This morning.

Slight change.

Same bias.



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12 thoughts on “Not Now

  1. broadbag

    That looks like a 30 min Beta Sp the cameraman holds up, more fake news from RTE! Plus he’s using 4G, that’s only 1 less bad than 5G!!!

  2. GiggidyGoo

    News Now? – The TV ‘RTE News Now’ is a complete joke. RTE do the One-O-Clock News, and just loop it until
    17:59. Nothing new added over 5 hours.

    I wonder will the new camera system be top-of-the-range iPhones?

  3. scottser

    ‘revolutionise our online coverage’ = we’ve saved loads of cash by retweeting what some bloke says on twitter.

  4. Paulus

    Is this like the time Jif was rebranded to Cif, (and I’m ashamed that I know), because it took me quite a while to come to terms with that.

    1. Janet, dreams of big guns

      it’s still Jif to me Paulus
      ( you secretly want another housekeeping page don’t you ..)

  5. Nialler

    ahhh full hd footage, so early noughties, 4K lads wtf, 4G? is it 5G compatible, if they’re going to be using these for the next 11 years they should even be 8K.

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