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    1. GiggidyGoo

      And all assuming the lazy prayer joined hands position complete with forced smiles.
      Why is yer man circled in the photo?

      1. Charger Salmons

        Given that the story is about the Health Minister feeling unwell and his name is mentioned in the headline I would have thought even someone of your limited intelligence could have worked that one out.

        1. Joe F

          I’m trying to come up with the right term for your level of intelligence, you absolute clown. You were spewing on recently about how no one could carry on a debate with you. You really remind me of Donald Trump in ways. Good old Donald replied to an expert on climate change a couple of days ago “Oh well, I don’t think science knows actually” . You’re the same with your pal Bozo. I didn’t hear anything from you about the major issue with shortage of tests in the UK? Oh but as long as he is ahead in the polls that’s all that matters old boy. Did you work for the Daily Express in the past? Your mentality fits like a glove with theirs old boy. You really are some clown.

          1. SOQ

            Anyone who thinks the shortage of tests in the UK is just an accident is being very naive. The way to stop the media getting hysterical about a ‘casedemic’- is to stop mass testing.

        2. GiggidyGoo

          Sure we know what Donnelly looks like – why circle him? Does it add to the story? Maybe they circled him so that bean savages would know who he is.

          Still trawling the Irish websites and papers then? The Sure Have Inferiority Troubles meter is always above the 7 mark these days. Sad.

      1. millie madonna

        That’s a bit much. It’s gone downhill, no question, over the years but to call it sinister is overdoing it.

        It’s a pity, because I used to find it a more balanced news source than it currently is. They did a better job of masking their more liberal tendencies. I’m not sure if that’s an editorial shift or just a decline in journalistic standards but it’s a shame either way.

        On another note, their food columns are almost always excellent. I find the comment section there lovely.

        1. Harry xe/xem

          I’m also read for the comments, especially hilarious underneath the “peak guardian” articles.

          The recipes though, even the simple ones, I find them so London middle class and assuming you have ready access to obscure ingredients. But I don’t read them all. I did use their guidance for sourdough (last year before everyone was doing it…)

          1. millie madonna

            Ottolenghi is absolutely dreadful for the nonsense ingredients. I’m a big fan of Nigel Slater’s recipes and Felicity Cloake’s column. Always find them to be worth a read.

            I also enjoy the vicious bitching of the restaurant reviews.

          2. Lilly

            I went full-on Ottolenghi one evening, got the works down to the pomegranate juice. The result was vile. Maybe you need a Persian palate but it was an odd mix of savoury and sweet that didn’t work for me.

        2. scottser

          david squires and the footie in general is the best thing in the guardian, although toynbee and hyde are also worth a read. there are a few too many sanctimonious chancers like owen jones there for my liking though.
          it’s the only paper that has maintained a consistent and logical anti-brexit line, which in a UK that has gone so bat plop over the last two years probably makes it come across like some weird journalistic anomoly.

          1. bisted

            …let’s face it Nigel…the polls unanimously showed a pro-remain sentiment…a lot of people didn’t bother voting because of that…same thing happened in US presidential elections…crooked Hillary confounded the polls and snatched defeat from the jaws of victory…

          2. Nigel

            Hmm. It’s almost as if the discrepancy between polling and results could suggest some sort of nefarious aspect to both outcomes. Someone should really look into that.

          1. millie madonna

            Thanks for the laughs Rob_G and Junkface. They both went down very well with a cup of coffee just now.

  1. Shayna

    BBC pay increases? I wonder if there are similar increments in salary at BS HQ. Zoe Ball is up £1M in London – Stephen Nolan is up £65k in Belfast at the BBC?

    1. ian-oh

      I see, you clearly have zero respect for medical staff. I’ve been reading a lot about this and it seems they did not perform a miracle, but came close. But then you don’t seem to embrace science and go straight to the conspiracy theory default.

      An awful lot of dedicated medical professionals worked very hard to keep him alive, but you just impugn their and all the other healthcare workers efforts with a lazy, deluded comment.

      Pretty sad really.

