not backed masks but recommended them due to political lobbying. We put this to the WHO who did not deny”

        I don’t live in the US so I’m not particularly interested in right/left wing “culture wars” over there as you mention. I think that the politicisation of science is putting us all in very dangerous territory regardless of individual political persuasions. Enforced mask wearing has become a part of this as is the dogged faith in lockdowns as an viable means to deal with the virus despite the evidence to the contrary..

        Scientific reasoning is getting subverted while a divisive layer of confusion is being added to the mix, making it even harder for all of us to try and interpret events as they happen. The more confused and fearful people become, the more vulnerable they are to manipulation. It’s very dangerous.

        1. Nigel

          ‘The more confused and fearful people become, the more vulnerable they are to manipulation. It’s very dangerous.’

          My thoughts exactly.

          1. Steph Pinker

            Nigel, they were also my thoughts; however, I happen to agree with the entirety of f_lawless’ post(s), as opposed to a couple of short sentences taken out of context.

        2. John Smith

          As usual, F_lawless, you talk sense and back it up with a reasoned argument and information which can be checked out, rather than the mantras and slogans and toe-the-line comments that, sadly, abound at the moment. I’m right with you on this one. Enforced wearing of masks is unjustified and unjustifiable. If people want to wear them, that should be left entirely to their own choice. Few people can avoid shops and public transport altogether so this measure is one that exerts unacceptable pressure on the vast majority of the population to act in a way which the low level of mask wearing had shown was not to their taste nor convincing beneficial.

  10. Rob_G

    Imagine being so sad as to tag Niall Boylan in one of your sad-sack subversive edge-lord tweets…

  11. Sniper Poet

    …Same business model as they have in Temple Bar
    ”We haven’t got a space for you to park your car.”
    We pretend to be Purists
    But we’re only tooty tourists
    You know that we know who you are.

    Give us money, please

  12. Cian

    Passed that place at the weekend – the opening hours jump out. 18 hours a week, probably challenging enough if you’re binned 24/7 though.

      1. Cian

        “The scientific reasons for muzzles are?”
        To stop animal from biting. It is a physical barrier that prevents the animal from being able to close its jaws on an object – but allow room for them to breath.
        I’m not sure if there have been any scientific studies done. It’s a bit of a no-brainer.

  13. Skeptik

    CBD cures Covid, doesn’t it?
    I’m going to make a beeline for that store when I test positive.
    Good to hear they don’t insist on masks. Makes coughing real hard.

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