A word in your shell-like.

Manus writes:

I know you don’t normally do this and  is hardly post-worthy given the horrible times we are in but I could do with a win. I lost a Bluetooth in-ear headphone (right ear) this morning while running for a bus outside the Spar in Phibsborough [Dublin 7]. Just bought last Friday and would love to get it back….


8 thoughts on “Story, Bud?

  1. goldenbrown

    HATE those wireless buds
    if you think “It’ll be grand shure I’ll be careful…nah I won’t lose them” you’re wrong
    you will lose one or both just like Manus
    they’re the work of the devil

    1. dav

      Didn’t lose mine but 1 fell out on to the pavement and that was both of them no longer working. If I ever et them again I’ll look for the ones with a cord holding them together or with a hook to hold them in the ear.

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