‘Increasing Rapidly’


Deputy Assistant Secretary General at the Department of Taoiseach, Elizabeth Canavan

This morning/afternoon.



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  1. E'Matty

    As I stated on another article here this morning, the government are using PCR tests, whilst their inventor (Nobel prize winner Kary Mullis) himself stated that such a test was not appropriate for detecting a viral infection. It has a 2-3% false positive rate and currently in ireland we see a positive rate of 2.1%, the vast majority of whom have no symptoms whatsoever. What a coincidence. These numbers, which will continue to increase as the testing hysteria takes hold, will obviously continue to rise, thereby allowing these criminals to further terrorise the population into accepting society destroying measures. Let’s not discuss cytokine storms, lest anyone actually try to get to the root of the matter. Cyto-what’s you ask?

      1. E'Matty

        Can you please detail what other illnesses these people in ICU have? We have no way of telling if they are in ICU becuase of Covid or because they are dying of cancer or heart disease. So, your ICU figures are not providing the full picture.

      2. SOQ

        Last week’s positive Rate % was 2.1 Cian- and that does not take into account those who had dead remnants in their system which will also flag as positives.

        I have a question- is there a threshold of cycle amplifications in Ireland or, are the labs all doing their own thing?

        1. Cian

          More people with covid = higher positive rate.

          What is your point?
          There is a rise in total cases. There is a rise in hospitalizations. There is a rise in ICU. There is a rise in the positive rate. All of these things can be explained in one simple sentence:

          “There is an increase in the people infected with COVID”.

          1. E'Matty

            or, the rise in cases is due to an increase in testing and the incumbent false positive rate which matches the positive rate being returned (circa 2%). Additionally, we have passed through the summer when cases dropped signficantly before we get the inevitable rise in normal flu and similar viruses increasing the numbers in hospital with same heading into the autumn. Perhaps they could tell us what other ailments and illneses those in ICU are suffering, or would it ruin their narrative if the people discovered these are mosty very elderly people who are in hospital due to pre-existing life threatning diseases such as heart or lung disease, or cancer or similar? Covid may in fact be playing absolutely no role whatsoever in our hospital numbers.

          2. SOQ

            God almighty Cian- why are you determined to paint as depressing picture as possible?

            The rise in rates is to be expected at this time of year across ALL viruses because that is what happens when people’s Vitamin D levels go down. You talk about a second wave like it is a fact expect it has never happened before- EVER.

            How many people are currently hospitalised or in ICU’s because of other respiratory illness right now?

            It is important to have a sense of perspective about this bloody thing- especially as the accuracy of the PCR tests are so questionable.

          3. Cian

            Why do you keep ignoring the numbers?

            Any time the fact that the number of cases is rising is mentioned – you (and others) roll out the (incorrect) assertion that this is due to increased testing and nothing else.

            We can see that the increase in positive cases has been matched by a rise in hospitalisation.
            We can see that the increase in hospitalisation is being matched by a rise in ICU.
            There have been more deaths so far in September than all of August.

            …and you’re doing it again “only asking questions, man”:
            “It is important to have a sense of perspective about this bloody thing- especially as the accuracy of the PCR tests are so questionable.“.
            It is only questionable to you because you refuse to accept the answer. Look, if there was a rise in reported cases, and no rise in hospitalisations/ICUs I would wholly agree with you.

            In the last 7 days we’ve had over 1000 Covid deaths in France and Spain. (360 – France; 680 – Spain)

            To paraphrase Garry:: “it hasn’t gone away, you know”

      1. E'Matty

        have we seen many suffer as a result? Any deaths where the person was wrongly deemed negative but was actually positive? Nah, didn’t think so.

        1. Alan

          Not the point I was making, you are just cherry picking data to suit your opinion and ignoring all other data. FYI: Science don’t work like that.

