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    1. Lilly

      The only animal David Attenborough hates. He’s had one appear up between his thighs while sitting ill on a loo in India.

    2. SOQ

      My pussy usually leaves one as a gift most mornings but she is an F5 Savannah so even the neighbour’s terrier is fair game. She is neutered but they are breeding across Ireland apparently.

      Big strong willed personality which needs to be the center of all chat in case you are considering one- great if you live in an older house as never a rodent shall pass.

    3. Janet, dreams of big guns

      I had a rat curry once, well moussa, they tried tell me county rat and very clean, that’s after I had my polite three servings and thought it was rabbit

  1. Q Celt

    Rip hit man and her
    Strictly secret yes please
    Rats make great pets and don’t eat pets they’re vegetarian

  2. GiggidyGoo

    I crossed the border yesterday into Dublin. The M11 was ultra busy in the southbound lane on my way up. from Gorey. The M50 was also busy. Went for a drive into Templeogue, Harolds Cross and then Tallaght.
    Quite an amount of traffic about. I didn’t see any Gardai. Not one. I’ve just done a google ‘gardai level 3 dublin’ and All over the media is the news of extra garda patrols, checkpoints, extra gardai drafted into Dublin, restrictions, hundreds of additional checkpoints, ramp up checkpoints, lockdown, go back, etc. etc. etc.

    Well I saw nothing to suggest what the media are spouting. Nothing. Has a vaccine been found then?

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Nothing in Tallaght. But the compliance issue would include travel outside Dublin, and the people to most likely drive to the likes of Wexford would be car owners, and more likely southsiders?

        1. Brother Barnabas

          majority of southsiders have never even heard of wexford – any that have been would never admit it

          1. GiggidyGoo

            Ah they have – sure aren’t the hotels in Rosslare and Ballymoney full of them during the summer and at weekends?

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Naw MLAL I wasn’t. Why would you think that?

        Just pointing out the idiocy of the sheep who believe what Michilin and Leokins tell them. Lockdown? Flockdown more apt.

  3. goldenbrown

    so the NY Times finally decided to pull the trigger on the story about Trumps tax situation and his business losses…


    sure every dog on the street knew about that, a hint of desperation setting in?

    ze christian conservatives have the US by the bollix now, Trump will win again (by whatever means) and we’d better get used to it all somehow.

      1. Nigel

        He also reduced taxes for the wealthy, increased spending and has run up a massive national deficit. Taxes are for suckers and poor people, spending and welfare are for the rich.

    1. Johnny Green

      -first year in office, federal tax paid.
      Ronald Reagan: $165,202
      George H.W. Bush: $101,382
      Bill Clinton: $62,670
      George W. Bush: $250,221
      Barack Obama: $1,792,414
      Donald Trump: $750

      1. millie madonna

        Hi Johnny. Couple of questions, if I may? The US tax system is a mystery to me.

        1. Trump’s lawyers have come out and stated the $750 is misrepresentative of taxes paid by Trump, and that he has paid many thousands of USD in ‘personal taxes’. Is that a valid argument? That the $750 refers to Trump’s business alone and that a separate tax bill (possibly much higher?) has been paid by Trump personally?

        2. Is there a reason that Obama’s tax payment is so much higher than any other president listed there?

        1. Johnny Green

          -good morning Millie,the NYT dropped that yesterday evening,first debate Tuesday!

          -just catching up, coffee brewing,it appears that comment relates to taxes ‘paid’ by Trump as employer and the 750 is Federal,you also pay State taxes which would be NY.

          -have not a clue about taxes,i pay way too little due to a loophole know as carried interest.

          1. Johnny Green

            – not meant to be glib or flippant, with covid, the economy in meltdown you don’t need know his tax returns to know he’s in a big hole.
            -I just don’t nor do most people see a viable path to victory, even with all the shenanigans.
            -thats the first in a series by NYT on Trump Tax Returns,after it was revealed Noon only paid 750,every US President followed precedent and released their tax returns
            -the point will be made that, this is old and fake news, it was voted on in ’16….
            -the state of play is best illustrated here,Lindsay is melting down,he’s his in deep trouble in reliably R South Carolina,getting out raised probably losing his seat.
            -Brad Parscale was arrested under mental health laws in Fla after barricading himself inside while armed last night.


