The Convention Centre, Dublin.

Thanks Alan Bracken


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  1. Itchysays

    Not a single comment ?

    I’ve been a surveyor from the sidelines of BS since the very beginning.
    I like my politics (not so much lately) and cat videos as much as the next, and I can take or leave the last 10 years of ‘you may like this’ posts ( probably the least commented on posts in the entire BS history ?)

    But I’ve gotten to know you all like your music (Bertie, Bemused,Millie etc…even Rotide ! ) …and gigs, and the memories of great and not so great bands in venues all over the country… some long gone, and long forgotten.

    We are experiencing an unprecedented time in our everyday lives and for some, life will never be the same, I’m sure most of us are coming to terms with that reality now, today even….but if you think that eventually, however it happens, we will emerge from this nightmare and there will still be gigs to go to, bands to sweat to and memories to add to ?
    There won’t be, not if things continue as they have for the past 6 months…I’m not talking about ’the arts sector’ here…which are continually supported and bolstered by the Arts Council of Ireland…you can stream the NSO every friday since last week, 1 person or 1000, doesn’t make a fluting difference to them, they’re still on their salaries…I’m talking about the same thing people all over Ireland and here on BS get excited by… going to see, hear and experience a live concert.

    Anyway, there’s not a lot anyone can do at the moment based on the restrictions for other sectors and areas of life, so this is not a call to arms or even a call to sign a petition…I just ask that you draw from your previous memories whenever the first glimpse of light appears and support any and every artist and venue you can thanks.

    And tell your kids…they’ll love it too…honest !

      1. Janet, dreams of big guns

        yep only seeing this this morning, says the lazy divil on her first coffee 9.11 am,
        definitely have all my support, a lot of my friends are artists in one way or another, and that’s the ones that managed to keep at it despite the odds and the world would be desperate without art, music, literature, film etc,
        only art and love make life worth living.

  2. Slightly Bemused

    Hi @Itchysays
    Like Bodger said the post was late, and to be honest, I was asleep. My daughter’s band in Wisconsin – The Wisconsin Youth Orchestra – have a recital tonight, so I went to bed early so I could be awake for that. The rest of my week’s sleep cycle will be really … strange
    I did not know of this event until this posting. I am not on Twitter, Spotify, Facebook,.. so I probably miss the advance information.Whatever about that, you are right: they need our support, as always, but now more than ever. To lose that voice, those voices, would be a crime.
    But I would like to tell you that it has been my joy over the past few months to find new Irish music. There are many, but if I have to name a few, Emma Langford has my 2020 heart! Do not tell her- she knows my cousins too well!
    Bronagh Gallagher has absolutely blown me away with her new album. I thought it would be Maria or Angelina, but Bronagh has proven to be the true lady to take the flag. I heartily recommend it.
    Luanne Parle’s latest release is incredible – close your eyes and listen. You will not be disappointed. Unless you expect hard rock. Then you might be…
    I am a Kildare man, so speaking of Kildare artists I have to be careful. But the station KFM does a wonderful promotion of Irish and more especially local artists every week. I have learned more about the talent this county has to offer during this time and it is incredible. Recent LP release by Sinead O’Riordan is a case in point.
    Every week, The ‘Sheet does its ‘You May Like This’ thread. Sometimes I do, sometimes I do not. But I love learning new music.
    @Itchsays: I am sorry I missed this. I hope it has been recorded so I can enjoy it later. But please, do not equate silence because of sleep or other reasons for lack of interest.
    I have not been to a live gig in a while, but definitely want to be again. But in order for that, there is a proviso. What was the song?

    Choose your own, it will not be wrong!

    1. Slightly Bemused

      I just realised. This is her last performace with the Youth Orchestra. She has gotten too old. Mext stop, the State Orchestra!

      Edit: so from about 4 – 7 am, forget any responses. After that, sleep beckons, so who knows? :-)

    2. GiggidyGoo

      Hear hear. I’ve been a fan of Emma Langford ever since i saw her play in a very small bar in a hotel in Killaloe in 2016. Just herself and a double bass player and a Roland Cube amp. I knew that she was bound for fame.Her recent offerings have been brilliant. Mariana / Road to Kells Bay/Goodbye Hawaii etc. The arrangements and videos are top class.
      The ‘You may like this’ items have opened up new Irish artists to me. Some talent out there.

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