Eliminating Rights To ‘Eliminate The Virus’


Crowne Plaza Hotel in Christchurch, New Zealand is now an isolation facility with fencing separating the building from the public.

Meanwhile, in New Zealand

Jordan Schachtel writes:

Military has been deployed to make sure people don’t leave their quarantine camps, which are mandatory for COVID-19 positive individuals and their families.

From what I understand, police are prohibiting the press from taking photos and videos of the current situation in the facility, citing privacy concerns. Still, it would be nice to know what the heck is going on there.

Found a couple testimonials from the mandatory quarantine facilities. Military checks in “constantly on our well being but also our adherence to the rules.”

The first person in the conversation had a sore throat and was sent to the quarantine camp as a precaution.

Of course, the families are left out of the decision making process, but don’t worry, the state knows what’s best for them!

A lot of the rebuttals from the Kiwis point out the fact that they are being quarantined at nice hotels, as if that justified the incarceration of citizens without any due process.

What starts as a nice, contained arrangement ends up a very different situation when the virus inevitably surges through the population. What happens when they start running out of rooms? White collar prison-style incarceration quickly goes south.

What happens when you run out of nice hotels to put COVID infected people in them? The not-so-nice makeshift “hotels” prop up in your local neighborhood which require a different policing structure to ensure compliance.

Unfortunately, this represents the mainstream viewpoint here. They have bought into the pseudoscientific delusion that they can fully eliminate the virus. So of course, forced incarceration is on the table. It will not end well when the bubble bursts….

Time to look at our quarantine hotel contingency plan (newsroom.co.nz)

Pic: Stuff.co.nz

13 thoughts on “Eliminating Rights To ‘Eliminate The Virus’

  1. Johnny Green

    hello darkness,my old friend-city cutting off influencers power.

    “Today I authorized the City to disconnect utility service at a house in the Hollywood Hills to stop the large parties held there in flagrant violation of our public health orders. Parties like these can quickly and easily spread the virus and put our communities at risk.”

    1. Johnny Green

      what yo mean you weren’t invited Bro!
      they had strippers …

      “Bryce Hall and Sway House throw massive party in Hollywood Hills with over a hundred people. The Sway boys recently moved from Bel Air to a secluded house in the Hollywood Hills. Party was broken by LAPD around 4am. This is a long thread.”


      LA/NYT – Mayor cuts the power !


      1. Brother Barnabas

        living rent free in johnny’s empty head

        (strippers? too easy for you – presume you prefer the seedy challenge of some furtive upskirting?)

    2. Johnny Green

      NZ-policy papers-ministers required to sign off-released proactively by NZ govt.

      Paper: A Sustainable Quarantine and Managed Isolation System

      Minute of Decision: A Sustainable Quarantine and Managed Isolation System

      …The paper also outlines the work programme for ensuring the sustainability of quarantine and managed isolation arrangements and seeks agreement to the designation of the Minister of Housing as the accountable Minister, and the Ministryof Business, Innovation and Employment as the lead agency. …


      acountability-WTF is wrong with these people !

  2. Rob_G

    Didn’t new Zealand only have a handful of cases and almost no deaths?

    Well, if you want zero cases, this is how you go about it

    1. SOQ

      New Zealand has a cluster since lock down they have no clue where it came from.

      New Zealand could prove to be the best example that lock downs don’t work yet.

  3. baz

    wait till the credit card bill drops for NZ and any other country not smartly managing mitigation procedures and policies – it will wipe them worse than the CCP virus

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