          2. Johnny Green

            if anyone is suffering from mental health issues please reach out someone and get some help.

            Trump Campaign statement.

            “Brad Parscale is a member of our family and we all love him. We are ready to support him and his family in any way possible,” said Murtaugh.

            “The disgusting, personal attacks from Democrats and disgruntled RINOs have gone too far, and they should be ashamed of themselves for what they’ve done to this man and his family.”

          3. Nigel

            Uh, yeah, avoiding personal attacks beause of concerns about mental health has definitely been a hallmark of thie Trump adminstration and his election campaign.

          4. Johnny Green

            Nigel-there are going be lots of advisors/enablers suddenly committed,at sanitariums,mental hospitals,detox facilities…
            same as post crash irl…I cant remember, no,no I was not in the room…..
            Biden response to juicing was cleverly-i use words he wants uses p8ss.
            latest sc poll-wow just wow !
            Harrison (D) – 45% (+2)
            Graham (R-inc.) – 43%

          5. Johnny Green

            if your having mental health issue please seek help-he put a round in the chamber,drunk while arguing with his wife…its jail he should be in not rehab!

            story updated,he can now be detained for up to 72 hours,in a mental hospital.

            …Sunday’s standoff unfolded at Parscale’s home, starting with his wife’s call for help and ending with officers detaining Parscale for psychiatric evaluation. Officers recovered 10 firearms from his home, including several pistols, a shotgun and rifle.

            The police records state that Parscale, 44, had been in a heated argument with his wife that afternoon. During the argument, he had picked up a pistol, and chambered a round.

            His wife, Candice Parscale, ran from the residence to a nearby neighbor’s house, from where she called the police.

            Bradley’s speech was slurred as though he was under the influence of an alcoholic beverage and he seemed to be crying.”

            Candice Parscale told officers that there were at least five guns in the residence, records show.”


            He was arrested under Florida’s Baker Act, a law that allows authorities to detain a person deemed mentally unstable and a danger to themselves or others at a mental health facility-you can’t make this stuff up!

          6. Johnny Green

            video Brad getting arrested and wrestled to ground in Fla shirtless.


            “While speaking with Candace Parscale [sic] I noticed several large sized contusions on both of her arms, her cheek and forehead,” wrote Detective Steven Smith in his report. “When I asked how she received the bruising, Candace Parscale stated Brad Parscale hits her.”

            -see trump campaign statement above.

        1. italia'90

          Hi Frillz,
          did you not pay taxes in NY when you were living there?
          Or is it too traumatic to try remember filing in April every year? :)
          I’m pretty sure there’s a few around these parts that have filed, myself included.
          iirc there are 2 types of IRS filing systems for employees.
          i) Standard return
          ii) Itemized return*
          *Always pay the extra for a good accountant/lawyer who specializes in tax returns.

          In my last year in NY I filed an itemized joint(married) return.
          Sold the house and divested from some investment retirement plans (401k’s) and then separately filed capital gains returns for the business I co-owned, which operated in a different state(CT) but tax resident in Delaware.
          I was able to offset some of the federal taxes I paid in CT and DE through a non-resident tax credit in NY as I paid taxes on income earned in other states.
          There are credits and deductions available up the wazoo if you hire a good accountant.
          I was living on credit cards for a long time, all company cards, so I was able to get a tax credit for the card fees and interest payments.
          Mortgage interest relief was a godsend and having those medical fees for having kids helped a lot too.
          Long story short, I paid federal taxes monthly in the region of $2000 in NY through payroll taxes. I filed my return and got back almost 50% annually.
          Then you have NY State tax, County and City tax, Property tax, Flood insurance, School tax, federal and state sales tax, medicaid/medicare etc etc

          1. italia'90

            “-have not a clue about taxes,i pay way too little due to a loophole know as carried interest.”
            Just too successful it seems.
            That coffee hasn’t revived your memory apparently.
            What will you do when the Carried Interest loophole is closed off as is proposed in the Budget 2021 act?
            Make up some more Walter Mitty stories?

