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  1. f_lawless

    Did anyone see the RTE 6 o’clock news this evening as the presenter asked leading WHO doctor David Nabarro “Will we be allowed have Christmas this year?” – almost like he was seeking out approval from the Vatican.

    “I’m not sure” said Nabarro, “what we need is some way to bring normality back to the different aspects of our lives such as work, education, entertainment, etc”

    Meanwhile across the water Boris has been taking about a “freedom pass” which will let the the British public return to a pre-Covid normality:

    “Mass testing could see people given a “freedom pass” to go about life as normal, safe in the knowledge they are not infectious with Covid-19, the Prime Minister has said.”


    I said it before and I’ll say it again I strongly suspect we are being conditioned for mass uptake of these “digital health passports” or “freedom passes”. Fear of a “second wave” will continue to be hyped for the foreseeable future, Restrictions might get lifted briefly only for new ones to be imposed again. In the end we’ll be so weary and confused by it all that most will gladly consent to opt in to this new digital system combined with mass on-the-spot testing if it promises a way back to “normality”.

    But really Western global policy makers are using the pandemic as a pretext to begin to implement a major new system of governance in a similar vein to China’s social credit system and at the same time perform a “Great Reset” of world economies (as they dubbed it over at the World Economic Forum) in order to keep pace with China geopolitically.

    Our government have likely been convinced that this is coming anyway and so are now on board. Anyway, ever since making the disastrous blunder to shut down the economy and their failure to adequately protect those in nursing homes, they’re desperate to protect the credibility of their narrative so why fight the tide of this major social engineering project by western elites? To admit they got things wrong at this stage and face a public inquiry would be political suicide.

    1. Steph Pinker

      ‘To admit they got things wrong at this stage and face a public inquiry would be political suicide.’
      That’s a nice succinct conclusion which is applicable in many aspects, including Ireland. I admire your apparent lack of cynicism, f-lawless; notwithstanding, keep it lit :)

    2. Brother Barnabas

      “In the end we’ll all be so weary and confused…”

      a state that arrives sooner to some than to others

    3. Cian

      The other possibility is that there is a real global pandemic and each governments is trying to do its best.

      You asked me to define a “second wave”, which i did; can you tell me at what stage you will acknowledge that there is a “second wave” (or a continuation of the first wave, or however you want to call it)? At how many cases/hospital inpatients/ICU beds/deaths/excess mortality will you take this seriously?
      You mentioned ‘excess mortality’ as a measure – what is your threshold?


      1. SOQ

        A second wave- why would this virus behave in such a manner when all others did not? This insistence of a second wave is not supported by the science.

        Surely if there was to be a second wave it would start where the firs initial infection began- meaning Wuhan- in which case, we will have plenty of warning.

        1. TypeONegative

          >Surely if there was to be a second wave it would start where the firs initial infection began- meaning Wuhan- in which case, we will have plenty of warning.

          Thats not how outbreaks work at all! A potential second outbreak would occur wherever measures are lax enough for it to spread exponentially.

          1. sidhe

            it’s genuinely worrying that he thinks that at all

            viruses don’t work like that, and for all of the reading and vids he’s watched and information he’s taken in, you’d think he’d understand

          2. SOQ

            My rational is based on the fact that so far this thing represents as a classic Gompertz curve- like all flu like viruses.

            We already know that Sars-Cov-2 was in the sewage of certain places months before their outbreaks so there appears to be something else which triggers it, and that is most likely a seasonal factor.

          3. Cian

            You are assuming that COVID is totally exhausted and the “classic Gompertz curve” has peaked.

            If lockdown has limited the spread then there is still huge percentage of the population that were neither exposed to the virus nor immune. What happens if we drop masks, social distancing, lockdown, etc? These people will get infected and start a second peak – not quite a second Gompertz curve because there are now people that are (presumably) immune so we aren’t starting with a fully infect-able population.

        2. Cian

          A second wave because we stopped the first wave with lockdowns, social distancing, working from home, closing pubs etc..

          I know you don’t believe in a second wave, but have you considered the possiblity that you are wrong? Humour me. At what stage (cases/hospital inpatients/ICU beds/deaths/excess mortality) will you acknowledge that there is a second wave.

          For what its worth there are 68 Confirmed Cases in Hospital today; 11 in ICU yesterday. These numbers keep rising.

          1. SOQ

            Cain if masks and lockdowns work then why are countries which never lockdowned not off the scale? This is a belief not borne out by the facts.

            Nobody is saying it has gone but nobody is saying last years flu has totally gone either. Of course there will be incidences of it but how many are in hospital right now for last year’s flu or pneumonia?

            The singular reporting on this thing is highly questionable.

            As for today’s figures- 12 into hospital, 7 discharged and 2 into ICU. How many of those people are commodities btw? But, the positive test % results is 1.8, same as yesterday- with 11 555 people tested.

