Brother Barnabas writes:

Looks like the intern from Dublin was put in charge of the Time twitter account over the weekend…

10 thoughts on “Rapid Time

        1. Brother Barnabas

          (in response to a characteristically illiterate attempt at a sneer from johnny – which he since deleted)

  1. Johnny Green

    is ‘Time” magazine still a thing-like who would even follow that-wow-so its all so 80’s:)

  2. Kingfisher

    On my first day in an American convent school I was surprised to hear a nun say to a child, “Maria, you’ve really bolloxed this essay”. I think maybe the meaning isn’t taken so literally there.

  3. Johnny Green

    ……has time stood still on comments -its like my fav post like ever-omg Bro:)
    ok ok Rob G jayzus the pearl clutching around here at times…..

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