          2. Johnny Green

            Gosh no,I’m going retrain you as a tax advisor…
            No one is closing any carried interest loopholes,do you even know what a carried interest is V ordinary income, why I do opt take it ?
            Feel free to use a example to illustrate your grasp of tax issues….

          3. Johnny Green

            client call at 10,have sufficient income y-t-d.

            what fee structure should I propose from a tax angle.

            a-250,000 – 50 % now bal. upon completion but by year end.

            b-est energy savings over 3 years 1 million, fee structure 30% spread over 3 years, based on performance dependent upon our assumptions.

            c- points on the grow in year one est 250-300,000 based on the growers skills to pay my bills.

            I have no NOL’s left-net operating losses-what’s my option tax strategy for this fee-i don’t need the income ?

            its to take a grower or flowering room off the grid onto renewables.

            take you time….

    2. Junkface

      Trump is so openly criminal now it is laughable. The US tax system was designed for the rich, by the rich, but this is taking the pi** completely. Now he has a conservative / christian majority in the supreme court, he can basically cheat the election system. The USA system of checks and balances and Legal precedents are almost worthless under someone like Trump, as they all required the president elect to act with some gentlemanly conduct, and morals, which he does not have at all. Now the US legal system will have to enforce new rules on future presidents, because they can all see how easy it was to break it.

      This could lead to Trump stealing the election if it is anywhere close the 52% – 48% or anything within a margin of error. Once that happens, we could have some heavily armed violence in the streets between the left and the right.

      1. Nigel

        All the people deriding the Democrats (and yes there are good reasons to deride the Democrats) but they literally have the majority of votes while part of a rigged system that requires them to acheive a massive landslide to secure an uncontested win. Yet Trump voters are the ‘real forgotten Americans.’

        1. Junkface

          I think the forgotten Americans are the working class and middle class voters, regardless of republican or democrats. They have been so shafted in the last 4 years and now its getting worse. The democrats really screwed up their own party by pushing so hard for Biden over Sanders, he would have been so much better. Now they have even lost the Latino vote, they were all big Sanders supporters. The are moving towards Trump because they have seen all of the violence in cities, and small businesses getting destroyed by antifa and BLM looting mobs (who are actually mostly white people from upper middle class), so they hate that and want some law & order returned. Ironic that they choose Trump for this.

          1. Nigel

            The ‘forgotten’ voters are the ones in cities and high-population states whose vote is literally valued less than those of voters in less-populated rural red states. I think more and more of them are finally waking up to the fact that the system is now supporting minority rule by Republicans, and it’s only getting worse. I sincerely doubt Biden has lost Latino voters, other than the Cuban community in Florida which has always been Republican. Trump blaming Biden for the unrest under his administration is such open an admission of weakness and incompetence while trying to weasel out of responsibility that it’s actually kind of repulsive.

            I don’t think Sanders would have been as popular with the voters as people seem to think.

          2. Rob_G

            @ Nigel

            Just to play Devil’s advocate:

            If we consider the EU to be a union of states, similar to the U.S., and were to vote on things in a manner you are proposing, small countries like Ireland, Estonia, Malta, Lithuania, Crotatia, Slovenia, etc… would never have a say on any legislation. If you needed a simple majority in terms of population, all a particular bill would require would be for France, Germany, Poland, Spain and Italy to be in favour, and no other countries’ votes would matter.

            So, while the American system isn’t perfect, there is a certain logic to having the states weighted in the manner that they are.

          3. Nigel

            I get the rationale behind the system, but what’s actually happening is that the Republicans are currently worling the system and using gerrymandering and voter supression and help from outside actors to secure minority rule, and they’re not shy about doing it openly because they’re so entrenched in the power structures. Electoral minorities thwarting the democratic wishes and rights of the majority and completely dominating the legislative and exectutive branches is a pretty severe downside to that sort of system. It’s similar in a way to what happened in the North, and nothing come came out of that.

