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  1. f_lawless

    One of France’s leading medical professors, Dr Jean-François Toussaint, speaks out recently on French TV against what he believes to be unwarranted fearmongering by the French authorities over a second wave. He questions the ongoing restrictions imposed and accuses those authorities of not believing in (or following) their own rules that they set out for the French public. Sounds familiar!

    He says that by obsessing over suppressing Covid, the French authorities no longer see the reality of the of the present risk. Asserts it is essential to judge a pandemic by the number of deaths and severe cases not a rise by in positive test cases, largely asymptomatic.

    In France deaths and hospitalisations have been at near zero levels since the end of June. He describes the current situation as “the end stage of a pandemic”.


      1. f_lawless

        If you’re having trouble grasping that that is near zero relative to a population of 70 million, this graph is a helpful way of getting a handle on it. You can see how the number of new deaths begins in March, rises steeply, then tapers off steeply in April, and since the end of June has been close to zero


        1. Lush

          I think they’re hoping to avoid renewed pressure on the hospitals too.
          There is alot more testing, true, but also an increase in positive tests overall, especially amongst younger people and I presume they want to avoid community contamination to the more vulnerable.
          I don’t get the impression though that they are scaremongering, I live in a very tourist-orientated part of France and while it has been incredibly busy these last couple of months, and mask wearing is obligatory at all times, there is no panic, no drama; just weary resignation.
          There are alot of new clusters in the Bordeaux region, due to the increased tourist activity and they are very aware also that everyone will be coming home from their holidays this week and therefore free testing is very widely available, at autoroute stops, the airports, the train stations.
          Above all, the government is due to announce its big plan to ‘relance’ the economy next week, so they are probably teeing us up for that.

        2. SOQ

          Get on with your lives! Professor says as coronavirus ‘not as deadly as first thought’

          Carl Heneghan, Professor of Evidence-based medicine at Oxford University, called for the government to intervene and “proactively reassure the population”.

          “Where they have broken the social distancing rules, this should be made clear. But we should not be punishing over 47,000 businesses just because of a handful of outbreaks.

          “Nor should we be talking about trading off schools against opening pubs unless we have a better evidence to understand the policies that make a difference.”

          “Right now, we are seeing below average excess deaths for all causes for the eighth week in a row. The messaging stay at home save lives throughout the pandemic led people to be more fearful than they have ever been, one can say it worked too well, but the current data shows it is currently safer to go out than it has ever been.”


    1. Gerry

      Well I think he should resign and I’m usually a FG voter, so do 3/4 of people surveyed yesterday (I don’t know details of the survey but I think it’s fair to say a substantial majority feel he should resign).

      Every detail of the news is a problem for Hogan: the specifics of the golf outing, the mobile phone use warning, the mealy-mouthed spokesman apology at first, the need for a second apology, the earlier Belgian golf trip, the deleted appointments calendar, not to mention the house bought at the K club with cash, etc. etc.

      It all paints a picture of an EU princeling swanning around, living a life of luxury, so self-important that he feels laws don’t apply to him.

      Political theatre? One man’s political theatre is another’s genuine reflection of the anger of the citizenry IMO. My feeling is that even as a commissioner he won’t last long without the support of his home country.

      It’s a pity he’s behaved like such an ass, the trade portfolio is an important one and he’s done quite well for us on Brexit, but he has to go.

      1. delacaravanio

        “It’s a pity he’s behaved like such an ass, the trade portfolio is an important one and he’s done quite well for us on Brexit, but he has to go”.

        Has he done quite well for us, though? Remember, commissioners have to act in the interests of the whole EU, not their country. Yes, he’s the Irish voice in the room when the college of commissioners meets, but it meets in private, so we don’t know what he’s actually done for us. Based upon his past performance I’d say the langer spends all day on the Paddy Power app or starting out the window.

        Barnier “gets it”, thankfully.

        1. Charlie

          I’d rather have him in the room for us than not. Yes, he’s supposed to act in the best interests of the EU but blood is thicker than water.

          1. delacaravanio

            But we’ll still have someone in the room should (or, as looks at this stage, when) he go(es).

          2. Charlie

            Not necessarily. It doesn’t work like that. There’s a good chance they’d opt for a non-Irish replacement.

