Laters Gonna Late


Free September 18, 19, 24, 25 and 26?

Laters with Griff… is a series of ‘hybrid live and livestream gigs’ across five nights at Drop Dead Twice, Francis Street, Dublin 8.

Hosted in a table-service only environment by David Griffin (A.K.A. Griff), the shows will feature some of Ireland’s up-and-coming artists……Including ​Bi Curious, Blackbird and Crow, Blue Fish Diamond, Chris Kabs, Contour, Dubh Lee, Dublin City Rounders, Emily 7, Fanacanta, Funkulele, Gaolbyrd, God Creative, Jaxson, JyellowL, Kieran Mulvihill, Lethal Dialect, Marcas Carcass And The Trail Gang, Modern Love, New Valley Wolves, The Last Vinci, TYG, Vernon Jane, Vulpynes, and Witch Trials.

In fairness.

Laters With Griff Hybrid Music Festival

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