          4. Johnny Green

            It’s almost as if you’ve have lost your faith in truth and the American dream, where the good guys win Nigel :)
            Help is on the way….ActBlue the fundraising arm of DNC is up 300 mil since RBG passing-money talks in America,BS walks….
            It’s all going be just fine Nigel-I look at state polls,national ones tend be less reliable.

          5. Nigel

            Can’t lose what you never had, JG. My only hope for the US is the same I have for any other country, including my own – it can be better. But also, it can always get worse.

          6. Johnny Green

            when your opponent hits 50 points there’s really no going back.
            – Biden is already very close to or above 50% in many tipping-point states, meaning that Trump needs to win nearly all of the undecideds.

            Minnesota 50.8
            Wisconsin 50.7
            Michigan 49.9
            Pennsylvania 49.7
            Nevada 48.8
            Arizona 48.5
            Ohio 47.9
            North Carolina 47.5

          7. italia'90

            always accuse the other side of that which you are doing.
            Standard operating procedure in American politics.
            The forgotten voters are the 100m plus voters in America that didn’t bother to vote in 2016.
            Perhaps it would be a good idea for the Dems to try appeal to them instead of trying to appeal to soft republicans?
            Give them something to motivate them to come out and vote, no?
            Just a thought.

    1. Vanessanelle

      + rural broadband

      every way you look at it old bingo call btw

      there’s a dig out for …..

      hospital beds
      protest barriers
      relocating city dwellers needing city speed wiffy

      1. Rob_G

        I have to say, as someone who thought initially that National Broadband Plan was a waste of urban taxpayers’ money, €2bn seems pretty good value right now.

        1. Q Celt

          Aren’t they already looking for a dig out from the ESB. God knows what the actual cost will be when private companies hide costs in semi-states, see IrishWater

        2. GiggidyGoo

          Based on what Rob? Covid or no Covid It’s €3Bn minimum (not €2bn – the usual FG attempt to muddy the waters, or maybe you just didn’t know?) – the sop is the same. What’ll probably change is that the cost will increase due to some Covid or Brexit excuse.
          K&N and ESB have already been laying the foundations for rural broadband, so when Dinny and Co. get their plan Actavovated, they’ll already have a lot of infrastructure in place, free gratis, which will be heiled as some kind of success for FG. Some businessman alright.

  4. Rob_G

    Looks like the government mananged to solve the housing crisis finally, and all it took was a global pandemic – who would have thought?

    1. GiggidyGoo

      The Government? How do you make that one out?

      December 2019, Varadkar ‘not ashamed’ of housing Crisis.
      January 2020, Varadkar ‘it brings shame on us all’

      And now he sends out lads like you to tell us that the Government has solved it?

      I’ve tried to curtail my use of this, but in exceptional circumstances it has to be done – ROFL!

      1. italia'90

        Approx. 3,000 people will die in Ireland in September.
        If 30 deaths are labelled as Covid related deaths that’s… 0.01%
        Pity as much attention isn’t given to the ridiculously high suicide rate this year.
        Never mind deaths caused by patients not receiving proper treatments.
        And on and on, the charade continues.
        There are bigger health issues in the country at the moment, they haven’t gone away you know.

        1. SOQ

          Is there any suicide stats for this year at all italia’90? I can’t find any.

          Given the hardship some people have endured- they are bound to be way up.

        2. Cian

          30 out of 3,000 is 1%. Which is small I agree.

          But as I’ve been saying all along. The problem isn’t “today’s numbers” or the “increase of 2 from yesterday”, the problem is the rise in positive tests for 6 weeks; the non-stop rise in hospital cases for 6 weeks. There have been a rise in ICU over the last 3 weeks. There have been a rise in deaths this month.

          At the moment – things aren’t too bad.
          But if the number keep going the same direction as they have before (and if it hits another exponential growth) then the death rate will rocket.

          But it’s just a bit of a flu, and only the dead wood will be at risk.

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