‘Irish Nationhood In Question’



Garda Commissioner Drew Harris

This morning.

An intervention in internal Irish affairs from rising US Democrat star Kevin J Boyle following  disclosures arising from the documentary Unquiet Graves, broadcast on RTÉ One last week.


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45 thoughts on “‘Irish Nationhood In Question’

  1. Janet, dreams of big guns

    haha no Irish American wants to intervene,
    they can’t keep their noses out of other people business especially not out of the crappy romanticized notion they have of the old country, it’s pathetic,
    go on the Irish Times website nothing but Americans spouting racist crap in the comments

    1. Johnny Green

      his father emigrated from Glencolmcille in the Donegal Gaeltacht,his mum from Sligo,its jus soli per the resident francophile now, the ‘expert’ on all things French from dry heave Ireland.


      “Ken McCallum, the director general of MI5, told the Daily Telegraph: “In some situations, it is both necessary and proportionate to authorise agents to be involved in some managed level of criminal activity, in order to win or maintain the trust of those intent on harming the UK and gain the critical information needed to save lives.”


      it’s almost as if, Irish America has no confidence in the minister…….

      1. Janet, dreams of big guns

        my sweet Johnny could you say that first part again in English ? I know you’re the all things American expert but ,
        I’m referring to the general statement ” no Irish American ”
        many are 4th , 5th the dubious generation, it doesn’t stop them sticking their oar in,
        you only have to look at the abortion campaign etc

        1. Mr .T

          He clearly articulated that yer man Kevin Boyle is 1st/2nd(?) generation as his parents are both Irish who emigrated to US

          1. Johnny Green

            apols old prep school habit, the comment was for advanced ‘sheet trolls.

            Alexa lets start the morning with some latin,right of blood is jus sanguinis as opposed to, off the soil or ju soli.

            Kevin is clearly jus sanguines Irish or a plastic paddy,i’d be considered bad and boujee Irish or ju soli,we ain’t got no old money but we sure have plenty new:)

        1. Janet, dreams of big guns

          he holds a grudge our Johnny, I’m on his biatch list along with Bertie and anyone else who can’t follow his angry rants, at least I’m in good company

          1. Lush

            I’m disappointed, I thought he was referring to me.
            I’ve never been the target of grammatically dubious, totally random spleen before.

          2. Janet, dreams of big guns

            if that’s the frame of mind spiffs put you in I’ll stick to the running for my highs ;)

          3. Brother Barnabas

            he’s a chilled cat, full of empathy, positivity and good vibes

            he just comes across as a thin-skinned, narcissistic little bully on the internet

            odd that way

          4. Cú Chulainn

            Well, it is the truth that extra strong grass really does affect your mental stability. I’ve seen it and smokers, tokers and dabbers don’t like talking about it. Johnny was fine a year ago, and look at him now a year into unlimited supply of poisoned weed in NYC.. as an exercise in soft drug awareness the hse could do an info graph on his changing state of mind over the year as a warning to teenagers.. only take good clean drugs and like all things that alter your mind and brain, in moderation..

          5. Janet, dreams of big guns

            I wasn’t expecting to be very Irish what with family history but then DNA had me mostly exactly pinpointed to Innishowen with a small scattering of Danish and Scot.

          6. Janet, dreams of big guns

            ( and I don’t mean pathetic sad, I mean I feel sorry for anyone who wreaks their head with drugs )

          7. Janet, dreams of big guns

            let me know when you can manage ONE language,
            now I’m done engaging with you, Bertie has the right idea , if you want to pick silly arguments find someone who isn’t appalled by your anger expressed in spaghetti sentences and your apparent generalframe of mind degredation over your time here on Broadsheet,
            The drugs don’t work Johnny.

          8. Papi

            Did Johnny in all seriousness just say
            “let me know when you manage a comment that does not require spellcheck and punctuation,luv” ?

            Oh sweet suffering lord, the absolute irony is astounding.

          9. Janet, dreams of big guns

            I thought that was fun too,
            I am guilty of franglais if I have been speaking in French just before, it’s hard to jump back or I forget to change my keyboard and hence predict goes a little nuts ( when I first got back I genuinely could not remember some English words after thinking in French for so long ) ,
            I envy people’s brains that are more flexible between languages, I’m a one at a time kinda girl,

  2. Friscondo

    I think the point is that he’s broadly right, regardless whether it’s interference or not. At the time of Harris’ appointment I thought it might help in changing Unionist perspectives. However, the more we find out about him the more it seems he has the potential to be a huge national security risk. Could MI 5 have placed someone at the heart of our security apparatus? There are still those in the PSNI and British intelligence that are deeply hostile to this state. That is without question.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Harris’ sworn loyalities are to Her Majesty Always have been, always will be. His appointment to such a position (high security) in this country should never have happened.

    2. Vanessanelle

      While I was very uncomfortable at the time of his appointment
      A bit like you Fisco
      I opted to focus on the opportunity

      but not so much about loosening up the relationship with Unionists and the MIs

      I saw the benefit of having someone who was not an AGS insider
      Someone who was totally free from the Templemore to Top Rank shuffles and scuffles
      Backscratching and Backroom deals, and the funny handshakes and winky eyes

      Drew Harris promised that he didn’t owe any one of the lads in the Pheonix Park anything

      However I think we know from his first weeks in to the job
      just how close he is to his former bosses, colleagues, enables, cohorts and informants

      no matter how much we promise to change ourselves
      be it with referenda or by not turning up for mass
      Tribunals and Settlements

      We are still an island that is rooted and toothed by covert collectives and corrupt cabals
      and it will never change

      They all have secrets and surreptitious relationships
      Trust none of them

        1. Vanessanelle

          its a lot more cynical and deeper than our tribalist culture Janie
          and scary
          IMO anyway

          The Paddys set the template for Secret Societies
          It wasn’t just hedge schools and figuring out a way around penal laws

          all the deep historical secret societies, and those still going today, will have found inspiration from the Paddys

  3. Rob_G

    I haven’t actually watched the documentary, but seeing that Rep. Boyle appears to think either that:

    (i) Leo Varadker is in Fianna Fáil, or
    (ii) FF appointed Harris as Garda Commissioner

    – is an indication into his level of insight in matters political in the auld sod.

    1. Mr .T

      FF were propping up FG at the time (remember confidence & supply?) and could have pulled the plug if they disagreed with Harris’ appointment.

      The fact that they didn’t means they are complicit & approve of his appointment.

      Indication into your level of insight in matters political in our auld sod, for sure.

  4. Rob_G

    I look forward to some backbench TD lecturing America on who they should appoint as the new Supreme Court Justice.

    1. Janet, dreams of big guns

      don’t you know Rob, AMERICA IS THE FREE WORLD and they are the self appointed police of whatever part of that world that doesn’t tell them to do one

  5. wearnicehats

    “No Irish American wants to intervene in internal Irish affairs”

    This man (and all those above spouting on about collusion) has clearly never heard of, or is choosing to ignore, NORAID

    And just on the topic of collusion – does anyone really believe that Patrick Magee had the wherewithal to single handedly outwit the entirety of British Intelligence to plant the Brighton bomb?

      1. Janet, dreams of big guns

        one could argue it failed from the start deciding the new found freedom was too much and kneeling to the catholic church a more comfortable / reassuring position

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