Pull Like A Dog


Last night.

Storm Ellen hits Skibbereen, County Cork

‘Questions to answer’ over Skibbereen flooding – TD (RTÉ)

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8 thoughts on “Pull Like A Dog

  1. paddy apathy

    And there’s nothing you could have done Mr O’Sullivan as mayor of cork co co or as td that could have addressed the problems earlier. Twitter attacks at the OPW is all you’re good for.

    1. Otis Blue

      + ∞

      This lad’s a complete spoofer.

      At the outset of his political career – he took over his father’s Council seat – he managed to serve on. Irk County Council…

      … while living in Australia.

  2. Paul

    So they destroyed Skibbereen’s rivers and old stone walls for nothing. Reminder to readers who are unaware; the OPW knocked Georgian stone river walls in Skibbereen and made concrete storm drains akin to a motorway project, in the centre of the town. Ruining beautiful craftsmanship and local ecology. The same is planned for cork city. But it’s not in Dublin so nobody cares…

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