          1. E'Matty

            @Amy band. For some reason I couldn’t reply to your comment. The honest answer, we actually do not know the extent to which people are becoming sick as a result of Covid. The level of misleading bad information provided means we can’t actually say much with certainty about the harm caused by Covid. It’s quite clear that many elderly people dying from other diseases were deemed to be Covid victims and it was deeemd the prime cause of death by misleading reporting, when it was in fact the cancer, or heart disease or whatever other life taking disease that actually killed them. I know first hand of two families who were told their father had passed due to Covid, which they found riduclous given on both occassions the men had been dying from cancer (including pancreatic, a particulalry nasty one) and were told before they supposedly contracted Covid that they had so long to live. The number of circa 1,800 deaths is a crock anyway, that much we do know.

        1. GiggidyGoo

          Join Rob_G in his quest to graduate from the frape room school of deflection, diversion and lying. He has progressed to the ‘Sit with teacher’ (Sit with Daddy) module and over the next two years, we will follow his progress.

  2. Just Sayin

    Mostly the cases will rise simply due to increased testing

    I’ve seen figures for false positives from PCR test to be as high as 5% and as low as 0.8% (current UK claim)

    Even if it’s 0.8% and we’re currently getting 2.1% positives, that means 38% of those are results are false.

    So of the 83,390 tests from the last 7 days 2.1% are positive i.e. 1,751 new ‘cases’
    At 0.8% its likely 667 of those are false positives

    So really only 1,084 ‘cases’ to worry about

    But if we’re running the PCR test to anything like the max reported (45) then it’s possible for it to be detecting RNA debris fragments from covid infections up to 4 months old. So many, (if not all) of the other 1,084 are not of any concern

    Consider that the normal cold/flu season starts with rhino viruses early in the season, then influenza A + B, then finally coronaviruses late in the season.

    Rhino viruses should be coming into season about now.
    And some vulnerable people will present to hospital with respitory issues (caused by rhino virus)

    If we test these for covid with a PCR test many will test positive,
    e.g. exposed to covid up to 4 months ago (and who’s immune system defeated it withouth them even being aware of it)

    These admissions will be flagged covid not rhino, and help to keep the covid panic going.

    1. Cian

      Yeah, but no.

      The number of positives increase independently of the number of tests.

      In Ireland there is no correlation between the number of daily tests and the number of positive results.

      1. Qwerty123

        Why do you bother Cian? These muppets will never change their mind anyway. I do admit, it is interesting to see what the bat poo crazies think from time to time, but don’t engage man

      2. E'Matty

        Except RTE Thursday 10 September in its article “Number of referrals for Covid-19 testing double in a week” stated that GP referrals had doubed since the same day the previous week, with a significant rise in children being referrd (the return to school effect). This correlates with the rise in positive cases we witnessed during that time period. More tests. More false positives. More “cases”. More hysteria driven fearmongering and social engineering.

        1. Cian

          1. People go to the doctor with symptoms.
          2. Doctor sends people for tests.
          3. Number of positive cases rises.

          See where that started? People with symptoms.
          more sick people leads to more positive tests.

          1. E'Matty

            Nope, one school kid get the snuffles, every parent freaks and hundrds of kids go for testing. Testing with a 2% false positive rate. No symptoms for the vast majority of these cases so your logic is flawed. Point 1 was an assumption you cannot make.

          2. GiggidyGoo

            You say on the one hand ‘The number of positives increase independently of the number of tests’ and then, in reply to E’Matty who points out an increase in tests obviously will return an increase in positives, you run away totally from the point he’s just made.
            Can’t wait for Rob’s take on it, which will no doubt will be something enlightening.

  3. Micko

    Eh… are cases not increasing coz we’re opening everything up again? Did we not expect this? Why are all the doctors and scientists surprised?

    I mean what’s the solution? lockdown harsh again. Sure that’ll destroy our culture and economy even more.

    I know cases an ICU figures are rising, but we can’t keep going around in circles.

    Bloody science is so political now. Ya can’t get anyone to agree.

    1. SOQ

      Spain is apparently 6-8 weeks ahead of Ireland and what they have witnessed is a spike- not a ‘second wave- all perfectly in line with opening up again.

      Their positive test to fatality ratio is nothing like it was in the first wave- how could it be? They were only testing sick people then.

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