Saturday night.

Killarney, County Kerry.

Independent Kerry TD Michael Healy-Rae said the scenes in Kerry over the weekend would not have happened if all pubs were open.

“That is why I would use that scene in Killarney on Saturday night as an argument in persuading Government to allow all public houses to open. Because if our public houses are open, people will get alcohol in a measured and principled way, by responsible people who go before our courts every 12 months and who run what I call respectable public houses.”

He said he was “advocating that all pubs should be open, not just ones who serve food”.

Michael Healy-Rae: Killarney scenes would not have happened if pubs were open (Irish Times)

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44 thoughts on “Cry Freedom

  1. Art Vandelay

    Even if that video didnt have sound I would have known those bell-ends were going to be singing that awful song.

    1. JEH

      Of course they didn’t. There are already loads of pubs that are open without serving food or following the rules. It’s why the guards were given additional powers last week.

      If you look back to pre-pandemic times I’m sure you’ll find similar scenes in Killarney. Opening more pubs won’t stop people from drinking in the street or drinking irresponsibly. We’re in a deep economic recession right now. If you’re skint, are you going to spend a fiver on a pint or a fiver on 4 cans?

      1. Plumbob

        “Won’t stop” is way short of good enough.
        Opening pubs would make scenes like this this far far far more common. When drink is in, sense is out!
        Im curious if the vintners have offered any realistic proposals on how to fully reopen up their industry?

  2. Janet, dreams of big guns

    his jocks, standing on the phone box, it’s like a Failte add …
    just missing some auld wans breasticles in a viking helmet

    1. Brother Barnabas

      stripping off in public – but only so far as your underpants – is a really odd thing to do

      1. Janet, dreams of big guns

        exactly, either loose a bet and tear around Place Pigalle in your birthday suit or stay home… amateurs

  3. Murtles

    Doesn’t matter whether or not pubs are open or closed, Covid or no Covid, Gomer’s like this who climb phone boxes and remove their clothes live in their own tiny world and it’s in the exhibitionists small mind that he thinks everyone thinks he’s great craic. Laughing at you lad, not with you.

  4. scottser

    the options being touted on the news this morning are the same old story:
    1. even more sweeping powers of arrest and sanction for gardai – the ‘hanging’s too good for em’ narrative.
    2. open all the pubs so publicans can monitor situations like the above – the state sponsored ‘drink responsibily’ narrative
    3. ban all alcohol sales from supermarkets – the ‘licenced vintner’ narrative.

    you would think that a little sensible garda intervention over the weekend would have made this a non-story, but now we have to listen to pat kenny ‘suggesting’ that everyone is an idiot and given half a chance ‘they’ll all be at it’, they can’t be trusted and should have their freedoms removed because middle class sensibilities are offended and the whole thing is a slap in the face to frontline workers and yada yada fukn yada.

    i do not give a flying monkey’s what other people do.

  5. Walter Ego

    I saw a conspiracy nut genuinely arguing today on social media, that this video was staged with actors in order for us to be controlled into another lock down by the government.

  6. broadbag

    If the pubs are opened up fully there’ll be a huge amount of people (both publicans and public) who won’t take the piss and will approach it sensibly, there’ll also be a small bunch who will adopt the ‘cute hoor’ stereotype and turn it into a free for all, in a sense it’s only natural that people with different mindsets will react differently – some will be cautious and act responsibly, others will let loose and go on a hedonistic rampage.

    I’d be in the cautious camp but I somewhat understand the other side too. Plus, there’s next to no deterrent to letting loose and ignoring guidelines, bar the slim chance you might end up on the front page of a newspaper.

    It also seems that there’s only so long you can expect (some) people to behave for the good of all, individualism and selfishness takes over and when it’s amped up by mixed messaging, ever-changing scientific evidence, fluctuating govt advice (masks are no use/masks are now good, drink here/not there), falling death statistics and the (lazy) excuse of ”sure look at Golfgate” you can only see people breaking ranks more and more.

