September 17, 1967.

Pink Floyd with Syd Barrett play the Arcadia ballroom in Cork city.

Paul McDermott writes:

The only gig in the country! “Full psychedelic lighting and effects”. The Arc gig was a few weeks after Piper at the Gates of Dawn [Pink Floyd’s first album] was released…

Played Ballymena [County Antrim] the night before. Band drove to Cork, Roger [Waters] at the wheel, zooming down country roads, Gardai pulled him over and gave him a warning about how he could kill a kid. Rog said he never forgot it!


17 thoughts on “Bad Cork Trip

      1. Papi

        I did security for Carl Cox and sold his sweaty towels for twenty quid a pop from the DJ box.
        It was a strange time.

          1. Papi

            People just wanted to touch him (possibly yokes, ahem) but that man sweats through about thirty towels.
            Hence! My cunning plan. Made eighty snots.

  1. Oh No, it's Devo!

    I’ve got a feeling that this was one of the few gigs that had the ‘transitional’ 5 piece Floyd lineup with Gilmour and Barrett. Pretty incredible if true.

    Another weird Cork connection; I know a woman living in Cork who is the daughter of a former flat mate of Syd. He was one of the two that was accused/suspected of spiking him daily by his friends. Thought the girl was winding me up til she told me his name and I cross referenced a bio of Syd I had.

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