        2. GiggidyGoo

          He sold out our farmers while agricultural hob knob – and it was a FG pre-election vote-gaining stunt to boot at the time. Mercosur.

          Let’s see what Ursula is made of. If he isn’t gone, then he will have no credibility when at a table discussing trade deals. They won’t put up with part-stories, withheld stories etc. If he stays he will leave a clusterf.. of problems.

          He high-tailed it back to Brussels very quick. Checking his drawers maybe?

          1. AKA Frilly Keane

            Not a bit of it
            He’s after closing the door on his penthouse
            Spoofing around in his jammies, snuffling swiss and fig roll sangwiches with buckets of 2 bag Barrys Tea, and watching Home & Away in-between Big Mac meal deliveries

            And maybe the odd Trump Presser (that’s porno to him)

            Any talk of last week’s two day golf trip will be Whatapp calls with the lads to postmortem everyone’s game and review the course
            and find out who got off with who

        1. TheIrishGuy

          You or I could do a better job V. And about 1 million other people. There is nothing special about big Phil. His decision to attend, his failure to follow the law and his response to questions demonstrates his lack of judgement. He is not a fit and proper person to be conducting serious negotiations

        2. bisted

          …who replaces Hogan will probably indicate how seriously the role of EU Commissioner is taken…my guess is not seriously at all…would suit Doherty down to the ground…she must know where some skeletons are buried if they made her a senator…

          1. AKA Frilly Keane

            Any idea who Mairead McGuinness’ nominated sub is?

            Suppose knowing who Frances Fitz’ is too wouldn’t be time wasted either, I’m guessing its Mark Durkan


        3. AKA Frilly Keane

          Here, this should wake ye up before ye gogo Monday

          What if Séamus Woulfe suddenly becomes available ( ̄_, ̄ )( ̄、 ̄)

          Its not like they haven’t parachuted in SC’d ex AGs before

          (Peter Sutherland and David Byrne btw)

          Like, Michéal is going to agree to anything to keep this Government stitched together, so are the Greens
          latest polls (yeah I know, me neither, but they do) have eFFs 11% Greens 3%
          With the Blueshirts & Shinners neck and neck ish in the 30s

      2. TheIrishGuy

        Dead right Gerry. He is the 2020 version of Pee Flynn. Although that may be harsh on Flynn. How could a man with this judgement be trusted to negotiate anything?

  2. Kerry

    Has anyone ever received “a caution” for using a mobile phone while driving? No. It’s a fine and penalty points. Always. One rule for arrogant members of the golden circle, and another for the rest of us.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Maybe Garda Harris will come out and explain that one. Maybe anyone that has had points / fines for driving while on the phone can reclaim them. Or anyone that has recently been caught can argue ‘Hogan’

      Additionally, there’s shades of Callinan passing information to Shatter about Mick Wallace being stopped.

  3. Jack Of Ireland

    Foolishness by BBC will only undermine their credibility to GB public And Tories

    BTW that must be a different Kylie to the one I remember, or exceptional surgery

  4. GiggidyGoo

    So, once again we see the ‘one law for them, and another for us’ as he gets off with a warning for using a phone while driving.
    There should be 3 penalty points and a fine of €60.

    There’s more to this fable than Varadkar or Martin are telling us.

    It has also emerged Fianna Fail sponsored a prize for the Oireachtas Golf Tournament.
    Fianna Fáil donated a piece of crystal worth around €80. (Wasn’t a Crystal ball though).
    A Fianna Fàil spokesperson said: “The Fianna Fáil Party was asked to donate one of the spot prizes for the golf society competition. We can confirm that we donated one.

    The Irish Times has a scoop – Hayes’ tee shot on the 4th was heading for a hole-in-one, but it hit a tree and ended up in the rough. Informed sources say that IRA planted it.

    1. Gerry

      I think that’s exactly the part of the story that will run — “one law for them and one for us” — entirely correct GG.

      With Calleary resigning his ministry, and Buttimer his seanad leas cean comhairleship (?) it leaves Hogan in a very tough position.

      The bottom line: commissioner Hogan must be held accountable for his bad judgement, just like the minister and the senator, or do different standards apply to our exalted EU overlords?