          2. Cian

            Will you answer the question? At what stage will you admit that there is a second wave?
            If you are genuine don’t understand why you are avoiding answering this?

            Either there will be second wave (my belief) or there won’t (your belief). So lets agree the threshold for the wave.

          3. SOQ

            There is no metric for a second wave because it has never happened before.

            Why are you so certain that a virus which is 80% the same as previous Coronas is going to change history?

            People build up community immunity to a virus which prevents it’s spread again- this is the way it has always been. Pockets and low number may appear afterwards but by in large it has gone.

            How the hell did we get to this point where expecting our immune systems to do what they are programmed to do- has become a conspiracy theory?

          4. Cian

            Why won’t you define a threshold for your acceptance that you might be wrong and there is a second wave?

            If you truly believe that there won’t be another wave – what is the problem?

            What about: 100 deaths in a 7-day period? 50 people in ICU? 250 people hospitalised? Would exceeding that count as a second wave?

          5. SOQ

            And once more for Jesus- why are you so certain that a virus which is 80% the same as previous Coronas is going to change history?

            You are the one arguing against the empirical evidence here Cian so please explain why.

          6. Cian

            You are saying “there won’t be a second wave” but you are unwilling to define what that a “second wave” is? Regardless of what happens you can pretend you are right?

            I am looking at the Irish data. Not youtube videos and twitter.
            – Number of cases in was below 50 for all of June and July. Those numbers have been growing for the last seven weeks.
            – Number in hospital has been growing steadily for the last five weeks; now 68
            – Number in ICU is growing. There are now 13 people in ICU – the highest since June

            The question is – why are you denying this?

          7. SOQ

            So you can’t answer- because there never was one before. Why? Because when community immunity reaches a certain threshold there is not enough hosts to propagate it- as it has always been, and always will be.

            You are making the exact same mistake as Ferguson and his lot- the assumption that this is an entirely new virus when it fact, four fifths of it have been flying around for years, and a lot of people already have responsive T Cells.

          8. Cian

            “Because when community immunity reaches a certain threshold […]”
            I totally agree with this. The difference is that I’m not convinced we have reached that threshold. And the data currently supports this. Is the data wrong?

            Why won’t you tell me want you mean by “second wave”? What are you afraid of?

          9. SOQ

            What am I afraid of? LOL I am not one denying the science Cian. History will judge.

            Prof. Richard Enos & Prof. Beda. M. Stadler

            Positive tests are not #CovidUK infections

            “Media are scare-mongering for a second wave, when there’s no evidence for one”

            “So much testing, causing so much nonsense and panic!”


          10. Cian

            You’re ignoring the numbers.
            – Number of cases in was below 50 for all of June and July. Those numbers have been growing for the last seven weeks.
            – Number in hospital has been growing steadily for the last five weeks; now 68
            – Number in ICU is growing. There are now 13 people in ICU – the highest since June

  2. Charger Salmons

    Any news on how that Tory MPs rebellion is going ?
    They surely must have been bolstered by the war criminal Tony Blair complaining about the breaking of international law without a hint of irony.
    Or perhaps it was the intervention of legendary ex-Prime Ministers May and Major which put fire in their bellies.
    Even Call Me Dave was in on the act although,reliably,the BBC carefully edited his words.
    So over now to the Commons and our BBC correspondent Lefty Woke for a news update.
    ” Er,it’s all gone a bit Pete Tong here Quentin.
    Lucky old Boris the Bounder has only gone and passed the first hurdle with a majority of 77.
    No sign yet of that mass rebellion we’ve been confidently predicting for days.That definitely wasn’t in the Politburo-approved script we wrote.”
    ” Er, thanks Lefty and I’ll leave you to head off and find an obscure backbencher willing to say what you tell him and if not that pompous,long-winded bore Ian Blackford is always good for a Boris-bashing turn ”

    Marvellous stuff and there’s still another three months of Boris and Dom playing them all like fools.

      1. Charger Salmons

        Ed Miliband ( just the one l ) is not even the best politician in his own family.
        Bacon sarnie anyone ?

          1. Charger Salmons

            How was Boris humiliated when he won the vote last night with a handsome majority ?
            His backstop idea has caused the very outrage it was intended to.
            You think he cared that Miliband was spluttering away across the Despatch Box ?
            Blair,Major, and May pontificating was manna from heaven for Boris.
            Failed politicians trying to prevent Brexit and siding with the EU against Blighty ?
            Perfect optics for the negotiations as they enter the.critical stage.
            You’ve got a lot to learn about politics lad if you’re getting tumescent over a speech by Ed Miliband ( just the one l )

          2. Otis Blue

            Sure, Borat looking like a real winner there. Looks like he might have soiled himself too, though it’s hard to tell these days.

