It’s coming home.

Rob Loughlin’s LEGO Jack Byrne attacks ahead of tomorrow’s tonight’s Europa League clash clash at Tallaght Stadium between Shamrock Rovers and Italian giants AC Milan.


Last night.

Tallaght Stadium

Paddy Power welcome to AC MIlan fans.

Pics: Karen Morgan

14 thoughts on “Bricking It

  1. Rob_G

    I don’t know which is worse: BS’s promotion of dangerous conspiracy theories, or their shilling for gambling companies any time one decides to put on a publicity stunt.

      1. Rob_G

        I don’t know if doing it for free makes it any better; if a tobacco company PR person sent you a press release about John Player staging a zany stunt, would you publish that gratis, also?

  2. goldenbrown

    desperate bad luck for them all the same drawing a rolls royce outfit like AC Milan in the middle of a pandemic

    it would have been a bumper crowd and a special night

  3. Richie

    Is this the same Paddy Power that makes millions from addicts and provides addicts with “lavish, all-expense paid trips to the Europa Cup Final in the Aviva Stadium and the Irish Derby at the Curragh” to maintain and reward their continued addiction?

      1. Bertie Theodore Alphege Blenkinsop

        I read that book and, to be honest, as bad and all as PP are, by the end of the book you want to kill him he pìssed so many last chances away.

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