      Irish and EU citizens have been adhering to difficult restrictions on work and socialising for 7 months, our leaders must lead by example. Hogan failed to do that, now he must resign.

  5. Murtles

    Phil Hogan has been a lying, self centered, pompous narcissist from the first day he bought his way into politics. Now everyone is shocked?
    * He didn’t stay the requires 2 weeks in quarantine after coming from abroad
    * He admits he had to have “medical treatment the week before the golf event”
    * He travelled into and out of a locked down county on his way to golfgate
    * He was caught using his phone while driving (only got a caution, if it was me I’d be ticketed)
    * He tried to blame the hotel for the event as if his arm was twisted to go
    * He went to the event regardless of restrictions which ever man woman and child knows about
    * He fecked off back to Brussels giving the two fingers at the airport on the way out
    * Lest not forget the we’ll turn off you water if you don’t pay the tax jibes years ago

    1. goldenbrown

      However Murtles as much as I think the man’s a prize [ladypart beginning with “C” rhymes with stunt]…

      – he’s an un-obtainable head, will never happen, effectively has dipl. immunity
      – he knows it and the two tools at the controls also know it
      – he’s providing cover for the other 100-odd souls who attended the pissup
      – he’s a honeypot, the distraction play

      forgive my cynicism

      this Govt and the layer of society that underpins it will be protected at all costs

  6. spud

    Hogan is a perfect scapegoat.
    The attendance of Woulfe there is worse in my opinion, and this all is a perfect cover for many more who attended.
    Hogan doesn’t report to Leo or Martin, so why chase him?

    If there’s such a division between the judiciary and the Oireachtas , what was he doing at the event in the first place?
    They’re trying to minimise damage.

    1. AKA Frilly Keane


      Seamus Woulfe is now a member of the Judicary
      and even when you push aside the grace & favour appointment
      and that he didn’t recognise his own handy work

      you are still left with a Judge who assumed the law didn’t apply to him

      That the Judiciary – of all people, view that we are all not equal under the law is a catastrophe for our Democracy

      I fully expect to see that last sentence spread into a few thousand words over the next day or so btw
      Happy to help lads

      1. The Old Boy

        In other professions in which men engage
        (Said I to myself — said I),
        The Army, the Navy, the Church, and the Stage
        (Said I to myself — said I),
        Professional licence, if carried too far,
        Your chance of promotion will certainly mar —
        And I fancy the rule might apply to the Bar
        (Said I to myself — said I!).

  7. GiggidyGoo

    Hogan is subject to the laws of this country. He has broken them – knowingly. His position as Trade Commissioner is untenable. He cannot be trusted even by his own side. Woulfe – I’m surprised he’s still a Judge.

  8. Johnny Green


    America waking up this.


    RNC opens tonight against this backdrop.

    “Tonight, Jacob Blake was shot in the back multiple times, in broad daylight, in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Kathy and I join his family, friends, and neighbors in hoping earnestly that he will not succumb to his injuries. While we do not have all of the details yet, what we know for certain is that he is not the first Black man or person to have been shot or injured or mercilessly killed at the hands of individuals in law enforcement in our state or our country,” Evers said in his statement.”

      1. AKA Frilly Keane

        well any debt forgiveness would have to be declared in SIPO
        its a form of Benefit in Kind for Revenue purposes
        And for Ethics, Probity and Standards in Public Life, it is still a gift

        especially if the Debtor got to keep ownership of the Asset

        at the very least its a Conflict of Interest and requires them to declare and abstain from debate and voting on any decision that the Creditor has an interest in

        Now ye get the gist of why I want to know who Brian Hayes brought with him
        and what support(s) his organisation donated to the Society’s Summer Shindig, over an above Green Fees, Annual Membership, and Dinner / Lunch tickets

        there was a while there were a number of well supported Broadsheeters were using Journalist in their profiles here onetime

        Any chance they’d check who Noel Dempsey is repping with his Lobbying Business?
        Mr and Mrs were at the Captain’s table last week

  9. :-Joe

    Apropos of nothing related to the proverbial black hole that is Irish politics…
    ..Here’s some fun and educational astrophysics banter about gravity and the fascinating mysterious behaviour of our wider universe..

    – If you can get to the end without being left feeling at least a little strange then fair play to you…


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