            Btw, nobody is looking to prevent Brexit. It’s done. The UK is out. The Brits just need to own it now.

    1. Kate

      Arlene was on the ball …. The EU “needs to stop using Northern Ireland to get their own way” ….we are “not the plaything of the EU”.

  3. Charger Salmons

    News just in – a seance has been planned by the BBC so that Ted Heath can give his views on the Internal Market Bill.

          1. Janet, dreams of big guns

            Charger does seem very grumpy he can’t use another username, how many others did it try out before BS lost their patience ?

        1. Papi

          “Please revert to your regular user name” didn’t like getting his wrist slapped.
          Was it terribly humiliating?

        2. Joe F

          Any chance of you “debating” your pal Bozo breaking laws old boy? From Britain rules the waves to Britain waives the rules. That’s today’s debate topic. Oh I forgot, your pal is faultless. Silly me.

  4. GiggidyGoo

    Varadkar will now say anything to try keep in the spotlight. He’s making a right dope put of himself in the process.

      1. Charger Salmons

        He’s wasting his time
        The Shinners will be in power after the next election.
        Then it’s time to lay your hands on the biggest box of popcorn you can find.
        What a show that will be.

        1. Brother Barnabas

          mary lou in the hot seat within 2 years, by which time Britain will be a pariah state – with boris begging mary lou to put in a good word on the international stage

          1. GiggidyGoo

            That’s if he’s around that long. He is a magnified Nigel Farage personality with a majority at the moment, but his own (the ones that can think for themselves that is) are turning on him.

          2. Charger Salmons

            The Irish Republic of Venezuela has a nice ring to it.
            Free stuff for everyone while paying back the bailout, finding the €17.5 billion for the EU budget and then the small matter of the colossal debt racked up by stupid Covid-19 travel restrictions, pub closures and the bottomless hole of Unemployment and PUP expenditure and it’ll be back to eating raw turnips and getting the cheapest flights to Blighty to find work.
            We’ll look after you though lads.We always do.
            And when the Shinners get the keys to the files of Irish Intelligence ( stop sniggering at the back ) the mayhem will be a joyous sight to behold.
            I’m genuinely looking forward to voting SF again just for the lolz.
            Heh x €€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€

          3. GiggidyGoo

            9.8 on the Sure Have Inferiority Troubles meter Charger. At this rate you’re going to break the dial.

      2. GiggidyGoo

        Yes, the campaigning is off the a flying start. Yesterday it was some Z-list senator to try a SF attack.
        Yesterday as well it was ‘Ah sure Michilín will hope that his record on opening the schools will count a lot for FF’s vote.
        Today, it’s a go at the Greens and their adding to the cost of car purchase

        Varadkar obviously believes the polls (like he did in the run up to announcing the last election – that worked out dandy for him….noooot)

      1. Vanessanelle

        keep following that tweet Janie

        They’re releasing each baker one by one

        so far there are TWO Accountants, one Student studying, Accounting (& Finance)
        and one Paddy

        So far the one who produces Pantos
        is making good ground to being my fav

        BACK 22nd September – set the Timers

          1. Charger Salmons

            Accountants go wild over baking.
            You can imagine what a barrel of fun the office Christmas party is.

          2. Vanessanelle

            two for one Same’Oh

            And Charage
            All walks of life Bake

            Its the great equaliser
            and it doesn’t discriminate

            Meanwhile, feel free to invite me to your own Christmas doodle

  5. Charger Salmons

    The Boris Backstop is a thing of beauty which has caused exactly the ripple effect that was intended.
    The bed-wetters should familiarise themselves with the ECJ ruling in the Kadi-Barakaat case.
    Just to remind the yellow mattress brigade the ECJ ruled that the EU should disregard the UN Charter, the highest text of international law, if the Charter is at odds with the EU’s internal constitutional order.’
    There was also another interesting ruling by the German Constitutional Court earlier this year which set the cat amongst the pigeons.
    Barnier is sweating like Big Phil in the K-Club sauna after a round of golf and a feed of pints.

  6. Charger Salmons

    Ed Miliband ( just the one l ) is not even the best politician in his own family.
    Bacon sarnie anyone ?

      1. Charger Salmons

        Anti-Semitism ?
        You’ll have to tell me what part of the post triggered your woke-ometer.
        This’ll be interesting.
        Don’t be shy.

  7. Fred

    Just listening to mehole

    He really is clueless
    Now we are hearing varadkar

    I honestly think the plug will be pulled before the end of October
    As a staunch anti leftie I believe that anything is better than this shower that are seriously inept a Sinn Fein leftie government is preferable

    Get ready for the next election

  8. Charger Salmons

    The most important chunks of ice in the world are the ones currently chilling my Bombay Sapphire and tonic

    1. Janet, dreams of big guns

      you do realize any credibility this particular persona you had fleshed out ( pun intended) is shot to merde.

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