      1. f_lawless

        There’s not much in the way of heart-warming news stories these days. So what if he’s a vile, unapologetic racist? The people are smiling in the front page photo. Let us rejoice in this near-miracle!


        ‘Several years ago, he released a number of disturbing videos, including one in which he is dressed as a dentist, complaining that tooth cavities ruin healthy teeth, as clips of migrant workers are shown. In another video, he speaks out in favour of relaxing gun controls, in a monologue that appears to compare migrants to cockroaches.

        I ask him if he regrets those videos now, and he’s unapologetic. He sees it as a strength that he can speak to both liberals and nationalists. But comparing migrants to cockroaches? “That was artistic license,” he says. So there’s nothing at all from those videos or that period that he regrets? “No,” he says again, firmly.’

        1. Nigel

          I hate racists as much as the next person, so long as the next person isn’t, eg, Clampers or Pat Mustard, but even I draw the line at poisoning them with novichok.

          1. Just Sayin

            Don’t just +1 it Bodger, actively use Broadsheet to promote the truth.

            Or has broadsheet lost it’s journalistic Balls?

    1. ian-oh

      Its funny, the only stuff I hear about this Luke O’Neill guy is from you and others with your mindset. I heard about his anti mask guff months back and still wore my mask – properly. Still doing so. Why? Asia. Its been my main source of information about this, I avoid the Indo, RTE and the IT more or less, always have on other issues so that follows on with this.

      I’d advise you start looking at Asian news sites, their take on western issues is quite refreshing and keep away from the idiotic Irish mainstream media. Heck, much as I criticise Broadsheet for its imbalance about Covid 19, its still a more honest take in many respects (don’t get too excited Bodger, I’ll be back later on to scold you!)

      1. SOQ

        Luke O’Neill has been the main proponent of mask wearing in Ireland Ian- he even appeared on The Late Late with a sewing machine showing how to make one yourself- which is why this turn about is so remarkable.

        As per my link, he was also responsible for some of the most outrageous scare mongering this country has ever seen.

        In Asia they do wear more masks but a lot of those countries have much higher levels of air pollution too. The efficacy of such for viral transmission is questionable however as they have the same rates of flu for example.

        1. Charger Salmons

          I’m certainly not looking forward to wearing a mask for the entire duration of my next Transatlantic flight.
          Three hours to the Med recently was bad enough.
          On the plus side airports are virtual ghost towns so transition through them is much easier.

          1. Ian-Oh

            Try wearing one in hospital, including before, during and after a few hours of surgery.

            Unless….you’re a bit of a snowflake? You’re not, are you? : (

          2. Charger Salmons

            I mentioned yesterday that I’m entirely happy with mask wearing.
            I have grave doubts about its efficacy as did the WHO for many months of this pandemic.
            But if it sooths the anxieties of others then why not ?
            It did cross my mind during the flight that this is what it must have been like for those front line medical staff who were not spending their time making TikTok dance videos.

          3. SOQ

            The one thing people miss when they reference medical staff is that the environment, particularly operating theatres, which are very well ventilated- while the average shop or school room is not.

            My point is that the wider environment is also a factor when wearing a mask. If the room is already stuffy then it is a lot harder to wear one, especially when trying to concentrate.

          4. Janet, dreams of big guns

            I find my chemist the most pleasant place to be they have obviously cold air con on to the max

          5. Cian

            I don’t know if there will be a second wave or not.

            I don’t know if the first wave petered out because we achieved “herd immunity” – or because we locked down and removed the fuel from the fire (as it were). If you look at the statistics there are area of the country with minimal numbers of positive Covid tests – these areas are ripe for their own “first wave”.

            If you look at positive tests:
            There was a drop in COVID June.
            There was an increase in COVID July. (same number of tests – just a lot more +ve)
            There was a further increase in August.
            The increase has continued in September.

            The numbers in hospitals has been rising for the last 5 weeks;

            The numbers in ICU is rising. (although this is more recent and I’d wait for it to continue before saying it is a trend). But it is worrying.

            There are new deaths again this month. Again, not a trend – but worrying.