    A 2nd lockdown without harsher laws isn’t going to stick and they’re not going to introduce harsher laws, so it seems like the finger is out of the dam and we all better buy a pair of wellies.

  7. Bill Kavanagh

    We have to stop the sale of alcohol. And as for pubs that sell food, close the scammers down. It’s a joke.

  8. SOQ

    so it seems like the finger is out of the dam and we all better buy a pair of wellies.

    Ok so you have two scenarios of what is going to happen.

    The first is that CoVid-19 is behaving like a seasonal virus meaning it swept in, whipped the targeted vulnerable and is now tapered off- that is certainly what the data suggests. But, like all other similar there will be small amounts and possibly pockets popping up for some time.

    The second is that there will be a ‘second wave’ except that has never happened before. There is IMO a very credible theory that 1918 was actually two viruses in the one year- as evidenced by the fact that they attacked entirely different age groups.

    It was an unusual occurrence for sure but the odds of that happening again are the same for every winter, not just this next one. Also, on scale there is no comparison, CoVid-19 barely registers a a blip beside 1918.

    1. Junkface

      Corona type viruses like covid 19 and the common cold always occur in larger numbers heading into winter. That’s why there will be a 2nd wave. Its not just some theory that you think will not happen, its the nature of these types of virus. The 1918 Flu did have a 2nd wave that was far more devastating at the time (in 1919), but we have much better treatments on offer.

      If people insist on spending time indoors together in groups, in winter, without masks or ventilation then it will spread very fast and may even mutate to a version with higher viral loads too.

      1. SOQ

        If it was the same virus then tt would have attacked the same demographic surely? It did not- that much is certain. And, it would have taken a lot longer than one year to mutate to such a degree.

        1. Junkface

          What are you talking about exactly? The common cold comes around same time every year guaranteed. That is a type of corona virus as I mentioned.

          Doctors and nurses who died from covid 19 got a higher than normal viral load as they were surrounded by sick patients coughing into the air. That’s what killed them, high concentration of virus particles indoors, if this is repeated during winter months with people socialising indoors then the same thing will occur.

          1. SOQ

            I am not disputing that- in fact I was one of the first to bring it to this site that the viral load at infection time was a factor- what I am saying is that it is highly unlikely that CoVid-19 will have a second wave because those two viruses in 1918 and 1919 behaved very differently to each other.

            It is possible that there will be another nasty virus along but sure isn’t that is the same roll of the dice every year?

    2. Plumbob

      Your first point is far more likely to be down to public health measures that were inacted worldwide.
      When comparing the H1N1 virus of 1918 to C19 you also have to take an unbelievable amount of factors into account, modern treatments, worldwide knowledge sharing, sanitation, technology etc etc etc.

      1. SOQ

        OK so a comparative analysis between 2018 and 2020 shows that there were Jan-May there were 1700 MORE deaths in 2018 in Ireland- no difference between the factors in two years I would think and, as Sweden has proved, lock downs and masks don’t work.

        All I am really saying is that people should have a sense of perspective about this thing is all.

        1. Junkface

          “lock downs and masks don’t work.”

          This is not true and has never been conclusively proven. In fact the UK were going to go with this method until it was proven to be a disaster and led to a lot more deaths. There are very different population comparisons to take into account.

          1. SOQ

            Let me rephrase that- lock downs and masks don’t make a blind bit of difference- and yes it has been conclusively proven.

            There was no noticeable difference in ICU / fatalities between Sweden and elsewhere within the high risk group.

            Positive test results mean nothing if the vast majority don;t even know they have it.

  9. SOQ

    I actually think the harm to pubs has already been done. Outside of those who need to socalize- 18-30 and singles mainly- home drinking will continue because of the cost deferential.

    This is a Taoiseach who brought in the biggest fines for people smoking in pubs in Europe, so he fancies himself as an authoritarian- hence the silly unenforceable penalties for not wearing muzzles.

  10. John Smith

    In some ways, a muzzle might be preferable. It doesn’t affect one’s breathing! Not, of course, that I am supporting the use of either muzzles or masks for human beings, except for those masks which used when carrying out certain specific tasks.

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