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This morning/afternoon.

In the leaving Cert….

This year’s calculated grades process has produced grades that are on average 4.4% higher than those of last year, according to aggregate data published by the Department of Education.

Across Higher Level papers, the proportion of H1 grades awarded is up by 3% compared to last year, from 5.9% of the total to 8.9%.

The proportion of H1 and H2 grades awarded is up by 5%, from one in five grades (20.9%) to one in four (25.9%).

At Ordinary Level, the number of O1 and O2 grades awarded has increased by 3.5%.

Record high results for Leaving Certificate class of 2020 (RTÉ)




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5 thoughts on “Unrepeatable

  1. george

    Maybe instead of a plan to discriminate against specific schools they should have uniformly reduced all marks based on the difference between 2020 and 2019.

    An average of the difference between 2020 and previous 3-5 years would probably be better but you get the idea.

  2. V AKA Frilly Keane

    They should have let them sit it
    Once the inter was cancelled
    And all the other years’ got their summer holidays in March
    How hard would it have been to reconfigure class rooms and timetables for 6th years
    2 ms apart / 10 Inc teacher per class

    And to organise exam halls
    Plenty of empty community halls & conference/ hotel function rooms lying idle

    No reason why exam scripts couldn’t have been managed as before
    Post and Courier Deliveries were all still fully working

    Whole thing was a cod tbh

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