            All of this, to me, is pointing at an resurgence of COVID.

            Will it be as bad as March? No – if it starts to get out of hand we’ll get lockdowns again.

        2. Ian-Oh

          The late late show? When I start reducing my showering intervals and reminiscing about Haughey I might start watching, as is, I don’t even have a TV package, not even Saorview so I don’t watch regular telly, I’m an online only person these days but irrespective, its not RTE or “Tubbs” that I consult for any reason.

          As for mask wearing, they wear them to be considerate and have been doing so for quite some time. Pollution is a tiny factor in their usage and generally not that effective.

      2. bisted

        …have to say this mask debate is kind of amusing in that the pro-sickness crowd seem to be obsessed by it…less harm than the more dangerous messages they pedal. One thing you mentioned there is the correct use of masks…surely, there is a hierarchy between a mask being used as proper PPE and those disgusting rags that people seem to have slept with hanging round their chins…maybe their should be a system to give replacement masks…a bit like the needle exchange…

  2. goldenbrown

    hm. that was some C19 test turnaround time for Donnelly all the same
    by my maths it took just 3 hours sundries allowing

    1. Charger Salmons

      Arriving at Rome airport recently we received the results of our C-19 test within 30 minutes.
      I have no problem with goverment ministers being fast-tracked or receiving preferential treatment.
      They run the country.

  3. Nigel

    ‘The world missed a critical deadline to safeguard biodiversity, UN report says’
    ‘The bad news is, we’ve failed. With none of the 20 targets fully met, and only six partially, the report is yet another reminder of the urgent need to redesign the way we produce, consume, and trade goods. But scattered throughout the 220-page document—a synthesis of scientific evidence, other UN assessments, and countries’ national reports—are glimmers of progress demonstrating that nature fares well when actions are taken. If we can scale them up immensely, there’s still hope for a future where humanity lives in harmony with nature.’

    1. Junkface

      From a Police point of view the far right are definitely a more heavily armed group, therefore more dangerous, BUT there is tonnes of footage showing Antifa and BLM rioters (after dark) wrecking streets full of businesses including black owned businesses. Its all there on twitter to watch (@MrAndyNgo), along with Antifa mouthpieces shouting “What did you see? crowd response : we didn’t see sh*t.” Giving instructions to everyone witnessing the rioting and burning. Also there’s the 48 year old Antifa guy caught on camera in a car park hiding just before he shoots and kills a Trump supporter. So they are all armed, but the right are armed more. Its a mess, there are a lot of grey areas there. Then there was the murders during the CHOP or CHAZ zone or whatever they called it in Portland.

      A lot of news media just failed to report it as it did not fit their narrative. Why not just report the Truth? That should be the goal.

      1. Nigel

        ANDY NGO? Are you kidding me? Rioting and burning and violence is bad, but Andy Ngo is a right wing propagandist, pure and simple. Something like 96% of BLM protests have been entirely peaceful. It isn’t that from a police point of view the far right are more heavily armed, it’s that the police and the far right overlap and collude. The FBI have been warning about white supremacists joining US police forces for years now, and it’s been completely ignored. The far right and white supremacists have been responsible for murders and acts of violence and terrorism for decades. Antifa barely scratch that surface in terms of violence, but right now there’s a huge panic on the west coast because right-wing Trumo supporters have been convinced by misinformation and propaganda that BLM and antifa are starting the wildfires and looting evacuated suburbs. Right-wing militia set up road blocks. People delayed evacuating themselves and their families. THAT’S the mess.

        1. Junkface

          That’s not accurate Nigel. There are lots of video journalists who recorded similar things, many of them without political affiliations. Most of the BLM/Antifa protests after dark were not protests but riots and looting. The FBI and Police have been using these videos as evidence too. If you look for the truth on these events its easy to find, and a number of journalists for large agencies are starting to report it finally.

          Right wing militia’s are crazy and armed. I agree, but don’t deny the truth that everyone can see with their own eyes, many of the videos have been cross checked and confirmed.

