18 thoughts on “Workmanlike

  1. TypeONegative

    Wouldnt be much interested in Workmans any more myself
    The crowd’s gotten awful young, its like a teen disco sometimes

    Or maybe I’ve gotten older…

  2. Paul

    I wish these people would all just cop on and get onboard the fight against this disease. No pubs or indoor venues for now. Just get used to it.

        1. Paul

          You can take the mick out of what I’m saying but ultimately these statements / press releases boil down to big pub owners not making a profit and people not being able to go and get pissed. Let’s just pause it for now and help out the elderly and vulnerable and stop just thinking about ourselves. Do they really think they are so important that they put out a ‘statement’ as if it supersedes a public health emergency…

          1. SOQ

            Pretty sure the door lads around that parish won’t be having da muzzle- ok there are a couple, but that is a recon thang.

          2. Just Sayin

            It’s pretty clear the edlerly / vulnerable don’t hangout in the workmans club, so there’s actually no harm in opening it.

  3. M2cool

    What’s the legal position if a business isn’t following regulations, and that business is subsequently a source of a cluster? I assume insurance companies will squirm out of it, if a sick punter loses out on income cos they can’t work or suffer life changing illness, and tries to sue. ( temporarily ignoring the huge suffering this disease causes)
    Any smart legal heads already answered this question somewhere?

  4. Custo

    “We fall well within the scope of an arts/ theatre venue”

    You do in your hole my friend.

    Press-Up is the worst thing ever to happen to Dublin.

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