25 thoughts on “Cold War

  1. Brother Barnabas

    “This is private property and not be quoted or published in the media or elsewhere without my permission”

    he got that one wrong

  2. Col

    “of what was admittedly a very irresponsible move”
    All they needed to say was that. Everything else was fine. People make mistakes, this was one.
    But they came out saying nothing was wrong, that no laws were broken and now complaining about “the media” and indulging in whataboutery. They are a party to blowing this out of proportion.

  3. GiggidyGoo

    from the Times. “Those measures are guidelines that publicans have been asked to follow rather than regulations they must follow. And because the Government decided the measures should be advisory rather than “penal”, gardaí have no enforcement power.”

    So Jess is correct.

    It also laid bare the sham that Covid ‘guidelines’ are.

  4. Johnnythree

    She is right. Right storm on twitter now but she does not give a toss. Gotta admire her. Miriam O Callaghan on the wrong side of the tracks.

  5. spud

    As much as I hate influencers, how this was rode on by the media stank.
    It was carried on the main story on the 9 O’Clock News on RTE and no doubt many front pages, while others issues like conditions in meat plants should have been investigated more publicly.

    This scapegoat has horns and it’s fighting back.

  6. TypeONegative

    Focusing on the 15 second bartender clip and doesn’t address the drunken dry-humping etc carry-on lasted for dozens upon dozens of her Insta stories spread across the whole afternoon.

  7. frank

    let’s look at this and not look at the crowded living conditions of the immigrant slave class that populate our care homes, delivery services and meat processing.


  8. RuilleBuille

    Of course the government used it as a distraction. Her greed and sense of entitlement allowed them to.

  9. Termagant

    You see everyone, we were wrong to expect a bit of common sense from this shower while other things were happening that were also bad. What is wrong with us? What’s our flipping problem, expecting a bit of cop-on from these people while there are still other people who are not copped on? Utterly unreasonable of us.

  10. Broadbag

    ”Never mind me and my gormless mates acting the maggot and risking people’s health, look over there at Direct Provision instead…”,

    accuses others of defecting while doing the exact same, so she’s not just a braindead moron she’s also a hypocrite, kudos for completely hanging the barman out to dry though, classy move lady!

  11. Dr.Fart

    ugh. enough with that rubbish bar for idiots. covid aside, it was always the worst spot in town. if you wanna cringe, go look at their instagram page. its horrible. really hard work to get thru.

  12. AKA Frilly Keane

    If this is what it’s all come to
    Parsed videos of boozie bopping by lads acting the eejits
    and picking on someone who thinks “influencer” is a job they can put on a mortgage application form

    Then tis time to throw our lot into the hands of mother nature and take our own chances

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