          Blaming the Forest fires on BLM groups doesn’t hold water, I also agree on that.

          Its actually Antifa / BLM that were creating dangerous road blocks, and even blocking a hospital entrance after 2 police were shot. That’s disgusting. The left should be criticized too for all of this. One sided news helps nobody, actually it increases the level of violence.

          1. Nigel

            The fact that such a widespread piece of scaremongering disinformation is running wild out there about antifa/BLM really should give you pause about believing these stories.

    1. ian-oh

      Its all fear based. Some people just have to be lead, they cannot think for themselves. Back in 2016 I actually looked at Clinton and had a sneaky suspicion that Trump might win – a suspicion I might add, I was as shocked as anyone.

      Clinton was not a leader, end of story. Too remote, too condescending, too much stiff and that’s me being nice to her. Trump on the other hand, as President, tells them what they want to be true and they lap it up.

      Quite sad really, but thats what their great experiment has wrought – a reality disconnect.

      1. Nigel

        That’s not fear. That’s living in an airtight informational bubble. I don’t want to excuse Ciinton her failings, but an informational bubble that can convince thinking human beings that Trump would make a good president is formidable. An informational bubble that can convince thinking human beings that Trump IS a good president is beyond formidable.

    2. Junkface

      Ha ha! Trump achieved none of those things! And their national debt is at an all time high. That’s some strong Fox news propaganda they have been watching. Christ!

      I think he was right to tackle China head on though, as mush as I despise him. China were running riot in every way. This peace deal in the Middle East is also an achievement, if it holds up.

  4. ian-oh

    If you are incapable of breathing wearing a cloth mask then you might have some other condition. I’ve worn them for extended periods of time (had to do site visits a fair bit) and never had an issue with them?

    Even back in I think June or Late may when we got a couple of reasonably warm days I was wearing a mask inside a building with no ventilation or air con running at all.

    No bother Santy.

    1. SOQ

      Good for you- now lets look at the facts- take Asthma for example.

      Ireland has one of the highest rates of asthma prevalence in the world. It is the most common chronic disease affecting children, and the most common chronic respiratory disease in adults. Why is that btw?

      No. of asthma discharges from Intensive Care Unit (ICU) 100
      No. of asthma inpatient discharges (HIPE 2011) 3,322
      No. of attendances in ED due to asthma 20,000
      No. of attendances to OOH GP service with uncontrolled asthma 50,000
      No. of people with uncontrolled asthma 240,000 (54%)
      No. of people in ROI with doctor diagnosed asthma 450,000


      And that is only ONE respiratory condition.

      Asthma UK has stated that people with respiratory conditions do not need to wear face masks if they are finding it hard to breathe but some people do- because they don’t want to create a scene, or draw attention to themselves.

      Or, because some A** hole can’t mind their own business.

      1. ian-oh

        Extreme cases SOQ, extreme cases. I know lots of people with asthma who wear them without any problem. I know one person who cannot as they have a severe version of it but as they are so ill they don’t go out too much of late, unless for anything outdoor related.

        However, all the other steps in relation to distancing, hand sanitising stands for them.

        As for being an a**hole, I do not call people out on mask wearing for that very reason, I have no idea if they genuinely have a reason not to wear one so I stay away from them. I did say it to one guy a while back in the supermarket who was actually sniffling and walked right up to me as I was perusing a shelf – I basically and politely said if he cannot wear a mask could he stand back a bit please. Funny thing was that as soon as I said it, he blushed, reached into his coat and put his mask on.

        So take that on board – I said if he ‘could not’ could he please employ another step to keep us all OK, no anger, no condemnation, no need for an argument.

        I’ll leave that to the tough guys outside the Dail with their concealed weapons.

        You might think I am an anti mask crusader, in reality, I am just trying to be safe and keep others safe. Simple as that.

  5. Charger Salmons

    The real fun on here today is seeing one post get moderated and then being removed some time later.
    Like the first mod going out for their lunchtime sandwich – tuna mayo on brown with no butter and hold the mayo natch – and being replaced by another one with even more parochial views
    Great entertainment altogether.

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