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Van Morrison – Born To be Free.

‘The new normal is not normal/ We were born to be free’

Just ‘dropped’.

The first of three promised anti-rona protest songs from Van Morrison.

Nick says: No curfew, No Mask, No Reaper.

Van Morrison

Previously: “Pretending It’s For Our Safety, When It’s Really To Enslave’

22 thoughts on “You May Like This

  1. E'Matty

    Good man Van, calling it as it is. Great to see public figures standing up and bravely speaking out against this toxic and dangerous Covid hysteria nonsense and rightly identifying it for what it is. This is a global power grab, plain and simple. Though one wouldn’t expect the herd types to even think power grabs ever happen. The IT hasn’t told them its happening so it isn’t as far as they are concerned. Ah bless…They’re busy waiting for the IT and RTE to tell them what to think about Covid and how we should respond, all the while the cell door is closing, and once it closes, it won’t ever open again.

    1. SOQ


      Fair play to him for speaking up.

      Doesn’t matter how good or bad the song is- it will be banned across all radio stations anyways.

      1. Daisy Chainsaw

        The elites
        The establishment
        The tech sector

        Take your pick. It’s anyone who 4chan says is bad, which is then picked up by nutters all over the internet who put it on sites like this for it to be lapped up by the ratlickers.

        1. E'Matty

          You are so ignorant and poorly educated, it’s actually quite amusing. The media told you along the way that anyone challenging this nonsensical Covid narrative is just a far right conspiracy theorist and you just adopted this wholesale without question as part of your own worldview. None so amusing as herd animals revelling in their own ignorance, something you quite frankly excel at.

          1. V AKA Frilly Keane

            Do you know what weewees me off

            This constant narrative You are so ignorant and poorly educated, it’s actually quite amusing.

            And Ye’re all at it

            Fair enough
            You all have your views and you all have a point(s) to make

            But the sooner that so ignorant and poorly educated battle cry stops
            The more civilized and thought provoking
            Reasonable , Sensible, Honest & Sincere

            And Democratic btw
            Our debates and protests will be

            This constant polarising is keeping the everyday person – which is the vast majority of citizens btw
            Out of the debate and denying them their voices

            ProChoice should be allowed to apply to as many issues it’s entitled to
            That’s what a civilised Democracy is

        2. Hornet

          Good old van the man who knows far better than half the scientific brains in the world

          I just wonder how the old must feel when their grand son comes in after going to a house party and not wearing a face mask then kisses them and passes on covid 19 to them as they think they are invincible

          In a years time I would say van Morrison will regret this album

          Maybe his next album could be called bring out yer dead a fitting follow up album

      2. E'Matty

        In case you hadn’t noticed, our society has become increasingly restricted in our freedom of movement, freedom of assembly, freedom of expression, right to earn a livelihood and even the right to say goodbye to a loved one on their death bed. The Right to inviolability of the home is even under attack. All under the guise of protecting public health from a virus, the threat from which is being grossly exaggerated to induce fear in the general population.
        There is even talk in some quarters of attacking our right to bodily integrity with some commentators promoting mandatory vaccination policies.

        Our basic freedoms are under attack based on this virus threat which is grossly exaggerated. The frightened gullible elements in society will give the government whatever powers they ask for in their fearful childlike state of mind, desperate for a parental figure to protect them in these scary times.

        With this, Irish society and the economy are being reengineered before our very eyes, though most have their eyes closed firmly shut like children afraid of what they might see. If you cannot see the restructuring of the world around you currently in play, you really aren’t paying attention.

  2. Charger Salmons

    Good Lord, talk about ‘phoning it in.
    Knocked off in a couple of takes just after his full Irish breakfast.

    1. Anyone

      Since deleted when Bodger arose. Hardly claimed that an irascible musician has predisposition to place lips around a phalange / insert digit up orifice / flail fist at force into the mandible. That would be libellous. Could it be proven otherwise in ’67, the three intimate acts occurring together wouldn’t have batte(re)d an eyelid among even the pearl-clutching populace? God knows, Broadsheet is censoriously skittish in its wee polluted tributary.

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