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It’s not the size of the crowd….

Thatisall writes:

Derby Days From Copa 90 [global soccer YouTube channel] after the 3-1 victory for Bohs over Shamrock Rovers in the Dublin derby…

Presenter Eli Mengem was well impressed: “I Knew it would be unique but didn’t think this match would put on some of the scenes it did. Full credit to all the football fans in Ireland who despite all the other sports on offer, and bigger football codes across the border, do the right thing by the game and support the local scene.
The more that Irish football fans turn out and support the League Of Ireland, the more money the league will have to buy better players and facilities which will mean better football and more fans
Furthermore the celebration I saw Boh’s fans enjoy were as good as anything Ive seen with Copa90 at the Camp Nou, Bernabeu, Anfield or San Siro. Cause its not about the size of the crowd, its about the type of fans in it. The ones on the terraces in Dalymount are definitely it.Well done, and be proud of the effort you put in supporting local team, you may not be in the Premier League but you really impressed Copa90 and I.”


Perishing Tallaght Stadium tyke.

Also; fupp FIFA.

*shakes Bohs scarf*

Buzz writes:

“Remember I gave you the heads up on this kid? I’m guessing after tonight, he’s defo set to become a star.. Mascot at Tonight’s Chile v spain World Cup game in Brazil…”

Did you know the German for Bohemians is Bohemians?

Are you sich aufregen über Saturday‘Friday’s game between Ireland and Germany at Lansdowne Road?


Buzz writes:

Just a quick line to let you know about this marketing campaign we have running at Shamrock Rovers . If you know German and  feel you can pass it on or make comment please do. If you have nice things to say about it, feel free to do so @shamrockrovers  If you have bad things to say about it, feel free to do so @buzzoneill.T he last time the club ran it, we attracted several hundred German fans and we hope to do so again this Saturday Friday at 7pm.