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A recent apartment block planning application with just two south-facing windows

Architect Orla Hegarty writes:

Dublin City Council set standards for all homes to have daylight and sunlight (critical to well being and mental health); the Department of Housing guidance overruled it; above is new planning application.

On every floor there are 14 north-facing windows, and two south-facing [preferable as the sun follows a slightly southern east-to-west arc). One is on the stairs


Earlier this evening.

The Department of Housing released its latest homeless figures which showed there were 9,731 people (6,309 adults and 3,422 children) living in emergency accommodation in the final week of December 2019.

This represents a decrease of 387 adults and a decrease of 330 children compared to the figures for November 2019 when there were 10,448 people (6,696 adults and 3,752 children) living in emergency accommodation in the final week of November 2019.

In October, the figure recorded was 10,514 people (6,688 adults and 3,826 children).

In November 2018, the figure was 9,968; in December 2018, 9,753; in January 2019, 9,987; in February 2019, 10,264; in March 2019, 10,305; in April 2019, 10,378; in May 2019, 10,253; in June 2019, 10,172; in July 2019, 10,275; in August 2019, 10,338; in September 2019, 10,397.

*Earlier this evening we had a post up with the wrong figures. Sincere apologies.

Via Department of Housing

Minister for Housing Eoghan Murphy; latest homelessness figures from the Department of Housing

This morning.

The Department of Housing released it’s homeless figures for April.

It found that a new record of 10,378 people (6,584 adults and 3,794 children) were living in emergency accommodation in the final week of April.

Some 1,729 families were also recorded as living in emergency accommodation in April.

In March there were 10,305 people accessing emergency accommodation – 6,484 adults and 3,821 children. There were also 1,733 homeless families accessing emergency accommodation.

Therefore, this morning’s figures show there has been an increase of 100 adults, a decrease of 27 children, and four families living in emergency accommodation since March.

Asked about the figures this morning, Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy said:

“It’s hugely disappointing to see the numbers up again but we have seen a decrease in the number of families and children in emergency accommodation month-on-month. It’s a small decrease but it’s still a decrease.”

Depaul CEO Kerry Anthony said:

“The increase in those experiencing homelessness, the fourth in as many months shows that something is still very wrong with the way we are dealing with homelessness. We know house building is the real solution but in the interim we need to take measures that stop people entering homelessness.

“Depaul recently launched our awareness campaign ‘Real Doors of Dublin’ highlighting the on-going homelessness and rough sleeper crisis. We are urging people to stay sympathetic to those experiencing homelessness.

“There is a danger with such high numbers that the public may see homelessness as an issue that cannot be solved. That homelessness is simply a part of everyday life. This cannot happen.”

Read the department’s report in full here



Eoin, in comments, writes:

Disappointing”, where have you heard that word or minimal variations thereof before?

Looking back at the comments accompanying previous month’s homeless figures, all [bar the first which is Leo’s] from Eoghan Murphy since he’s been the housing minister (June 2017):

March 2019

“The situation is “disappointing and very depressing”. [Leo Varadkar]

February 2019

“The increase in homelessness in February is hugely disappointing.”

January 2019

“It is very disappointing and we remain in a very difficult situation where homelessness is heavily impacting on the lives of families and individuals.”

November 2018

“It is very disappointing to see more children in emergency accommodation as we enter into Christmas week.”

September 2018

“We are still very much in the midst of a crisis in homelessness in this country.”

August 2018

“Earlier this year a number of categorisation errors were identified and corrected in the March and April reports.”

July 2018

“Any increase in the number of people accessing emergency accommodation is unacceptable.”

June 2018

“Obviously any increase in people accessing emergency accommodation is unwelcome but it is good to see a decrease in the number of children and we are seeing a continued stabilisation of the numbers of people in emergency accommodation.”

May 2018

“Any increase in people in emergency accommodation is very disappointing.”

March 2018

“A number of local authorities have erroneously categorised individuals and families living in local authority owned or leased housing stock, including in some instances people renting in the private sector but in receipt of social housing supports, as being in emergency accommodation.”

January 2018

“The increase in homelessness in January was anticipated to a degree.”

November 2017

“Obviously the increase in November is disappointing.”

August 2017

“While the number of family presentations nationally in August has increased by 13 overall, the figure for Dublin has fallen by 32.”

Number of people officially recorded as homeless in Ireland since January 2016

Number of children officially recorded as homeless in Ireland since January 2016

Children’s Ombudsman Niall Muldoon

Yesterday evening.

The Department of Housing released it’s latest homeless figures.

They showed that, in the final week of September 2017, there were a record 8,374 people officially recorded as homeless in Ireland – 3,124 of whom were children.

This represents an increase of 76 children, 28 children, and 13 families since the final week in August 2017.

Further to this.

On RTÉ’s News at One, the Children’s Ombudsman Niall Muldoon said:

We’ve called it a crisis for a year and a half but I don’t see any visible changes at a sufficient level. There are over 3,000 young people or children in homelessness situations is a disgrace at this stage.”

Full list of figures here