Natural Light To Dark


A recent apartment block planning application with just two south-facing windows

Architect Orla Hegarty writes:

Dublin City Council set standards for all homes to have daylight and sunlight (critical to well being and mental health); the Department of Housing guidance overruled it; above is new planning application.

On every floor there are 14 north-facing windows, and two south-facing [preferable as the sun follows a slightly southern east-to-west arc). One is on the stairs


8 thoughts on “Natural Light To Dark

  1. Cian

    Hmm.. I wonder where that is?
    And is there a possibility that there is a building to the south that blocks the sun? Should they put windows in that looks out at a blank wall?

  2. Hamish

    Strange how the brits used to tax light into buildings and it’s amazing how half the windows were blocked up to avoid it
    Maybe ideas for paschal’s fiscal space between his ears

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